Joyce DHs again

Checking in from Kauffman Stadium, where the ballpark improvements are already started to get noticed, none moreso than the huge — I mean, massively huge — new video board in center field. It doesn’t have the crown on it like the old one did, but given how big it is, maybe they couldn’t build a crown large enough to put on top of it. Hopefully the sight of it on the broadcast does it justice, because looking out at it beyond center field from the press box behind home plate, I get that feeling like I’m sitting too close to the TV at home.

With Sheff in left and Magglio in right, the task of DH falls again upon young Matt Joyce, who will bat seventh.

Here’s the lineup the Tigers throw out against Zack Greinke:

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Sheffield, LF
  7. Joyce, DH
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Rodriguez, C

And for the Royals, who will throw four left-handed hitters into the lineup against Nate Robertson:

  1. David DeJesus, CF
  2. Mark Grudzielanek, 2B
  3. Alex Gordon, 3B
  4. Jose Guillen, DH
  5. Billy Butler, 1B
  6. Mark Teahen, RF
  7. John Buck, C
  8. Tony Pena, SS
  9. Joey Gathright, CF


I know that pitching is the major problem but has anyone looked at the batting average of the guys lately? Batting averages with the exception Magglio just aren’t good enough.
Granderson 246
Polanco 277
Guillen 295
Renteria – 266
Pudge – 270
Some are getting a little better like Pudge and Polance but still not where they need to be. Guillens is starting to take a hit. Cabrera, Renteria and Grandersons are free falling.
This cannot go on either. THere are just too many problems.
Go Pistons, Go Tigers, Go Wings.

Good point GK. We’re all waiting for this “team” to form itself. I too, am getting concerned about Guillen a bit. He has not been showing any power and I think the 2 position changes may be affecting his bat. I still have a problem with him at 3rd. The 3 games I saw at Yankee stadium he could hardly get the ball to Cabrera when warming up between innings. I really like Carlos but you can see the ravages of time on him. I was disappointed to see them give up on him at 1st. To me that was logically the only place he could possibly play well anymore. I hope he proves me wrong at 3rd.

i didn’t realize there was a new post since i ranted in my last, so to avoid anyone ignoring, i’ll repost here, direct and exact copy/paste:
and me, i’m waiting to be at angel stadium 2/3 games, tuesday and wednesday. taking the treasonous little sh*t (my 10 year old son) to the tuesday game, and i’m going with a bunch of friends (bought my ticket🙂 ) to wednesday’s game. so i’m gonna have a lotta fun. i’ll be wearing my oldschool tigers hat, and tuesday i’ll be upper deck, along 3B line… i sure hope they win both those games. but ultimately, i really dont care.
for all those whining about all the whining in previous blogs:
baseball is a sport. baseball is a business. baseball is baseball. whenever you take 25 men and throw them into the public eye with huge contracts to play a hobby of most of us, then there should be reasonable speculations and observations. to think otherwise and to blindly follow the tigers as if they are the re-incarnation of Jesus, is absurb. Players, Coaches, Management, whoever, needs to be held to a certain level of accountability. ESP. when you have created a team that by all rights, shouldn’t even have lost a game this season (exageration, i know, but i dont CARE)….
i mean….. depending who you ask, the tigers are either #2 or #3 in payroll. the starting pitching is being paid a lot of money. the lineup is being paid a lot of money. the bullpen is being paid a lot of money, as are the coaches, the training staff, the med. staff…. and who is paying for all this?
is baseball was a wall street investment (and it may be, i dont know jack crap about wall street or investing) YOU and I would be the investors. just the same as if you go to the store and buy your favorite soda (or POP for you all still stuck in the midwest or cananda🙂 ) its the same. yeah, your soda isn’t being paid millions to entertain 40 thousand, but the coke or pepsi still quenches peoples thirst. and all across the land, from the US to China, there’s baseball fans. Fans that are committed to whatever team they enjoy watching. To move from your couch to your $20 walmart bought computer chair and ‘complain’ about the ‘whiners’ puts YOU right in the same bucket as us ‘whiners.’
now, that being said, i can’t possibly invest as much money into the Detroit Tigers as other posters with season or 28 day tix or 1/2 season or WTF ever, as i live out west in SoCal, but i can tell you that my minor investment of $20 a month kills me whenever i have to turn the game off KILLS ME. and i’m only talking about $20 a MONTH. i bet i’ll pay twice that at angel stadium in a couple weeks for the two games.
my point being……….. how DARE anyone march into this, or any blog, and be mr. or mrs high and freakin mighty. just cuz you haven’t posted on here before, and now think its the oppurtune moment, while the tigers are slumping, losing, choking, drowning, whatever verb or adjective you want to throw in there, is, or should be, and insult to the baseball world.
without FANS there would be NO BASEBALL. baseball and football, both iconize america. nothing much else does these days. and when you watch a game, and you hear the national anthem being sang by god only knows who. you should remember the history of the game, and while you’re thinking of that history, marvelling at the power of the jets that may or may not fly over head, you should be nothing but proud. this is AMERICA. and we INVENTED a democracy that most countries wish they could somehow immitate. we create the jets that are soaring over your heads, whether it be passenger or millitary.
please, for God’s sake. all you newbie reader/posters, leave your hate at the sports section like most everyone else. You haters and drew sharp would have a great banquet and party, might even turn into a detroit sports hating orgy for all i know. but please, leave it out of here. opinions are nothing but opinions. I for one, think the negativity should be left for the’s terrible horrible, ugly, ‘fanbase’ of haters. damned if they do damned if they don’t.
tell you what, you go buy tickets anyways, you enjoy the game, win or lose, you have a hell of a time. you take your kids, you teach the meaning of sportsmanship, and you enjoy yourselves. pretend, just for a minute, that
BASEBALL IS A GAME. games are won, games are lost. enjoy your team, and continue to support them, or the team might leave.

I like Joyce…but if we’re looking to bring someone up from the minors for the at bats, why not bring up Larish or Hessman…I mean they have proven they can hit at AAA pitchers, so why not give them a shot at DH for us?
I think it’s kind of weird to bring someone up though when we have guys sitting on our bench getting paid good money and not getting any playing time. Raburn, Thames, Santiago?? I think they could probably DH if necessary.
Let’s show Greinke what we’ve got tonight, Tigs!

I hope Curtis can find a way to re-learn how to hit the off-speed stuff. Because if he can’t it the slow stuff he is going to have a lot of trouble with the set-up fastball too. He seems to be a little too willing to watch the slow stuff and if you have a guy who can throw it for a strike he quckly gets behind. He and Renteria are really struggling.

So Nate looks good tonight; even though they seem to be getting a reasonable amount of hits off of him he is spreading them around and the defense looks solid tonight so far.

Granderson looks horrible again tonight – I wonder if something is going on here. Either he is just simply slow on those inside pitches or I wonder if the finger is bothering him again.

– Let’s go Tigers!!!


Sure wish we could hit with RISP. Pudge can hit with the best of them with no one on but he is brutal in the clutch.

I can’t understand why the absence of the long ball. I think Joyce is the only guy that has one in the last 2 weeks.

Well quite a spot for Matt Joyce coming up here in the 8th. It would be a thing of beauty to see him come through here. Odd tos say but Robertson has pitched well enough to deserve this one.

I can just hear JL right now. “Just a lousy single”! We just can’t seem to come up with key hits.
KC has to feel good about this right now. middle of the lineup coming up and and a new pitcher.

I guess Renteria thought he might get away with the backhand blind flip again. Tough break. Hindsight meter says he should have eaten it but it would have been a great play if he made it.
It boils down to that bad pitch to Guillen. All those “nasty” spitters and one that wasn’t so nasty because he wanted to get it over for a strike.
The saga continues. No clutch hitting, not enough clutch pitching and no clutch fielding..

Excruciatingly painful. I can hardly stand to watch these guys try to hit anymore.
2 early runs then back to sleep. Can this be fixed or are we going to have to get used to this?

I will not give this one to the pitching. Nate deserved a better fate than what he got. The hitting the hitting the hitting. Granderson is stinking it up, Renteria is stinking it up. These guys cannot get a hit to save their lives. So freaking frustrating.
Plain and simple they just stink all the way around. They just cannot do anything right.

And now 16-23, 7 games below .500 just like the season started at 0-7. How long will this go on? How about “Go Tigers in ’09!”

Teahen .220 hitter with 14 K vs. lefties. .283 vs. righthander. Where was Rapada?

Well GK I would say it is pretty much everybody as far as hitting goes. Renteria and Granderson for sure but no one is really hitting. They are totally and completely powerless. Joyce should not be the power hitter in this lineup.
They have not hit a HR with a man on since NY.
They are now in a mode where they seem they will find a way to lose. I would feel sorry for them but I am not sure if they care enough to feel bad for them. I hope they are not going to accept these losses and keep telling themselves ‘We’re better than this”.

Sorry, I signed in on the previous JB post. Dan, so right, no clutch hitting. I still say the Renteria play was dumb. Think! That was the go ahead run if you don not make the play! We pitch and don’t hit. But remember to stay positive. We can have the best record in baseball after the All Star break. Go Tigers in ’08!!!

Aklos, on the previous post, your thoughts are exactly what I have been trying to drive home since, what 2006? We’ve got a successful minor league organization, with some deserving young players who have no chance at a shot because we have gotten log jammed with multi year lucrative contracts. I hate to say this but I don’t want a .500 season out of this team. To me they need to either start crushing the competition like they were supposed to, or I would rather see a poor enough season where some of these veteran players might look good to the teams in the running for the playoffs around July 31. (There, I said it) I’m ready to see what the young guys can do. Hessman and Larrish being two examples.

Having said that, I would like nothing better than to see this team start crushing the competition. I don’t even want to see close games. This team needs to start leaving no doubt on the field. Right now we are all thinking something must be wrong but nobody can really put their finger on it. Like, why can’t these hitters hit and these pitchers pitch. After all, they’ve all been successful in the past… It’s called LOSING and if anyone has seen the classic baseball movie “The Natural”, you know the line “losing is contagious” is very true. It’s not one guy’s fault or another’s, it’s collective losing. This team finds a new way to lose every night.

They just seem to be finding ways to lose instead of ways to win. They use to and now in a season where Baltimore, the Marlins and Tampa are cream of the crop. My Tigers are looking very foolish. I don’t want to be the like Yankee fans who abuse there team because there guys have big contracts, BUT??? there comes a time when all of us have to start earning our money. And I know this game is a game of failure, but again, this team used to find ways to win and now it seems like a fluke when we do win??? Just wishing isn’t going to make this any better.
On a positive note (about as positive as I can be right now) it was nice to see Cabrera get a couple of hits.
Curtis what is wrong, you look like the 2006 Curtis not the 2007 early 2008 Curtis.???,

That’s a tough call on Renteria. That’s where you have to know who is on the bases. Still, I probably would have done the same thing. It was a painful way to lose but the game was lost because they couldn’t get a hit when it mattered. The hitting has been poor and and it been worse even than that with RISP.
Meanwhile Thames is on the bench. And Santiago and for that matter, Raburn.
The lineup is not hitting the ball with authority. Nothing up the gap, nothing out of the yard, nothing with men on. It’s going to be difficult days ahead even if the pitching rights itself.
At least Joyce is showing something. Though it is a bit stupid to have a physically fit young man with a golden arm DHing. Gotta keep Sheff happy though and that’s hard to do do when he is hitting .200

Marty, I’m with you on Hessman and Larish but there is no room for them on the roster without a trade or an injury.

I was at the game, and the only thing that stuck out was when a left-hander got to the plate, there was no left-hander in the pen ready to face him. I know that Cruceta got the first two, and would possibly pitched the ninth in a tie game, but having someone ready and not needing him would have been more worthwhile than what happened. A lefty came up, and a run scored.

Renteria’s only play was to second. German had already rounded third by the time he had the ball, as there were two outs. If he would have ate it, I think German would have tried to score anyway. By the time Renteria could have righted himself to get enough on the throw, it would have been a close play. The way the ball was hit, it looked like it was going to get through, so he took off thinking score all the way…

I still can’t figure out how you only throw 82 pitches in seven innings while giving up ten hits. You might question him not going back out there, but he was obviously getting hit, they were just spread out. Shame he couldn’t get the win, though…

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