Joyce at DH, Sheff back in left

I know, on the surface, having Matt Joyce at DH while Gary Sheffield in left looks crazy. But Leyland wanted to give Sheffield three straight days in the field before a day off, and he wanted to put Magglio back in right. That left Joyce as the DH for tonight, assuming they play.

Right now, it looks like they’ll wait it out. The radar looks like it should clear before too late in the evening. Since this is the only time the Red Sox are in town, and they travel to Minnesota after Thursday’s game, they have plenty of motivation to try to get it in.

Here’s the Tigers lineup:

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Sheffield, LF
  7. Joyce, DH
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Rodriguez, C

And for the Red Sox:

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Jed Lowrie, 2B
  3. David Ortiz, DH
  4. Manny Ramirez, LF
  5. Mike Lowell, 3B
  6. Kevin Youklilis, 1B
  7. J.D. Drew, RF
  8. Jason Varitek, C
  9. Julio Lugo, SS


would be nice to have some protection for cabrera tonight:)

Glarraga looks good so far. Sheffield may have gotten a hit but it was the same weak swing and consequent dribbler we have witnessed all year.
The guys are lost at the plate.

Joyce hanging in tough and getting an RBI was a big bonus. Thought for sure Bucholz had him dialed in like he did Curtis.
Very nice piece of hitting by Polanco and Sheffield finally came through.
Now we need some coordination between ofense and defense—Galarraga has to shut them out this inning.

That’s a shame after Galarraga pitched as superbly as he did to Ortiz and Ramirez. That’s the last thing you want to see but he may have had a natural letup after those 2 Ks.
Tough break but I like the way this kid throws. There is a look in his eyes that we have not seen from our other starters.
I hope they can win this for the kid. He is bright light.

At what point does Mr. Illitch start looking at Dombrowski and Leyland? It’s easy to say that the players have not performed up to expectations so far but really has the management been outstanding?

I know it’s easy to second guess trades and no one likes to give up top propects for a veteran, everyone is quick to remember Smoltz for Alexander, as I recall Alexander went undefeated down the stretch in 87, so at the time I’m sure people thought it was great.

This is 2008 Detroit Tigers, not the 1997 Florida Marlins and playing the guys that got you the glory 11 years ago probably isn’t the best move today.

The problem with a veteran laden club is that they’re expensive in terms of salary, they are prone to very quick declines if they have peaked (see Bobby Higginson), and they are not easy to get rid of if they have problems. If the Tigers cut Sheffield and Pudge, it would cost them 27 million dollars, in addition to the 3 million for Jacque Jones that they already on the hook for. For thirty million dollars, I could probably find a couple of decent LHB and a some decent pitching.

Should some of the bench players get more time, with out a doubt they should but unlikely it will happen anytime soon.

someone feed the boSox pitcher a sandwich!!! anorexia has no business in the MLB

Galarraga sure has a tough time pitching to Youkolis. JL making a good move to get him out–not just for the sake of this game but also for the sake of preserving his confidence for future starts.
His stats not that great today but he showed us that he can pitch.

Seay needs to get an out–now walks please and no HBP!!
They are more painful for a pitcher than the guy that gets hit!
Verlander has a big problem with inopportune HBP.
JL now bringing in Miner–seems to have restored confidence in Zach. At least JL is making some moves–hopefully they pan out but it is better than leaving a guy out there too long which he has been prone to do in the past.

Here’s that bullpen that everybody said was going to be the downfall. And there goes that big 3 run homer just not for us.

I’m heading up I75 tomorrow for my first game this year. Does anybody know how bad the detour is around Clark St? Any advice or tips would be helpful. Thanks

You could smell this happening. This Boston team is an excellent ball team and they are doing what we as Tiger fans should have been seeing this year. HRs and in particular, HRs with men on. We have not had a whole lot of those kind. 3 run bombs seems to be conspicuously absent.
At least it was Lowell. He is one of the classiest acts in the game. Nevertheless, this is not the kind of game we can afford to lose right now.
Hopefully we will see word “Clutch Hit” in the papers tomorrow morning.

Leadoff walks always spell doom.

Big strikeout for Cruceta, that splitter is nasty when he controls it….now let’s see if he can get Pedroia

So much for that

It just borders on unbelievable. I want to see Pedroia’s hit again I though Carlos might have had a shot at it. Guess it doesn’t matter cause we just let the Loss counter increment again. You can bet when the chips are on the line now the bats will automatically fall silent.

Yeah, the slowness of the infield was magnified on the Pedroia hit. Neither Guillen nor Renteria got a good jump on the ball, not that Renteria would have had a chance to throw Pedroia out had he gotten to the ball.
Ok, now a mini-rally going with Maggs and MC getting back to back hits.

Ok, seriously have to question sending Maggs to third there with Thames waiting on deck and Sheffield up. Granted Sheffield doesn’t seem to strike out a ton, but I just don’t think you can afford to make that decision there. Maybe if it were Granderson or somebody with more speed on 2nd, but not Magglio.


No strikeout, line out, or pop out, PLEASE!

Not a pretty one, almost missed it in fact, but the important thing is it got the job done.

Very nice…Now put it away…AGAIN!

Come on Polly, this would cap a very impressive night at the plate.

Come on Polly, this would cap a very impressive night at the plate.

Game!!!! Very nice!!!!

They say it’s a game of inches, and the inches favored the Tigers in the bottom of the ninth. On the Joyce infield single and the Polanco game winner. Nice job getting back on the right side of things….again.

That was a victory against all odds and the type that could (and I am being cautious here), coalesce the troops and get them to identify themselves as a team.
Kudos to Granderson to know enough to not take that 2-0 pitch when they had 2 runners in scoring position. Taht was the key to the game. Also I have to give full measure to Pudge for getting down a beautiful bunt and to Leyland to insist that he did.
Jones gets an ‘honorary” save.
Can we start getting hopeful again?

Beating Paplebon was worth the aggravation of nearly witnessing another heartbreaking loss. I just can’t stand that guy. This might be just what the boys needed. It’s time for Polanco to carry the team, as he has done in the past. Very nice.

Well said Dan. I’ve been thinking all year that there have been turning points (the comeback wins against the Twins followed by a drubbing of Cleveland and the sweep of the Yanks at their place jump to mind), but let’s hope this is the one that does it. I think there is something different about a walk off win as opposed to coming back in the earlier innings, granted the Tigs had this one won twice already. It was a good job of showing some resiliency to get the W tonight.

AKLOS—the detour is not bad at all…Fort Street is a little busy getting back to 75, but just because of all the Semi traffic going to Canada. You’re best bet is just to follow the detour and get off at Clark and take Fort Street into downtown.

I was at the game tonight and let me tell you…all the fans were on their feet for the bottom of the 9th. It was awesome to see these people who I kept hearing say “Ah, man. The Tigers suck this year!” stand up and cheer on the Tigers. Hopefully the win tonight gets them back in better spirits.

RR got to pinch run! haha…well better than nothing I suppose.

As for the “THAT WAS CLUTCH” hit, I’d say Polly has my vote for sure!

I’ve said this before, I think at some point last year, but I’ll say it again. You ever try to jump up and down and celebrate without making a sound because it’s late at night and everyone else in the house is sound asleep? 🙂.
Good win. I don’t care if it’s lucky, that’s part of the game. Good win. It was hard to believe we’d be trailing after getting 14 hits and 8 runs in the first five innings. I don’t know if this “jumpstarts” the team or not, but it’s just good to get one of these.
I spent much of the game thinking we should remove the fence in left and return to the original ballpark dimensions, since it seems to favor the opposition more than us. I’m still thinking that. After all, Juan is Gone.
I’m not usually this way, but Youkilis could suffer a career ending injury and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. I can’t stand this guy. There’s just “something in the way he moooves…..”
Yeah, I’m thinking Guillen (or actually someone else) could have gloved or knocked down the go ahead Boston hit, but I guess we’re being patient with that? And I sure would like to see SOMEBODY pitch a good game for us. But tonight it’s all about getting the win.

Thanks for the help on the directions. I was kind of dreading the drive up tomorrow but hopefully everything will work out.
I’d love to see Verlander figure it out Thursday night and also have our guys just tag Beckett for 7 or 8.

Well is wasn’t pretty but I will take a win where I can get it. They have been few and far between. I don’t want to read to much into this win, but again I will take what I can get and be hopeful.
For starters the walk to Manny in the (I don’t know was it the sixth or the seventh??) Was horrible umpiring. If those weren’t strikes than my name is Jim Leyland. Then as usual 3 run blast. I was beyond pissed. I couln’t believe that he called some of those balls, unbelievable.
But it was nice to see a little fight in them tonight. That is something that we haven’t seen much of this year at all. Nice to have a comebacker even if we shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place.???
Going to game tomorrow. Will be interesting. I keep on hoping that we will get the Justin of old. Lets hope we get the back Beckett and not the good too.

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