Baker out for Twins

His start was done after three innings due to what the team is calling a mild re-aggravation of his right groin. The move was apparently precautionary.


I guess that this team has decided not to hit. They are looking quite pathetic tonight. And please if I have to hear how awesome that the Twins pitching was 1st-7th innings I might have to scream. Lets really call a spade a spade, they just didn’t hit. Again we had a runner on third with 1 out and they couldn’t get the freaking run in. Not a little grounder to second not a flyball to the outfield, NOTHING. As I have said before I will say it a thousand times. There is nothing but nothing that drives me more crazy than that. BASEBALL 101 and they can’t even figure that out. What happened, did they leave there hitting shoes in New York.
The other thing that really pissed me off in this game going into the 7th Justin had 98 pitches in. (why he was put in here I do not understand) But then he walks the first batter, then the homerun to the sick swinging Craig Monroe. Frankly you would think that they would keep Justin out of the 7th, he had only had 2 earned runs, but no put him back in there to give up the death hit. Unfreaking believable. So now again it jacks around with his ERA and instead of being able to feel like he did everything he needed to give his team a chance to win this game he is left with giving up four earned runs and a loss. STUPID.
The tale of the Tigers pitching, no hitting. Hitting – but no pitching. They just cannot seem to get it together. Very frustrating game for me again. Can you tell.

Sorry to say this Tiger fans, but what we have seen thus far this season I believe will continue. Successful teams can manufacture runs on nites when the three-run homer isn”t there. Successful teams utilize hit and run. Successful teams hit behind the runner. Successful teams get the runner in from third with less than two outs. The Tigers are basically a station to station team. And when they don”t hit 3 run homers, they don’t win.

So we still don’t have a good ballclub here, not yet. I’m not buying this “hangover” business. That’s saying that we expended so much energy sweeping a struggling Yankees team that we stopped playing ball for the next two nights? No, that excuse won’t fly. There are still too many guys not putting forth a maximum effort on a regular basis. This “scary” lineup does no good if it can’t get anything going in tight, low run games. It’s all that good pitching that’s beating us, I hear? Okay, then what was the point of bringing in all of these guys with big offensive numbers if they’re just going to be shut down like any other team?
I went back over the schedule and we’ve won only one game that I would call a really close one. That would be the 6-4 win over the Angels. A couple of nice comebacks in slugfests with the Twins, and that’s about it.
As it stands, any gains in sweeping New York have been squandered these past two nights by playing dead against a division opponent, an opponent that’s in first place I might add. THESE are the big games, not a handful of contests against clubs from the East Division.
That’s the big picture as I see it at this point in the season.
Tonight, I also was pretty certain that Verlander was done after six, GK. If the idea was to save the bullpen, that was accomplished, but it cost a shot at the game. I was also annoyed that Mauer got three hits on the same pitch each time. Why not bust him inside? I was wondering about Verlander’s postgame quip of C-Mo flipping the bat after his homer. Craig didn’t do that. One positive I did see was that we got to Neshek for the second consecutive time.
Rogers vs Bonser tomorrow. Suddenly, this looks like a mismatch. In the wrong direction. We’ll see.

well let’s just cross our fingers that the “changes” JL makes to the lineup at least brought their hitting shoes today…if not it’ll be a long trip back to Detroit. Bad news about Bautista, but this Dolsi looks good from what I’ve read so far, so maybe he’ll bring something new to the bullpen.
GO Tigs!

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