Tigers player/pitcher of the month

As voted on by the beat writers on the road for this trip, it’s Magglio Ordonez and Armando Galarraga. Ordonez batted .301 with seven doubles, five homers and and 19 RBIs in 28 games. Galarraga, of course, has a 2-0 record and 1.50 ERA (18 IP/3 ER) through three starts. Aquilino Lopez had a case based on what he did for the Tigers in long relief earlier in the month; he basically won that game in Chicago the night Dontrelle Willis was injured. In the end, Galarraga’s ability to step in cold and give the rotation a boost won out for me.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t care?

On a side note, it’s a dizzly, foggy, basically Seattle-like day here in downtown Minneapolis. The forecast calls for 20-30 mph winds and 1-2 inches of rain a mix of rain and possibly snow tonight. It’s the type of day where you’re glad they have a dome here, but you’re reminded that they won’t in a couple years. That could/will be a situation that emerges when the Twins move into the new ballpark. If you believe that the Tigers got off to a rough start in part because of the cold weather, how will the Twins handle it when they play the first week of a season at home? Not a criticism, just a question. That could make it good for pitchers and bad for hitters. It’s a city where you can have unseasonably warm weather in April and May, thank goodness, but it can also turn like that.


I can go with Ordonez. Strangely enough, he seems to be the guy we mention the least. That’s probably a huge compliment to him. 🙂 I’d give honorable mentions to Clete Thomas and Brandon Inge. They both made huge contributions in getting through all the injuries. On the pitching front, I also agree. Galarraga. In a month when we couldn’t seem to buy a good start, he’s been solid. Honorables to Lopez and Bobby Seay. Where is Lopez, BTW, he hasn’t pitched all week, has he? I think he’s the best one out there. This bullpen is going to get REALLY crowded here in a minute.
I used to say the Twins will lose their edge when they leave the dome, but I’m not sure now. Maybe they should bring in that huge viking we used to see at the football games. Year after year it seemed, the Vikings won the NFC in that ice palace. But as I’ve said many times before, the season starts too early and more creative scheduling is definitely needed. How about dropping most or all of the gimmicky interleague play?

Interesting to see Grilli outta there, especially after JL always said he ‘likes him’ so often. I am glad that JL put the pen needs in front of him liking seemingly everyone. I would have thought we would have gotten at least someone better than a single-A player…oh well.


Good to hear about Zoom and Rodney. Although, if Cruceta, Bautista and Zoom all play up to the hype, I think it will be bye-bye to Rodney in the off-season. Actually, I think he will be done no matter what – too injury prone at this point.


Also nice to see us sweep the Yanks at home. Gotta love that stuff. Nice pitching and hitting. Murderer’s Row is playing with some intensity over the past few weeks.


Rich, I agree fully with your post on the player’s of the month.


Go Tigers!

i’m personally cast my vote for jacques jones for batting, and pitching is a toughie… robertson with bonderman and verlander close 2nds…..
for WORST player of the month🙂
i hope they dont rush zoom in. the BP is doing its job, let him rehab that shoulder. unless of course, bautista just completely falls apart, lopez gets hit by a train, and cruceta gets deported. then they should rush zoom back in.

I agree with the picks for player/pitcher of the month–it doesn’t seem like this year Maggs has been mentioned very often but that doesn’t mean he’s not doing a great job, I think maybe it’s just expected now after how well he did last season.
As for Gallaraga, he did amazing in his first 3 starts…hands down the best pitching we had seen thus far…

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