Bautista update

He felt something in his shoulder on that final pitch. According to Leyland, he was to be evaluated shortly.


I think the Bautista experiment is coming to a close anyway. He’s walking too many hitters the last few appearances, just like he always has. I’d guess that when Willis returns, Galarraga replaces Denny in the pen.
Back to tonight’s game. This loomed as a “trap” series, coming as it does between Yankees/Red Sox/Yankees. The problem is, we’re 4-10 against the Central division and if that’s not corrected, we’re going to spend all summer chasing the wild card.
Livan Hernandez pitched over here with the Nationals in 2005 and I saw him a lot. He has an amazing knack for getting himself out of jams and you saw a prime example in the second inning tonight. I wasn’t even surprised. Sometimes he’s bad but when he’s on and getting the corners called for strikes, it can be very frustrating for hitters. Some of our guys tonight, Cabrera in particular, were allowing Livan to get inside theirs heads. Once that happens, he’s got you. I saw it over and over in ’05. We’re going to see him several more times this year and this will have to be addressed. Going after him early in the count is a good idea and Pudge had a good swing in the second inning. JJones had the right idea but went after a bad pitch.
There was a flyball in there somewhere and it appeared that Maggs should have had it, but I think he lost it in that dumb rag they have for a roof.
Young Mr. Carlos Lopez got beaned by Pudge’s throw on that steal attempt. I’ll ask the same question and give the same answer. When is the right time to slide head first? NEVER. Any of you parents with kids playing ball, please pound home that message. It’s just an invitation to injury.
Okay, we’ve got Verlander and Rogers going the next two days against “normal” pitchers. Let’s get the bats out and get these two. These games are more important than they may seem.

I agree with all of the comments about the game last night. I was curious to see how the intensity would be after a huge sweep of the Yanks at their place.
On a separate note, I live in Toledo so I figured I’d go to check out how Dontrelle was doing last night. He seemed to be in good spirits(I know that’s a shocker) and the Tigers website said he felt good after the game. His velocity was still down on his fastball, consistently 86-89. The break on his slider looked good and seemed to be devistating to the AAA hitters. One thing that I noticed that worries me a bit is that his knee was noticeably bothering him, he even seemed to have a slight limp most of the night. After nearly every pitch, he would flex out the leg as if it were tight (it was slightly reminiscent of Sean Casey actually). I’m not sure if this was because it was his first game action and he could keep the knee loose or if something was actually bothering him. I guess time will tell.
Anyhow, figured I’d share that. Go Tigers today, hopefully Verlander can get something going and the bats will wake up a bit.

Yikes is all I have to say about the game last night.
Let’s hope JV can turn us around tonight…I agree with you Rich…we HAVE to win games against our own division or else we’ll be consistently behind all season.
Hopefully they’ll look more into this Dtrain knee situation before they send him back up, it’d be terrible to get him into a game and then have to pull him out after the 1st due to injury again…for him and the rest of the team/bullpen.

One thing to consider about Dontrelle’s velocity is that the radar gun on the scoreboard in Toledo has tended to be slow over the years, usually a few mph off. That difference still wouldn’t put him at his usual velocity, but it would be closer.

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