Wilson dealing with foot injury

I saw a couple of you asked about Vance Wilson while I was off this weekend. His arm is progressing well, Jim Leyland said today, but now he’s dealing with foot problems. He has a case of plantar fasciitis, though I’m not sure on which foot.

“The arm’s much better,” Leyland said. “He can throw. He just can’t walk.”

Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said that Wilson is still ongoing with his rehab program, and should be able to catch bullpen sessions again in a couple days. They were ready to have him DH in some extended spring games when the foot problems came about, so that would be the next step.


Alright, instead of getting my cases ready to go back to court, I figured I’d waste time seeing if anything was new in Tiger world. Since I didn’t know what plantar fasciitis is, I thought I’d look it up and post it for others who may be in my boat:
“Most commonly, heel pain is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia β€” the tissue along the bottom of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes. . . .
Plantar fasciitis causes stabbing or burning pain that’s usually worse in the morning because the fascia tightens (contracts) overnight. Once your foot limbers up, the pain of plantar fasciitis normally decreases, but it may return after long periods of standing or after getting up from a seated position.
In most cases, you can overcome the pain of plantar fasciitis without surgery or other invasive treatments. And you can take steps to prevent plantar fasciitis from recurring.”
It sure would be nice to beat the Yankees. Dan, I hope you have a great time with your Army buddy.
I agree with many of you – I think Shef should be given more of a chance to prove himself. Last year at this time he wasn’t doing too well. After April, he picked up his game-well, until he got hurt in the outfield. Regardless, I think JL will keep him around and Shef won’t make a decision on whether to retire until the break. Good or bad, I’d be surprised to see a decision made on either of those counts before then.

Oh – and I was going to ask (Mike, maybe you know the answer to this) is PETCO Park in San Diego a decent place to watch a game? I have a three-day weekend the weekend that the Tigers are playing there and I was contemplating going for the weekend. Thanks for any and all input!


Well well, all this information all of a sudden. πŸ™‚
Jason, thanks for the info on the blog site and about Wilson. Wiles, thanks for that description of this malady. One way to treat it is to take a towel or something and loop it around the foot while in bed and stretch that sucker. It does go away eventually. Poor ol’ Vance, first one thing then another.
I’m kind of glad to see Sheff in there tonight. I keep hoping.


i’ve never been there. but its probably one of the newest stadiums built so i can only speculate that it’s probably ‘state of the art.’ i’m not an NL fan… AT ALL and i can’t recall the tigers playing SD at SD in a very long time. i love about 45 minutes (in good traffic) east of LA, and SD is about 2.5 hours (in good traffic) south of me…
i’ve seen a few games here and there from the padres (nothing better on) this year, and it looks like a very nice stadium. i would recommend not spending money on a minor league game, as there’s lots of other stuff to spend 3 hours doing in SD or anywhere. but if you feel a need to go go see the padres, then by all means. i dont think you would be disappointed, its a very fresh looking field.

Finally a topic I actually know something about:) I’m a distance runner and I had plantar fasciitis about 4 years ago. You can continue to run but it doesn’t get any better unless you shut it down. The inflammation will continue to get worse. I would think that Vance possibly could have gotten it by repetitive jumping out of the crouch position like catchers do. Maybe he got it while doing a lot of conditioning running, if he does that. At any rate I can assure you that it hurts every time he jumps up from the crouch position. There is one good cure…rest. And it does take time, like 2 months time in my case. In his case, since he’s younger and since he doesn’t need to long distance run, he may only need a few weeks. I was training for a marathon last fall and I felt it coming on again but I was able to run through it and it actually subsided. Some people do require surgery, but I think those are more extreme cases. And yes it does hurt first thing in the morning when you get out of bed. The pain radiates from the heel because that’s where the connective tissue (plantar) has micro torn away. The towel does work Rich, as it stretches out that tissue when you loop it around the ball of your foot and pull your toes towards you. Unfortunately rest is still the best prescription for healing. Guess that’s more information than anyone was asking for.

Thanks, Mike. Nah, I’d only go watch the Tigers play there, which they do June 20-22. Then spend the rest of my time enjoying the other parts of SD. Although I have tickets to watch the three Diamondbacks game, at the end of June it’s HOT in AZ and I wouldn’t mind an excuse to get out of town. I guess I’ll have to go check it out – and get my “watching the Tigers play in-person” fix.

Curtis Granderson! It’s impossible to overestimate his importance to this team. With him in there and Polanco hitting the Tigers can play .500 ball even with Sheff not producing and the starting pitching struggling. If the darn pitching would just improve, this would be a winning club, regardless of what happens with Sheff.

The Yanks have Giambi, and they are winning.

Great win, way to many walks. Curtis is the man and it looks like Polance might becoming out of his funk.
Isn’t plantar fascitis what Maggs had last year???

Good to get that first one. I was getting worried about Rogers for awhile there. Then he started throwing more fastballs with more authority and lo and behold, the Yankees began swinging their bats. It’s hard to believe Kenny turned it into six good innings. Good job there.
I’ve been waiting for a Bautista meltdown, only because he has a history of control problems. That had to be mechanical, though, so maybe they can get him back on track. Seay was sharp and Rapada did his job again. Ol’ Jonesie only gets me worried when he walks someone, but he got it done. Again. I can only guess what happens if they bring up Cruceta along with the return of Willis.
Since the Yankees feed was the one in high def, I went with them. They kept talking about this guy named Rodney Zumaya. Everytime I pick up an opponent feed, or a national game, they’re talking about how the Tigers are without Rodney Zumaya. So who is this guy? I’ve heard rumors that he’s actually two different pitchers, but I never hear one name without the other so I assume it’s just one pitcher named Rodney Zumaya. πŸ™‚
Man, it was good to see Sheff go deep in the Stadium. As the lady owner in “Major League” said, “that ought to shut these people up.” He looked okay tonight, in all of his ABs.
Finally, are we sure Cabrera has never played firstbase before? He sure is making my old position look easy. So Cabby, thanks for making me feel totally inadequate. πŸ™‚

One item on YES play by play announcer Michael Kay, whom I have found uh…less than impressive. He mentioned several times that Polanco, believe it or not, was playing his first game at Yankee Stadium At one point, he even said that his partners Al Leiter and John Flaherty were looking at him funny everytime he said it “because it was so hard to believe.” Well, perhaps Al and John remembered a little thing called the 2006 ALDS. πŸ™‚

Really makes you appreciate Rod and Mario. At least they know what the heck they are talking about.
And Rich I think that you are right Miggy looks cozy over there at first base. It really is the natural place for him to play. He looks happier to me as well. He is probably not worried about screwing up so much.???
Detroit sports had the trifecta last night. PISTON, WINGS and TIGERS.

Yes — Maggs dealt with the same plantar-problem thru much of last season. The Tigers doctors will quiet it down – as they did with Mallio in 2007. Vance will need to follow the doctor’s instructions to keep it under control for the rest of the season.

goodness…I was watching the game on ESPN the other day…and no offense, but I would have rather watched it with the TV on mute…sometimes announcers just talk about nonsense, but they weren’t even pronouncing the Tigers’ names right…they’re MLB players, i think they deserve to at least have their names pronounced right…and for this Rodney Zumaya, lol at least have their names separted, haha.

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