Tigers to hold tryout camp June 16

The Tigers will hold an open tryout camp for players ages 16-25 at Class A West Michigan on Monday, June 16.

The tryout camp will be held at Fifth Third Field in Comstock Park, Mich., with no pre-registration or participation fees. Registration begins at 8 a.m., with the workout at 9 a.m. All the Tigers require is for interested players to bring their own glove and workout equipment. The Tigers will provide the wooden bats, helmets and baseballs.


Darn…I am older than 25…

Maybe they can find a starting pitcher???
The other thing that I wanted to know regarding Guillen and being at the game you do not have the benefit of replay and things happen real fast. I think that some have illuded to it. But that ball that went right up the line for a double (can’t remember who hit it) A we thought it was possibley foul and even then do you all think that Guillen should of had it??

Just looking over the Tiger’s schedule over the next month and a half. After these 3 with the Yankees we’ve got a tough homestand with Red Sox and NY. At the end of May there is a 9 game West Coast trip. In between, 3 each with KC (we know how tough they have played us) and Arizona. In June we’ve got Cleveland and ChiSox the first week and a half. In my humble opinion, the Tigers’ season could very well be determined by then. If the starting pitching doesn’t start holding up it’s end of the deal, then I’m afraid we will be looking at a rather large hole to climb out of.

Jason – Cruceta is a BEAST! 7 Innings, 2 hits, 1 ER, 3 BB, 15 STRIKOUTS?! .083 BAA!

Did he make his last appearance at AAA last night? And who do you think is going from the bullpen when they finally bring him up? Do you think it will be minor? Even though he has pitched outstanding the last few games, you can’t overlook the 13 era he put up in the 10 or so outings before that.

Oh, and one last question.. do you think he overtakes the 8th inning role and bautista moves to the 7th?

GK, rather than guess like I did before, I went back and looked at the replay (it’s on the Angel’s site) of the Hunter double. Looks like Carlos should have gotten to this. He was playing off the line but still, this was a high hopping grounder, not a bullet. He almost got there but at the moment of decision, he failed to lay out and at least knock it down. Like I say, it’s his first game there in five years, but it also goes to show the importance of defense in a game.
And yes, Inge would have made the play, quite possibly with ease. Sorry to have to say. Nothing new for a team to sacrifice defense in order to gain more offense.

Thanks Rich went and looked back at the replay. And I am afraid you are correct. Inge probably could of gotten it or at least knocked it down. But I think it was you who said that we really need to give him a few more games before we crucify him. Carlos is probably one of our smartest most reliable players. And deserves a few days to get ajusted. I was just glad to see that he could throw that far. He was having a hard time last year from short. Maybe his shoulder is better.

Well, the throw from third is actually shorter than the one from short, so I think he’ll be fine in that regard. What I’m going to be looking at is his ability to dive, lay out, and get dirty. Thirdbase is a position where you dive for the ball because that throw can still be made. I don’t recall Carlos ever going down for one, although I could be wrong. You can’t be letting groundouts turn into singles and singles turn into doubles down there. We’re already -1 in the loss column with this move, so it bears watching.

i think the guillen at 3B experiment will be over by may. i think sheff, is done…. i thought he was done last year and was pretty disappointed to hear he was gonna be back. at this point i’d rather have D-train be the DH and have galagaraararrgara (hate spelling his name) take dontrell’s spot🙂
pitching around polanco to get to sheffield is about the most insane thing any team could do…..5 years ago……
haven’t posted much, but watched the games. had to miss most of sundays game cuz i had to help the traitor with a school project due the next day (isn’t it funny how kids know about something for two months and wait until the last day to do it? but i digress)
didn’t even catch the box for sundays game, just know the tigers lost, and from reading this blog, guillen at 3B didn’t do so well. i’m not ready to throw him under the bus by any means. knees, IMO are more important at 3b than at SS. i know SS needs more range, but 3B needs more QUICK, AGILE, and SHARP movements in the legs to get after those hard hit balls. plus there’s the added annoyance of trying to judge what may or may not be foul on close plays (Again didn’t see the game, so IDK)
just my two pennies

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