Tuesday's Tigers-Yankees telecast

It’s going to be a little different setup than usual because of the Reds Wings. The Tigers-Yankees game will start out at 7 p.m. on both FSN and FSN Plus. If the game is still going on at 10 p.m. ET — and let’s be honest, as long as most Yankees games seem to go and as long as some Tigers games have gone, it’s a strong possibility — Tigers fans will have to switch over to FSN Plus to catch the end of the game from 10 p.m. on. The regular FSN Detroit channel will be showing Game 3 of the Wings-Avs beginning at 10.


I think you gotta give Galarraga a ton of credit. His “bad inning” came after giving up 1 hit the previous 6. His ‘bad inning” should never have been bad as he had done his job for the first 6 and should have been pulled after throwing the ball away. Managers are reluctant to yank a pitcher after an error but in my experience that is often when the pitcher loses composure and is most vulnerable. Especially young ones.
Nate’s bad innings occur at times earlier in the game and thus impact not only the outcome but the the way the game is being played. I would rather my pitcher give up a couple in the 7th than 4 in the 4th.
Stats may not tell the whole story but they also don’t lie.
The bottom line here is Nate is 0-3 and Galarraga is 2-0.
Nate’s ERA is 7.0 and Galarraga’s is 1.5
Nate has given up 35 hits in 28+ innings
Galarraga has given up 7 in 18
Galararraga has given his team a lift and Nate hasn’t.
Clearly Nate has some work to do. He has always been a sub .500 pitcher and what the club needs from him (to win a championship) is more than that.
And he better start being able to get LHB out or it is going to be a miserable season for him.

I don’t think I was among those who “crucified” Nate (such a word), but Dan here has said exactly what I was about to say regarding the difference in Nate on Friday and Galarraga yesterday. Thanks Dan.
My main viewpoint is that the entire starting rotation has to step it up going into the Yankees/Red Sox games. They’ve got to keep us in the games even if it means only going five innings in those games.
Another thing to consider this weekend. This Angels team is full of first ball hitters. They don’t work the count and is a big reason why these two games have been crisp and clean, and all of our pitchers have looked pretty good. Enjoy tonight, because you probably won’t see a similar game for two weeks. The Yankees, and especially the dull and boring Red Sox, make their living with the confidence that the umpires will not call borderline strikes against them. I can paraphrase the old Ted Williams story: Manny Ramirez is hitting against a rookie pitcher. The pitcher clips the corner with a first pitch fastball and the umpire calls ball one. The second pitch is an electric slider, sweeping at the knees and on the outside corner. Ball two. The frustrated rookie calls in “What’s a strike in this league??” and the umpire responds “Young man, Mr. Ramirez will notify you when it’s a strike.”

This is why I say five good innings from the starters for the next two weeks.

Great Story:
We’ve had a few to look back on ourselves here in Detroit–mostly involving Stormin’ Norman Cash. There’s the one about coming up to bat with a table leg (It was aginst Nolan Ryan who going for a no-hitter in the 9th!).
Or calling “Time” when trapped in a rundown.
Or removing 1st base on Luis Aparicio and slapping a tag on him when he couldn’t find the bag on a pickoff throw!
Or going to 3rd base after a rain delay. (He was on 2nd, when the game was called!)
One of my favorites was old time Hall of Fame ump, Bil Klem.
There was an incident where a rookie was up to bat and was called out on strikes by Klem. The rookie tosses his bat high in the air in disgust and Bill calmy says, “Son, if that bat comes down–you’re out of the game.”
And then there was Germany Schaeffer. You could probably write a book about that character.
One nice thing I have enjoyed this season is watching Miguel Cabrera. he brings some fun and reality to the park. He’s like a big kid and really seems to be enjoying himself and those he plays with and against. Refreshing.
Wait till he starts to really hit, he hasn’t yet, but when he does it will be a real chore to get him out.

Hessman just hit #8 in Toledo.
He’s playing 3rd for Toledo and hasn’t made an error yet this year. His progress is blocked in Detroit at both the Hot Corner and the Cold Corner and I have been surprised he hasn’t been packaged up in a trade.

I wanted to second what Dan very accurately stated and Rich beats me to it:) So I’ll third it. Oh well, most important is that it was stated. GK, I’m a fan of Nate’s and am always pulling for him but he does need to somehow shift up a gear. And those left hand batter stats of his do not look good.

Good story Rich. Ramirez, Ortiz and company will work the count, intimidate the umps, and be the beneficiaries of a strike zone shrunk to the size of a starving paramecium. The phrase “painting the corner” has long since been framed and safely enshrined in Cooperstown. But Tiger hitters will politely oblige the umps by first ball swinging (our guy Maggs being one of the main culprits, just kidding….love ya Maggs!)

Rich, I have a season subscription to mlbtv and this is the second game at least that I have been blacked out of. At $119.95 for the “big” premium package I figure every game they sell me that I don’t get to see is about .75 that they owe me. I don’t understand how a company can legally sell something twice to the exclusion of one of the buyers….yeah I know, it WAS stated in the fine print, and I SHOULD HAVE read it. Ah well, what choice have I, but to not watch at all, not an acceptable alternative.

Somebody tell me in layman’s terms how I can make nice spaces…..

Well, I guess we will all have to agree to disagree about Nates performance on Friday night?? While agree he has not been pitching well this year, I still don’t think that you can include Friday and Vlad’s HR on a ball that was way inside and up. No one but no one hits that ball out except him and only probably 1% of the time at that.???? That doesn’t happen we are talking a different game. And to me it doesn’t matter what inning the pitcher blows only that he did.
Tonight should be a good. Going to the game and of course it will be freezing. Had to buy the 27 game package this year had to move from Friday package to the Sunda package. Well in thinking that I was not thrilled about it but I decided that early in the season it would be okay because at least on Sundays it has a chance to be warmer than a Friday night game, right. Well last Friday was 80 at game time and tonight it is going to be rainy and cold, when it was a perfectly nice day. And same with the last Sunday game which was windy and cold because that too was on ESPN. This hasn’t worked out well at all for me.

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