What was with the fireworks?

If you were at the game Friday night or watching on television in the late innings, you were probably wondering why there were fireworks going off along the skyline beyond the Renaissance Center. Apparently they were part of ceremonies going on across the river in Windsor for something called the Rotary World Peace Summit this weekend.


FYI for readers: I’m looking over a list of requests for improvements to the blogging system this weekend, and I’d like to get your input. I know the problem with line breaks, and that’s right up at the top of the list. And the problem with the blog loading slowly is going on there, too. But is there anything else from your end that would be helpful? Is anyone still losing entries randomly at this point? Let me know and I’ll see if I can get it included. This blog doesn’t work without you all, so I want to make it easier on you.

The “losing entries” thing is still going on, in fact it happened while I typed this sentence. What I’m seeing is, it jumps to a page that says “internet explorer cannot display this webpage” but if I hit the BACK button on the browser, I’m returned to my entry. It’s happened now twice while typing this. I think it’s related to the slow loading problem. Some of these “items loading” cause it. After they’ve loaded, I don’t see the problem anymore.
I have a suggestion on style. It would be very helpful if the name of the poster was displayed before the message text, not after. You know, like “so and so wrote” then the name.
It would also be nice to have the ability to see if any messages have been posted while we’re in the process of creating one. We have to submit our message before being able to view an updated main page.
Mainly it’s the slowness, though, that’s the big problem.
Thanks Jason.

Rich – don’t feel bad that you can’t watch the game and are stuck watching the NY-CLE game. I figured I could get the game, being that I’m out in AZ – nope the game on FOX is San Diego v. AZ, and everything is blacked out for me. Grrrrr. I wish FOX never carried any of the games.

Why did they not bunt with Inge up in the 5th?

I agree with Rich’s point about the name coming first. It’s a small thing, but it makes the posts easier to read. The font and color of people’s names also makes them stand out less than other content, and that’s not good.

An automatic preview with spellcheck would be nice. If mis-spelled words could be highlighted and optional words even provided that would be nice, but on blogs these features are sometimes not user-friendly.

On another topic, how wonderful that Polanco is hitting again. I wonder if his back had been bothering him all April. It’s really nice to see a key player get back into it.

Polanco appears to have returned to the lineup. That’s key for us. Sheffield is still lunging to favor that shoulder. Ugly to watch..
Nice to see this kid pitch like this.

Pivotpoint inning for right here.

He;s done. Nice game but call a spade a spade.
He should be relieved.

Arrgghhh. They never listen to me!!!.
This is a big game can’t afford to let itget away. Galarraga was done the moment he thew that bsll sway to lead off the inning. They need a team pschologist in uniform to help JL with this kind of stuff.

Frustrating to watch right now. Even Lopez’ pitcht to Figgins wasdisappointing—why would they let him slap aball when you can jam him inside–he has no power to speak of. persoanlly I think Pudge should know better.

Finally…some breaks. Even though Sheffield and Ordonez keep doing what’s wrong …it turned out right.
.Sheffirld –I’ll lay off him, but Ordonez got a gift double on what should have been a first pitch swinging easy out.

This ain’t gonna be easy. Bautista will really need to bear down and forget about the guy 2–just get the hitters

Polanco is playin’ ball! That was pretty to watch. Surprised to see Raburn replacing Jones in LF. The degree of difference between the two of them is not extreme. If I wanted to replace someone it would be Ordonez. who can’t catch up to anything down the line or isn short RF.
At least JJ will give you that little extra. I’ve never been impressed with Ordnez’ defense though he has surprised from time to time in making some good catches in right- center.
Well let’s hope Todd Jones is throwing strikes and has a little bite to his cutter.

Let’s hope Jones can get it done!

That was a very important game. Galarraga is looking like he is going to stick around for awhile yet. I would think Rogers and Robertson are going to have produce and soon.
I think the world of Kenny but there is no room in Motown for misplaced sentiment this year.

Wow, 3rd place and 2.5 games out of first! Go figure.

Ya we won, but so did everyone else. Back in the cellar for another day. Looks like Minnesota is going to squeak their game out. Just got done listenting to the CWS game it was on tv. Boy those announcers are bad. If I had to listen to them I don’t think that I would watch baseball in that town. They would drive me absolutely nuts. The worst broadcasters I have ever heard.

Makes you give thanks for growing up with Ernie and Paul.

Guys I am really not trying to be contrarary, and it is certianly not my job to make this point about or stick up for Nates Friday night appointment but. In the scheme of things Galarraga had the same blow up inning that you were crucifying Nate for the night before. It just happens that they were able to come back with a few more runs that Gallarraga didn’t get the loss and we were able to win the game. And you all think that he should stick around??
And while I don’t necessarily disagree with you regarding Nate has to do a bit better. He was pretty good on Friday. That is my story and I am sticking to it. The guy had six 1-2-3 innings and one were he gave up a few runs. And I would even suggeset that all of are starting pitchers seem to do okay and have that one big blow up inning. They are not limiting those innings to a run or two. But Galarraga had the same night and because we won the game well it seems to be okay.

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