No big switch today, but Granderson's back

Since Gary Sheffield is out another day, Miguel Cabrera gets a day at DH while Brandon Inge starts at third. Carlos Guillen thus has another day at first base.

There’s a chance Sheffield will be back Thursday, but it’s not likely. Placido Polanco, however, is aiming for a Thursday return; he went through pregame drills and workouts and felt fine.

Here’s the full lineup:

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Rodriguez, C
  3. Guillen, 1B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, DH
  6. Jones, LF
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Santiago, 2B

For the Rangers:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Michael Young, SS
  3. Josh Hamilton, CF
  4. Milton Bradley, DH
  5. Hank Blalock, 3B
  6. Jason Botts, 1B
  7. David Murphy, RF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. German Duran, LF


Does anobody know who these guys are that are playing for the Tigers the last two days? Great game!

I just hope that JL can remember what turned this game around. It was the sac bunt (and not a very good one technically) by Pudge.
JL needs to keep this in mind throughout the season, especially with guys who aren’t producing.
This is also a very important confidence builder. They know they can fall behind a significant amount of runs but still climb back into the game. It’s not often a team will get down 5 zip and have the will and the ability to get back into the game.
The bullpen has been very stable and if we could just get the rotation dialed in!

Considering everyone was worried about our bullpen this year I think they are doing a spectacular job covering for our starters that aren’t doing so hot.

11 runs in one inning is just awesome. In the first inning I thought this was gonna be a totally different game then this has turned out to be. But heck some of our bench guys can get a chance to show what they have.

texan players look just destroyed. written all over their faces. man am i glad i got the mlbtv workin out for me tonight. i’d have to beat the dog if i missed the big 6th.
interesting how devastating the 6th inning has been for so many teams this year.

grilli’s in, can anyone else see TX having a 14 run inning? LOL

Well…..Grilli did it again! A 1-2-3 inning to close out the game…at home. I got home in time to catch the top of the 9th, so I missed the big 6th. Too bad. I’ve been waiting all year to see a huge inning like that….guess they will just have to do it again!
Mike – I live out here near your next of the woods (Arizona) and I haven’t been blacked out at all. The only way I log in is through mlbtv. So if you continue to do that, you should be okay.
How did Curtis do? Hopefully he did well and has gotten the “first game” jitters out of his system. I’m sad to see Clete go, and would have liked to see him stay. However, I can’t say that I’m surprised. But like many have said above, I think he’ll be back before September.
Now the key is, don’t drop the ball tomorrow after having such a huge game today. We don’t want to lose this little bit of momentum we’ve got.

WOW!!!!Need I say more?

Granderson looked great. He is a spark plug for the team. I still like Inge and did you see him having fun in the dugout with Cabrera?
I have been working a lot of hours and don’t get time to post but I read everything. I know this site has changed and I used to be known as David. Grilli’s son was born on my son’s 23rd birthday. Rich, I always like what you write. Dan, you really know how to break down the game with stats and second guessing JL. Mike, I know you are bored in LA but can you show me a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence?🙂
I listened to the radio on the way home and “heard” the sac bunt by Pudge and then watched the 11 run inning at home. I could go on but I will use two more words.

Go Tigers!


That’s what you do to a team with no pitching. I liked the way the Tiger hitters kept working their ABs with a 12-run lead, running up the already incredible pitch count for Texas hurlers, and “hurlers’ might be a good term for it. Why do that? Because you’ll be seeing these same pitchers tomorrow, that’s why. Good job there.
I thought the umpire could have called a few more strikes at times. One of the reasons that Rogers has struggled, only one of the reasons, is he’s not getting the call on the corners. Without that, he’s dead. Looks like those umps enjoy 4-hour games at the same pay. Maybe Kenny should always be starting on a get-away day. It was more than that, of course. He also had bad luck thrown into the mix and that, combined with him not being especially sharp, led to a very short outing.
Well, we’re clawing our way back into it. If Chicago finishes losing tonight, we’re three games out.
My question is, when April ends next week, what happens to that April in the D commercial that they run about 7000 times per night?

Hey David, the Caledonia Kid? What are you, some kind of gunslinger? 🙂 Yeah, you won the Grilli baby pool. How is that pool, by the way? 🙂
Ditto on the punctuation thing.

Sure was a routing tonight. I really started to feel bad for the Rangers. I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of that. Although there are teams out there I wouldn’t mind doing that to (ie Yankees (oh ya beat them 17-0 last year, Red Soxs, Chicago, and of course the Indians)
My only fear is that tomorrow I am going to the game and they used all of there hits in this one. I don’t need to see 19 runs of course, but a win would be nice.
Go Tigers.

O.K., Well, the short answer is clearly NO!!!! i spend to much time at work paying attention to punctuation.
at least i seperate my thoughts with new paragraphs and there’s no real run-on sentances from me. i could type in all caps? 🙂
truth is, i’m more interested in the tigers than i am about proper punctuation.
and speaking of the tigers… tonights game was amazing. i think, if they’re firing on all cylinders all like they were tonight, we can expect lots of double digit box scores. what better of a ‘welcome back’ party could CG ask for? 2-4 with 2 walks, 2 RBIs… and with him in there, the tigers seemed like a supercharged engine, FINALLY…. i truly believe curtis granderson is (for all u MSU fans, forgive this analogy) the MIKE HART of the tigers.
HEART is a hell of a thing to lose. CG has it, the Tigers need it. They now have HEART back in the lineup. lets hope its the true spark the Tigers need.

I think the lower case thing in endearing- and I’m a proofreader. Beats all caps and run-on paragraphs for sure.

That was fun to watch.

My favorite box score line of the night has to be Ramon Santiago:AB R H RBI&nbsp3&nbsp&nbsp3&nbsp0&nbsp&nbsp2What a fun game to listen to on the radio (only subscribe to gameday audio)!

Sigh. It looks so good in the preview but then it messes up in the actual posting. Sorry.
3 3 0 2
Anyway, there it is.

Call me crazy, but if I had to pick a Tigers MVP so far this year, I’d be hard pressed to not name Lopez. That guy has been a savior for the ‘pen. I’m a little afraid to mention it, but if Cruceta is half as good as advertised, even without Rodney and Zumaya, I’m beginning to like how the bullpen looks. Sure Jones scares the crap out of me, but he’s getting the job done and Lopez and Bautista seem to be very solid set-up options. If Grilli/Miner can handle the long outings and Seay/Rapada can hold down the lefty roles, this could be a really solid ‘pen. My thought is that Miner is a goner when Cruceta is called up as he has options and hasn’t been as strong as the others. It will be really interesitng to see what decision is made once Willis comes off the DL– would we really send Gallaraga down? We’ll just have to wait and see. All in all, our bullpen is a far cry from where it was just a few weeks ago. (Yes, I know I just jinxed the ‘pen…)

As I mentioned before, now we have get the rotation dialed in. Kenny was not very good and his success is enhanced when there is truly professional ump behind the plate. I miss the high strike and the pitches on the black that used to be strikes. That was one baseball institution that they should not have monkeyed with (the strike zone). I don’t mind starters getting complete games and 1 run low-scoring games. In fact I like them and shutouts are a pleasure to watch along with the good fielding that it takes to cultivate them.
Hats of to Rapada and Lopez for their performances last night. Let’s hope it is Seay, Bautista and Jones’ turn today.
Grilli my have saved himself once more from baseball oblivion. He can look as bad the the Texas pitchers did yesterday and thne redeem himself by having a few 1-2-3 outings in non-threatening game situations. He still worries me when he is placed into a meaningful game. Still, It will likely be Miner to go to make room for Cruceta. And that is the logical move to make. Wonder how Miner will take it. He was not particularly gracious the last time he was sent down.
The last call of the game on the groundout to Carlos was a “butte” (sic) wasn’t it?
It was great to see Curtis back in there. He hit the ball well and his presence in CF is very reassuring. Reminds me of the confidence I used to have as teen in hearing Ernie announce “There’s a long drive to left-center”, knowing that “The (other) Mick” would most certainly track it down and add an out to the board.
Magglio is beginning to find himself at the plate. He’s been “off” for sure.
Notice how bummed MCab was after flying out to deep CF in his 2nd AB in the 6th? He was really wanting to hit 2 in 1 inning! Last Tiger I recall doing that was Mr. Kaline and my guess would be 1955.
I read an article from Heyman at Sports Illustrated that I think is worth a look:
The comments on page 2 re Sheffield are particularly interesting.
Onward and upward—-Bonderman has been surviving the 1st inning pretty well and it would be fantastic to see him with some confidence in his mound presence and an accompanying dominant performance.

Brent, the pen is strengthening right before our eyes. If Cruceta throws well, Bautista and Lopez continue to throw well, Zumaya and/or Rodney return to form, we may thinking that we need to get only 4 innings out of our starters!.
Then there is another closer down in Toledo (Blaine Neal) that is light out too.
Dare I say if TJ were to falter there are options for a new closer to be step in and take over if need be. Lopez has done it before, and I would not be surprised to see that Cruceta might have the demeanor for the job. Zumaya is the natural successor to the throne if he hasn’t buggered his body up too much.

Nice game, nice hitting, everything else has been said. Except this… Kenny Rogers done? I am beginning to think so…..

I hope you are wrong Ty. I don’t think he is done but I also think he is not the pitcher we need him to be. We need a stopper and we need a motivator.
I wish him luck and admire his abilities and athleticism but he is going to have a struggle. That’s why it is so important that both Robertson and Willis start to show why they should be middle of the rotation quality guys.
Interesting article:'s-position-is-problematic?CMP=OTC-K9B140813162&ATT=49

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