Santiago's last major-league homer

It was Aug. 1, 2003 off of then-Twin James Baldwin. He went 417 plate appearances in the big leagues without a homer. Or to put it another way, Matt Walbeck was the Tigers’ catcher the last time Santiago homered. Now, he’s the Rangers’ third-base coach.


I would hope they take Verlander out for the 7th. He is up to 110 pitches.

Very nice to see back-to-back dingers by #4 and #5. Also have to like what we saw with J Jones tonight too. Renteria looks like a guy who just goes about his business.
What would things be like if Granderson, Polanco and Sheffield were doing what we had expected?
Miner is in and he should think very hard about this outing as believe it or not, he is auditioning.

While Miner is struggling here Francisco Cruceta pitched 3 hitless innings while striking out 6 (yes, that’s right, 6) for Toledo tonight. Hessman hit his his 6th of the year.

Curtis has walked, singled and flied out twice.

good for santiago, but how bout edgar! all the JJurrgens stats i mentioned in a previous blog…. well… at this point, renteria is very much worth the deal!

What…..wait….do I need glasses……did Grilli just have a great outing….AT HOME????????!!!!!!! Now that was nice to see, and a big boost for the BP.

yeah i’m with you wiles. i figured TX would get one or two or three with grilli coming in.
seems to be that grilli is effective STARTING innings, but absolutely, completely, totally, insanely, INEFFECTIVE if there’s a running on 1st. (or anywhere on the bases)
which is fine. good. start innings with him if you’re satisfied with his performance, but please, for the love of god, do not put that man on the hill with anyone onbase. let alone, in scoring position.

Did I hear that right? I think Dan and Jim just said something in the post-game about Guillen and Cabrera being “permanently” swapped in the field starting tomorrow. I guess Leyland got tired of Carlos almost killing himself over at first all the time, too.

Guys I don’t know if you are watching the post game interviews but Leyland just made a major announcement. Cabrera is moving to 1st and Guillen is moving to 3rd. WHAT. That is some news.

Didnt get to watch the game, but it looked as though they did better.

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