Bazardo outrighted to Toledo

He cleared waivers. That's a bit of a victory for the Tigers, who despite Bazardo's struggles need all the pitching depth they can get. This also allows him to work as a starting pitcher rather than as a reliever.


Jason, thanks for the update on Bazardo. I do agree it never hurts to have pitching depth. Maybe now just wasn’t his time to be up in the bigs, as he is still young and has plenty of time to continue to learn how to pitch effectively.

Perfect. Bazardo’s a starter, not a reliever. Good news there.
I’m not sure why the organization is taking the news on Rodney as positive. Seems to me you’ve got a pitcher you’re trying to rely on but he keeps having mysterious and undiagnosed soreness in his arm. I’ll say it straight out: his problem is in his head until he proves otherwise. And the correct move is to move on without him. So let’s turn our attention to the guys who are actually on the team, or have a chance of being on the team.
(in my best Howard Cosell voice) Telling it like it is.

i’ve never like rodney, and i can’t wait until he gets his release pepers in the mail. he’s not a 8th or 7th or 6th or 5th inning reliever, he’s washed up. spent. not even trade bait. good luck in your career rodney. i suspect it won’t involve the tigers or a ring.

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