Polanco on the fly ball

Polanco said on the eighth-inning pop fly from Jermaine Dye, in which Paul Konerko was about halfway between first and second when he caught the ball, that his first reaction was to turn and throw home as soon as he could rather than look at the baserunners. He felt he was deep enough that a sac fly was a possibility. There was no communication, apparently, that Konerko was too far out.


It’s what I thought, Jason, thanks. While anyone can communicate to Polly on this play, Cabrera would be the most likely candidate. I’m not blaming Miguel by any means, he just kind of got put over there for this game and firstbase isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s just another example of the bad luck that’s been plaguing this team, along with some poor performances. With Jenks coming on in the ninth, it probably doesn’t matter, but in a 2-0 game, maybe one of our guys could have run into one. At any rate, I expect Thames to be over there tomorrow. Like many, I wouldn’t mind seeing Marcus get some more PT.
GK, I don’t recall the pitches you referred to, but I’ll take your word for it. This guy today had a big zone most of the game, and if he closed it up for a couple of hitters, that would hurt. Like you, I just want consistency back there. They can have any strike zone they like, as long as it remains the same for both teams, all day.
Dan ol’ bud, I can’t agree with you on taking Verlander out to start the eighth. He’d been dominant, his pitch count was in good shape, and we had a very used up bullpen in the midst of a 20 consecutive game stretch. Factor in the Willis injury, and I’d have done the same thing as JL. I don’t think Justin Verlander needs moral victories. He knows he pitched very well, regardless of the final line.
We really need some better weather, and I know we’re not getting it tomorrow. We need to take this series, so it’s grind time again. I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that, if we’re to make the postseason, it’s going to take every single day of a long and hard fought season. Those who expected a cakewalk, think again. This is going to be tough, but’s it’s going to be exciting baseball.

Disagree we must. I think the club needed a moral victory more than Verlander. He had pitched exceptionally well but he was done. And, as I say, it was cold and nasty. We had Seay fresh and god forgive me if we can’t use Bautista 2 games in a row. Obvioulsy Beltran was available, not that he has shown anything yet. It was one of those very clear moments for me and was made much clearer after he walked the leadoff guy and certainly after he lost all semblance of control by beaning Cabrera. It was a stubborn dumb move on Leyland’s part.

Polly is usually Mr. Thinker out there. He may be one of the smartest players on the Tigers. His arm strength is questionable and he knows it. He cannot throw from the edge of the infield without a bounce to home plate. So he hurried his throw to make sure the runner from 3rd wouldn’t score.

Work on that arm strength Polly. You didnt cost us the game – but not checking the runner at 1B before your throw was not using your head – despite your limitations. So do what’s best for your team – not what’s best for Polly.

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