Guillen out with strained hammy

He’s day-to-day at the moment. Miguel Cabrera makes the start at first base, but Jim Leyland was adamant (angrily so) to emphasize that it’s just a one-time thing for Cabrera, whose sore quad is a concern in weather like this. Meanwhile, Dontrelle Willis was having an MRI exam on his knee this morning to get a better idea how badly injured it is.

The lineup:

  1. Thomas, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Jones, LF
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Rodriguez, C
  9. Inge, 3B

And for the White Sox:

  1. Nick Swisher, CF
  2. Orlando Cabrera, SS
  3. Jim Thome, DH
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Jermaine Dye, RF
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Carlos Quentin, LF
  8. Joe Crede, 3B
  9. Juan Uribe, 2B

As for the weather, well, it’s miserable here, and it’ll probably get worse. It’s not just the cold and the rain, but the wind is picking up. They can try to wait it out since it’s such an early start here.

UPDATE @ 12:45pm ET: They’ve removed the tarp, so it looks like this game will start on time. This could be a miserable day for baseball, certainly not fun for fans. It’s bad enough that Chicago native Curtis Granderson only had to get tickets for four family members today. That might be a low.


Sigh………..did it ever occur to MLB that the season starts too early? Or perhaps to factor into that scheduling computer more warm weather and domed sites for early season games? The Tigers, for example, play the entire first three weeks in the north, before finally hitting a dome on the 18th. This weather is miserable for fans who’ve paid their money (lots of it) and causes injuries, which mean that fans who have paid their money (lots of it) don’t get to see their favorite players.
You “old timers” will remember Opening Day as being about the 10th of April.

Well it has been a litany of physical annoyances and ailments so far.
I was able to watch the archived game last night (after having to leave to listen to chamber music with my wife). Grilli was Grilli in that 1st inning of work and we dodged a bullet to be sure but he did pitch well after that..
Nict to see Bautista do well once again and Todd Jones was excellent. Thomas hit the ball hard all night. Nice game nice outcome.
Gotta wonder about Willis now.
Polanco is hitting again but with little luck.

Let’s see if Sheff come up with a sac fly here

Guess not. I am really down on this guy right now. I don’t see the upside with him and was disappointed to see him in thelineup today.
He is not getting the job done.

Holy cow. Hit the ball hard (well not sheffield) and nothing to show for it. Kind of a downer start for the club to deal with. Verlander has trouble with the Chisox and they seem to know when the changeup is coming. Fingers crossed

cabrera looked like he hurt something on that play, kinda ackwardly ran to the dugout… hope not..

Wouldn’t be surprised he joins the walking wounded too.
I can’t believe that Polanco swings at the first pitch after Gavin walks 2 guys and was wild doin’ it. That was stupid and not something you would expect Polanco to do.
Most other RFs get that double by AJ–Dye certainly does..
Just noticed that the game is on the TV here today with the Tiger announcers so I don’t have to listent to the Chi-Chumps.

These Chicago announcers drive me nuts!!

i hate the white sox announcers. what’s up with endlessly praising swisher’s catch – during his at-bat – , jones then makes a great play on him, and then showing a reply of… swisher’s catch!
they never acknowledge the other teams’ merits.

i hate DPs too. grr

wish we could clone thomas right now.

come on, tigers


when will they hit?

the pain, the pain…..

kudos to floyd. no-hitter inot the 8th
but my thanks to renteria.
i couldn’t stomach getting no-hit by chicago.
now please win, detroit. verlander’s pitching too well to squander it.

Can’t win by hitting batters!

i repeat: aaaaaaarrrrghhhhhhhhhhh

I am realy upset with Leyland. Verlander pitched a good game. Got through 7 innings and should have been taken out to start the 8th in these conditions. He just runs the risk of hurting him. .
Then to compound that stupidity he left him in to pitch to Thome after plunking Cabrera. What is Bobby Seay for?
Leyland is a stubborn guy who just wants to prove a point that his starters can get that far into a game. You still gotta manage smart. That wasn’t even fair to do that to Verlander IMO, after the effort he gave today.
Shame on you JL

The conditions of this game are just horrible. I really can’t believe they haven’t called it. But I’ll have to go with the aaaaaaarrrrghhhhhhhhhhh…………………….

And then he leaves him in to pitch to AJ!!??
Now a good outing has turned into a POS for Verlander. Leyland should be spanked.

This game went to the birds fast……..

Yep, I think that could have been avoided! JL can be greedy at times!

Floyd pitched a good game, both starters did. Not surprising, what with the conditions and a very large strike zone today.
Jacque Jones plays some darned good leftfield.
It’s unfortunate the way in which the game blew up in the eighth. We were out of the inning at 2-0 if Polanco doubles off Konerko at first. With his back turned, Polly would be depending on his mates to give him verbal direction. That would be Cabrera at first. Cabrera was at first because Guillen is hurt. See how it all works out, or doesn’t work out in this case?
I wonder how long singles up the middle will continue to be turned into doubleplays?
This just makes tomorrow’s game another big one. They really need to take a series from Chicago. We can’t count on much hitting, though, not in this weather, and not with the biggest Sox-killer (Guillen) sidelined. It will take another strong pitching performance.

It will be interesting to hear JL’s take on the decision to leave Verlander in. My point is that Verlander had pitched an exceptional game, it was cold and wet, why not take him out when you can leave him with a solid performance to reflect upon till his next start.
JL gets stubborn. He wanted to have a situation where his starter “relieved” his bullpen, and was determined to see it through. Now Justin has to beat himself up over what statistics will say was another poor outing. Even if we had lost that game 1-0 it would have been a moral victory.

What to me the shame was is that Justin pitched his you know what off and the only reason he probably plunked those two guys was because of the rain. The fact of the matter is they never should of been playing that game to begin with. So now instead of it looking like the awesome game he really did pitch it looks like a clunker. MLB should be ashamed of themselves for letting this game even get played. Really unnecessary. SHAME SHAME SHAME. Then to leave him out was a mistake but, my guess is that Leyland thought that Justine had a better chance than anyone else out there.

Poor Justine. Shame on MLB

Not to mention I just wanted to say that if the umpire would of actually done his job in the 8th and called Swisher out on strikes like he should of and Thome in my opionion we are still taking about a close game. Instead of the disaster it looked like. I guess when it rains in pours. Did anyone else think that they should of been called out on strikes?? Especially Swisher.

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