Willis injury

He suffered a hyperextended right knee, according to the club. He'll undergo further evaluation.


Aki Lopez throwing pretty well. Not that I am real comfortable here but wouldn’t it be in keeping with the way things have gone this year to see us get called after 4 and half!!

Well I think this will be a very big inning for Lopez. If he can get through this one we should be very pleased but he has thrown way more pitches than he is accustomed to already.
And this is the pesky part of the order coming up too.

Made it through very easily, it will be interesting to see if he comes back out. They did say he has pitched into the 7th inning before.

please don’t tell me that they will put Grilli in.????????????

I saw that too. I suspect we will see him. Hopefully we see the “away” Grilli that sometimes is effective.

Even if we luck out and get out of this–Grilli has got to go.

Well were indeed lucky. But Grilli has got to go. He can not be counted on.

Cabrera aside, some of the boys are hitting the ball really well tonight. But right at Uribe or at someone else. Both DPs were hit well too.
Good to see Jones have a better swing..
I sure hope they make this Grilli’s last inning.

Here, here. No more Grilli, please! This club is starting to hit, but we need some relief pitching.


Inge and Thomas come thru. Anyone think there is a slight resemblance between Clete and Al Kaline? Looks wise I mean.

Clete can throw too.

Good game! Even Todd Jones impressed me tonight!

A lot to like about this game. Aki Lopez gets and deserves player of the game. The pen comes thru. Good clutch hitting, and patient. Very nice confidence builder. Now the starters need to come thru and give this pen a break. Clete might be that surprise player we’re always looking for. No sign of a let up in his confidence and intensity. No way he should get sent down the way he’s hitting. Now we’re 2-8.

well it seems when i’m distracted by life enough to not pay attention to the tigers games, they win. i’m wondering am i somehow jinxing the team? the two wins this season have come when the …dreaded…. in-laws have been over and i become mr. shi@thead if i dont devote me 100% undying attention to them.. amazingly, those are the games the tigers won. (with a lot of unspoken resentment),,, ahhh… what do you do.
mike………….. (heavily “beered” up to deal with the insanity of wifeys parents)

Great way to gut out a game. After Willis went down this was looking real bad. They played to impress me tonight. There were a couple of shakey moments but both Aki and Grilli pulled it out. Guys hit better again tonight. I think that bats are starting to get it going. WE WON AGAIN. YES.

How about that bullpen? Huh? Give it up for that much maligned bullpen.
Lopez has got some serious stuff there. He’s looked good most of the time the entire spring. With Bautista, you may be seeing those unheralded guys who rise to the top and get you through. Every winning team has ’em.
I knew Grilli would have to pitch tonight, the way it unfolded. The Boston series had used everyone up, and as long as Grill-dog is out there, he has to be used. I was just hoping JL would have him start his own inning, rather than coming in with runners on base. Got my wish on that one. I swear, he was one pitch away from a one way ticket to Palooka-ville, as they used to say, but he pulled it out. This reminded me of those of us who thought Grilli was better suited as a starter. I still think that. He has several useable pitches and takes awhile to settle in.
Todd Jones, 3 up, 3 down save, with 2 K’s. Give it up for the dominant Todd Jones. Come on, you can do it, it will only hurt for a minute. 🙂
Good game, the definition of a grind it out victory.
Marty, no I don’t think Clete looks like Kaline. Clete has that wide eyed look, while Kaline has lynx-like, sniper’s eyes. Doesn’t matter, the kid looks like a ballplayer. We need that.
Okay, on to the bad. I think Willis should go on the DL for his knee and for his “tired arm” (wink wink). A couple “rehab” starts in Toledo are in order. He can be replaced in the order by Vasquez, Miner, or even Grilli.
All in all, I’m more concerned with beating the White Sox than I am with the slow start. If they can’t have success against Chicago, it ain’t happ’nin this season. There may be no more baseball this weekend with the weather, but we’ve got to come home Monday on a positive note. Now that the “boo barrier” has been breached, it could get ugly otherwise.

I think that the Tigers have a good bullpen with Miner or Grilli in the sixth and seventh-(should the starter not go that long.)
Bautista or Lopez in the eighth and Jones in the ninth.
Grilli is the weak link here, but even he can be productive.
The Tigers real concern is the rotation; Verlander will do well this year but has gotten off on a lousy start; Rogers is doing well, but he is not going to be able to go deep into ballgames and his age will limit his innings of work; Bonderman is the key to the Tigers postseason hopes, Bonderman has to do well this season in order in order for the Tigers to go into the postseason. Last year, the Tigers were doing fantastic pre-All-Star-Game and so was Bonderman (9-1, 3.48 ERA, 98 K’s, 106 INN) and they stunk post-All-Star-Game as did Bonderman(2-8, 7.38, 47 K’s, 68.1 INN); Robertson is in for a big year.

One hopes Robertson is in for a big year, but come on, he’s a Wilcox…

No offense, but…

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