Rodney update

His first bullpen session of greater intensity went off Friday without a hitch. According to the Tigers medical staff, he threw for eight minutes, about 35-40 pitches (all fastballs and changeups) at 80 percent effort. Assuming he feels well tomorrow, he’s scheduled to throw another mound session on Monday.


not a rodney fan, personally, but at this point, i can’t friggen WAIT until he’s healthy. the report on Zoom ‘firing’ balls in 120ft catch is also akin to the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ we have to have these guys back. zoom more than rodney.
while i dont buy the ‘box dropping’ story, i at the same time, dont care. i want joel zumaya back in the BP rotation. he needs to get healthy.
i’m not sure if it was freep or detroit news i read the article in, but either way, i want this kid back. IMO his offseason surgery and in-season injury should be giving him lots of time to perfect changeups and breaking balls….. but agian, i’m no insider and i can only speculate. the BP needs these two guys back. with the addition of bautista and cruceta (which, i think is inevitable), the tigers BP will go from the scrubs of the league, to something that every single team will quiver about facing. all speculation, of course. this terrible, and i mean absolutely terrible BP, will be bolstered, either by reputation or fear when these guys start to mesh and mold, and work together.
just my take

JL wants LHB Jones in against RHP. Jones not my idea of DH, I’d rather see Thames. But, hey here’s a chance for JJ to get things going. He hasn’t exactly endeared himself to us yet, has he? I like Thomas leading off. Good opportunity for him. By the way my theory on the incredible shrinking strike zone…’s just a theory ok?

The worst thing about this game (I hope) is having to listen to these 2 donkeys do the play by play.
If we can keep the #2 donkey down to 3 or 4 “He Goan”s we might be ablt to beat thes arch rivals.

They better get somemone warming up real quick

Willis has been very discouraging. It almost seems like he can’t throw a strike.
This one smells really bad already.

way to make Contreras work…….

Anyone think there is just the slightest resemblance between Clete Thomas and Al Kaline?

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