One more note about the lineup

Say what you will about Ivan Rodriguez, but he shows up to work. After catching all 212 pitches from Tigers pitchers Thursday night, not only is Pudge back in the lineup, but he was in the gym Friday morning doing his usual workouts.

Pudge has his training program, and he works out, home and road. Today, after Jim Leyland mentioned it, Pudge said he was in the gym around 9:30 a.m. The Tigers arrived at their hotel in Chicago just before 3 a.m. local time.

“It’s part of my routine,” Pudge said Friday. “That’s why I play every day.”

The 212 pitches were the most by Tigers pitchers in a game since the infamous 26-5 loss to the Royals in 2004.


212 pitches is just outrageous. Hopefully tonight is a shorter game with a lot less pitches. Doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit that Bazardo is gone. Go Tigers!!!!!!

What happened to Willis? Someone, please tell me. This is awful!

agree with steve, what happened to willis? i tuned in just now, lopez pitching in first, what happened to willis…..
bad news i’m sure.

First of all he couldn’t get the ball over the plate. Then he slipped and fell after landing on the heel of his front foot. Looked like it might be bad. Trainer and staff coame out he tossed a few and stayed in at his insistence. Threw a wild pitch after a 2nd walk. JL went out and yanked him.
None of it was pretty

What the??? Thanks for the update, Dan. I guess those watching don’t know exactly what’s going on either…

sacks full and Ordonez up. Let’s go Ordonez. You ARE the cleanup guy after all.

Inge did the job getting the runner in from 3rd. There have been times (too many) where that wouldn’t have happened. Maggs got a big hit there but that darn Cabrera is pretty much an easy out every time. He really needs a 3 run HR badly.
Come to think of it no one has one yet this year.

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