Tuesday: Tigers at Red Sox

Back on duty in chilly Boston after having the weekend off in Detroit.

With Monday off to travel and regroup, manager Jim Leyland sounded pretty up-front about his club, but not panicked. His points of emphasis were to make sure players are hearing what they’re saying as far as hitting approach goes.

“It’s not that the effort’s not there,” Leyland said. “We’ve had the effort. We just haven’t had the quality at-bats.”

With that in mind, there are no surprises in the lineup today. They had a hitters meeting, but they always have a hitters meeting at the start of a series.

“There’s a lot of quality players in that lineup today,” Leyland said.

It’s basically the same lineup as on opening day:

  1. Renteria, SS
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 3B
  6. Guillen, 1B
  7. Rodriguez, C
  8. Jones, LF
  9. Inge, 3B

On the Curtis Granderson front, he was gripping a bat this morning, trying to feel comfortable. He planned on taking some dry swings without a ball or a tee to see how it felt, then go from there in the coming days.


so i posted this yesterday, and then about 10 minutes later jason put a new blog out, but i’m still wondering..
k well i have a quick question thats bugging me as of late…. maybe someone can answer….
when the tigers take batting practice, are they facing ‘live’ pitching, like from JV, KR, NR, DW, or JB? or is it the pitching coach throwing lobs softball style at them?
if its the latter, i think that should change, give the pitching staff more opportunity to hone in their respective pitches, and the batters an opp. to see different looks and different reads from pitchers…. i’ve always wondered this. maybe someone knows.

Mike……..it’s one of the coaches who has the assignment of pitching BP. It’s been this way as long as I can remember.
I’m going to repeat this: when you get a “page not found” in the middle of your comment, hit the BACK button on your browser. It will take you back to where you were when interrupted. Should this happen? No. But that’s the fix right now.
Also, you can create paragraph breaks with HTML code but who wants to have to bother with that? I know I don’t. The code is but you would remove the spaces I placed in this example.
It’s my guess that all that “items loading” business is all of those silly MLB logo icons in the background.

The HTML example I wrote above didn’t show in the post, although it did in the preview. Sorry if that was confusing.

yeah just put a BR with brackets around like so and you’ll be able to create a line breakseems silly to have to do so though, and i dont think its the mlb logos, thats probably just a single JPG being centered and locked on the screen…. *shrug* either way, the new format is annoying. hurts my eyes a little too. too much bright white. thats what i figured, rich, just think they should do some live pitching. *shrug*mike

blah nevermind, seems to block any html code upon posting. so stupid.
sorry the above post looks all garbled.

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