Friday: Tigers vs. White Sox

A little behind schedule on the posting today while trying to get the Sheffield injury info out. But here are the lineups if you need them. For Detroit:

  1. Thomas, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 1B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, DH
  6. Renteria, SS
  7. Rodriguez, C
  8. J. Jones, LF
  9. Inge, 3B

And for the White Sox:

  1. Nick Swisher, CF
  2. Orlando Cabrera, SS
  3. Jim Thome, DH
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Jermaine Dye, RF
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Carlos Quentin, LF
  8. Joe Crede, 3B
  9. Juan Uribe, 2B


does Clete have a brother to replace J Jones?

Don’t like what I am seeing once more. nate is throwing some quality pitches against RHB but seems to let up on the guys he should be throwing a chair to.
Thome doubles after first 2 strike out–then he gets HBP and then AJ smokes him. He should be giddy with glee when those two guys come up instead of struggling with them.
Magglio is hacking away at things like he is in Double AA
It’s actually pretty disappointing to see what is going on in Comerica Park these days.
The only glimmer of hope right now are Clete, Guillen and the pros[pect that Curtis’ finger is OK.
I just hope I haven’t wasted a lot of money on 6 tickets to the road trip in NY at the end of the month.

Is Magglio doing that on purpose?? 3 at bats and see’s 3 piyches?? unreal

Well Magglio is in a rut that he seems to be unable to control. But alt least here were some positive things in the last little while:
JJ getting a big hit
Pudge getting a couple of RBIs
Thomas showing some spunk.
More importanlty that the offense responded with 3 after their starter pithced badly and then the starter shutting the Sox down when he returned to the mound. That’s important.

Deffinate improvements today. Just cant stand to see a major league player give up 4 outs on 3 pitches. Just doesnt make sense.
You are right Dan. very important that they didnt just give.
Pudge showing some control. Thats always a good thing.

My bad… Maggs did see 2 pitches in the 3rd.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Nice job by Nate after getting thumped a bit and a superb job by Miner being able to get Thome in a critical situation on a 2-2 pitch. Impressive.
Kudos to JJ too as he made nice contact (though the results were lousy) in a good AB. We didn’t get that runner in from 3rd with less than 2 out, but JJ did make contact and fouled off a couple before putting some wood on it. Would’ve been interesting to see what may have happend if Renteria booked for home on contact. Uribe was out of position for a throw home and is new at 2B..but we’ll never know..
Let’s go guys we need this one. Maybe Maggs will pull it out for us in the late going!

Wouldn’t you know finally get a little offense and the starting pitching is a little shakey???

I would like to go pull Maggs hair right now, and tell him to look at a few more pitches. Again leaving a lot of runners stranded.

Boy is JL ever crafty. How did he manage to get his brother in to the White Sox dugout!!!

Dan what are you talking about?

Thought Miner should have been given another go. We’ll see how this pans out.

Are you kidding me another freaking double??? They appearently are a extra base hitting machine. And even before I can get this out a homerun.

What the heck.

Grillis is a nice guy but holy cow. What was it that Yogi or was it Casey that said?
“Nice guys finish last”
I guess it is our natural prerogative but again, why didn’t Miner stay in? He injected a bit of excitement when he struck out Thome and that is something we have not had the luxury of enjoying much so far. I don’t get it.
Grilli has had many of these kinds of outings over the last couple of years. I know JL likes him and all and that he has good stuff but what’s the point? If he is not reliable more often than not then IMO he is expendable.

This is unraveling very very fast.

HAHA dan, i noticed that too, i was like ‘why is leyland in chisox dugout’
i’m not going to dump on grilli.(much) i dont like him, and i expect him to throw watermellons at batters all year. why he still wears a major league uniform is beyond me.

What is it about Comerica Park that Grilli has a hard time pitching in??? His numbers are excellent on the road but at home – crap

that first pitch to thomas wasn’t even close to being a strike???????

Tough one today… They’ll get em tomorrow.
Go Tigers!!

Welcome to “Clete Thomas Week.” And you thought it was the regular season.
They’re going to have to cut Grilli. You can’t carry a pitcher who can only pitch on the road. That’s just all there is. He’s reached the point, unfortunately, and is the only player on the team in the last four years who has been booed at home. You have to make that business decision.
I’ve been watching this Chicago White Sox show for four years now and I’m probably fortunate not to be getting tomorrow’s game on TV. We couldn’t beat those guys if they were chained to the ground.
So nearly the entire team has, at some point this spring, said “we know we have a good team.” Well fellas, you still have to make it a good team. I don’t see any positives out there with the exception of Bautista. The bad part of all this is, they didn’t play well in spring training either.
I’m not going to be dumb enough to stroll merrily along with all positive comments.

I could cry – I am beginning to wonder about my expectations for this team. I don’t expect them to win every game by any means but to lose the first 4 games of the season?? I try to tell myself it is a long season and it will be okay however, teams can be in or out of the playoffs by one game. So when my team loses and they play hard, I don’t have a problem with it but when they pitch poorly and leave way to many men on base in scoring position and make mental mistakes like Pudge did on the base at second, then I have a problem. It is pretty pathetic when the only person on the team that is playing well is a guy from AA Erie.

And another one gone and another one gone and another game bites the dust…..boom boom boom….

All has been said above….no panic yet for me…again just disappointed. It’ll pick up, I have the faith! GO TIGERS!

hey how bout that clete thomas? lol! throw that kid in left when granderson returns…. jk, well, sort of.
ok. new new prediction for the season… lol…. 158-4
oh yeah, i agree with every cell in my body, every cell that i’ve lost, and every cell that i’ll regrow… GET RID OF GRILLI!!!!!!!
go tigers………. WIN TOMORROW!!

Hey guys,

ugh pretty much sums up the first four games. A few quick thoughts:
1) I don’t think this team is going to match the start of the ’84 team. 🙂.

2) I think Jason Grilli was sent to earth to destroy my faith in baseball gods. I know he’s a nice guy but can we all agree that he must be blackmailing Leyland. That’s the only plausible explanation that they send him out in a meaningful game. He’s a bum– we need to give someone else a chance. (yes, I’m echoing others comments)
3) I now know who Clete Thomas is and, like others, I’m pulling for him to be our starting left fielder.

Well it’s a bit troubling when resignation sets in so early in the campaign. I’m not even getting upset about these losses. Not sure if that’s good or bad. .
I remember thinking that with this lineup we won’t even NEED Todd Jones to mop up—I guess I was right, but not for the reasons I thought!
The club has officially entered the DANGER ZONE. They really need to pull their collective head out of their a$$e$ or they will be digging a very deep hole both statistically and psychologically.
I was actuallly pumped when Miner whiffed Thome–and then “along came Grilli”. JL has to beating himself up over that one. Didn’t make any more sense leading off the 7th than it does now in hindsight.
He’s as good as gone. Even JL can’t rationalize this any longer. He will stubbornly hang onto him until Rodney gets back and unless Bazardo or Lopez really bombs, Grilli will tbe the odd man out.
I am also pretty ambivalent with Nate’s performance. He seems to come up with almost spectacular outs but then let’s upaon 0-2 pitches or gives up big hits to LHB. The killer instinct just isn’t there.
Now we look to Dontrelle for light at the end of the tunnel. Who would have thought that we would be relying on our poorest performer of the spring to be our stopper to start the regular season?

Maybe that is what we need. A guy like Dontrelle who didn’t perform well in the spring. Guys like Robertson who did real well in the spring didn’t do us a whole lot of good today. Funny coming into this game I had thought for sure that Nate would give an awesome performance. Funny today we didn’t get the pitching but got just enough hitting. The previous three days got the pitching but no hitting. They need to try to get on the same page.

I agree though I was a little puzzled when he brought in Grilli, although Miner got a little lucky, he wasn’t exactly throwing strikes either. The only thing that I can think of is that he thinks that he might need him tomorrow with Willis pitching.

GO DONTRELLE we need you to pitch your *** off. And hopefully Magglio and Polanco will get it together.

In a way, it’s good that we out of towners won’t get the Fox feed tomorrow. After all, it’s the national media that crowned the Tigers World Champions as soon as the December trade was made, and it’s the national media who will be first to diss ’em.
Well, some birthday present this is. An 0-4 record. Thanks guys. I’ve had worse birthdays. The year the 100 tornados ripped through the midwest, the year I received my draft notice……………………
With Dontrelle out there, the Sox are going to come out…………looking.

it is what it is i guess. girli needs to go, my dog can go out to the mound and throw up baseballs that have more movement on them than grilli. i’ve been saying for years, he is not a pitcher, he’s a thrower, he doesn’t get the big outs, and he buckles under pressure.
i’m not just jumping on any bullpen bashing bandwagon, it is just amazing to me, that i have to even think about girli each season when any minor leaguer would do a better job. like i’ve said before, my grandma would pitch better, and she died 3 years ago.
as for nate, not a fan of him either. he can chew all the gum he wants, and then complain about not getting run support…. same story different year.
i, personally, have become a clete thomas fan. this guy, by all means, is a MLB fluke, wouldn’t have made the team had granderson not broke his hand and by god, that kid is making the most of it. he was the ONLY player, i was actually HAPPY seeing at the plate. he puts the ball in play, and he’s just out there having fun. hitting the ball, stealing bases, making outs in center, he’s making a strong statement for himself thats going to be hard for upper management to ignore. i like the kid, i like what he brings, and when grandy comes back, i’d like to see him in left.
is anyone else annoyed at jacques jones ‘pre pitch’ bat swinging. god i hate it. its annoying! i’m not impressed. nor are opposing pitchers apparently. Jacques is in my book as ‘automatic out machine’ yeah he got his first hit. he really banged the crap outta the ball to. did you all see how high it hopped when it hit the mound? right over 2B’s head. wow.
I feel better.
a beatles song just came on the radio, ‘here comes the sun.’ as i close this blog post out, hopefully it’ll ring true for the tigers tomorrow.

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