Injury updates

Miguel Cabrera said after the game that he’s hoping he can play tomorrow. He confirmed it’s the same left quad soreness that was bothering him in spring training. He was, however, available as a pinch-hitter.

Meanwhile, that attempt by Gary Sheffield to take second base on the ball that fell on caused more damage than the out. He injured his left ring finger sliding into the bag. He said he tore a tendon in there, and he couldn’t use it to grab a bat later in the game, so he wouldn’t have been available. The finger was in a splint after the game to try to contain the swelling, but he’s going to try to see how it feels tomorrow and hopefully play.

The only other injury is to the pride.

“We looked like a dead club,” Jim Leyland said after the game. “We looked like an old club. And we looked like we’re not prepared. … It’s the manager’s responsibility to have the club prepared, and we don’t look like it.”

Leyland did not plan on talking to the club right now.


Thanks Jason you know how to cheer me up with the injury report???? No appreciate the info just not real thrilled with the info you are giving me. ha ha. Interesting that while watching it on tv. Rod mentioned that Sheff shouldn’t be sliding hands first that he could hurt himself.

Oh ya Phillis won and so did the Cubs, Tigers worst team in baseball. Hopefully not in the cellar too long.

I couldn’t see the game today because I was at work and limited to a small on-screen scoreboard, where I watched the zeros keep piling up. I did record it and looked at parts of it when I arrived home.
The guys are swinging late and fouling off hittable pitches, or popping them up. In other words, everyone is in a hitting slump at the same time. This happens. My only concern is that they didn’t hit all that well in the spring either, and last year had a horrid April offensively. But this will pass.
Regarding Sheffield’s injury, it brings to mind a couple of old questions. “When is the right time to slide head first?” and “When is the right time to play to an inside straight?” The answer to both questions is NEVER! These guys need to learn how to execute a proper slide, that’s all. Don’t they practice that anymore?
So now the White Sox come to town, smelling blood in the water. Contreras has been tough on Detroit in the past, but if this team hits as well as they should, that shouldn’t matter in the least. It’s possible that perceived tougher competition will get the fires going.
I did see the end of the Phillies-Nationals game and again came away complaining about managers and that infernal “BOOK” they use. Bottom of the 11th, tie game, Colome on the mound for Washington. Through a series of unfortunate events, Rollins get to third with one out. Manny Acta pulls the correct move by walking both Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. So now you’ve got a pitcher who’s lobbed eight consecutive pitches outside the zone, is prone to wildness anyway, and you’ve got your stud Jon Rauch heated up in the pen. The game in on the line now. What does Acta do? Leave Colome in there to walk in the winning run while Rauch stands out there in the bullpen waiting to close the game. Cordero is injured so Rauch is the CLOSER, therefore he only closes. Darn book.

well, as usual, my 162-0 prediction that i have before each year, is shattered. so now i’m sticking with 159-3🙂

Gotta love JL trying to take the heat for Team.
Another fundamental i’m wondering if the team practiced this spring is bunting. Several times today we had leadoff hitters on, and not 1 bunt attempt. Granted we are blessed with great hitters, but when your in a team wide slump like this, maybe its time to get back to basics. Move the base runner.
I was surprised to those stats on the win/loss ratio with KC. Seems like they put the hurt to us all the time. lol Mark Teahan sure seems to have Bondo’s number.
The boys will get it together. I think they want to win just as much we want them to. Maybe trying a little to hard.
Good luck tomorrow Guys.

Nice to see everyone is being calm about this. I agree that the hitters will come around. Pitching…well, I’m worried about middle and late releif. But who isn’t. I’m not panicking about this, but I will if the team still stinks after 10 games. This could be one of those teams of which too much is expected and it takes them two or three months to get loose. (Last year’s Yankees?)

Tomorrow’s Lost & Found Classifieds in the Detroit Free Press:
LOST!! Baseball Bats from the Detroit Tigers are missing. If found pleased notify the Detroit Tigers Organization ASAP as they are unable to play without them.

I must apologize for the rant above, but it is my hope this will wake up the offense. I know it is early in the season, and to lose is one thing, but to be swept by a team that has been in the MLB Basement for the last umpteen years is rediculous. Go on a rant Jim and wake up this team. The bullpen did ok, I thought, they just didn’t get any run support. Oh well, I feel better now. I’ll root for you guys no matter what. GO TIGERS!!!!

Don’t be too surprised if Miguel gets his 1st DH assignment tomorrow night.
Robertson and Willis must be thinking that they may be immediate benefactors of the hitting slump. Be nice to see them pull out of it tomorrow and give Nate some unusual run support.
What happened to Pudge? he had me in his corner finally with the spring he had and he looks helpless now that the season has started.
I expect we might see Clete in CF again if Sheff can’t go. Sheff is an accident waiting to happen ain’t he? I can’t believe he gambled on second base in that situation. He is generally a very smart baserunner.
What do the Tigers do if Sheff goes down for an extended period of time? There is a guy available that used to play in San Francisco.
Don’t mind me, I’m just stirring the pot.

Interesting was looking at the standings at after three games for us in 2007

Tigers were 1 win and 2 losses????

It appears that Pudge is still going deeper into counts, but it just hasn’t paid off this week. I hope he doesn’t abandon the approach. I have a feeling that everyone wanted to and expected to have a big opening day and now they’ve put themselves into slumps from pressing. Maybe the best thing about the game of baseball is that there’s always a game tomorrow. I’d hate to have this to discuss for an entire week.
Before everyone goes off the deep end, there is something I’ve seen in sports over the years. While we moan about getting swept by the “lowly” Royals, it’s entirely possible that the Royals are a team that will be successful this season. We may end up looking back and saying the sweep was not that unusual an event.
Sheffield’s injury has been described by himself as “tearing a tendon in there” to a “deformity” to being simply jammed. I’ve jammed fingers countless times and you do miss a couple days, but it’s not serious. Hopefully Jason will have an update on that in a few hours.
Oh, and if we obtain this guy from San Francisco, we WILL have become the Yankees. Nice pot stirring, Dan. 🙂

id rather have the tigers go 0-162 if it means not signing barry bonds

Agreed xxdeadhead – keep barry away.

Let’s hope the finger injury is minor. Rich, you were right on about sliding head first. There is a place (and perhaps a body type) that one can get away with that but 40 year olds should probably not be getting too much dirt in their mouth at this stage of their career.
The club has gone through these universal batting slumps before. I remember last year we were all shaking our heads and wondering how all the bats went silent. They will come around but I think the key here may be Sheffield. Yes he has 5 walks but that is an extension of what he is–a good hitter. He needs to HIT, drive in runs and not miss those 2-0 fastballs. I am not a huge Sheff fan but I do believe he is instrumental in the middle of the lineup and absolutely crucial in the construct of an imposing batting order. If Gary could become a true team leader (and I don’t think he is) he could be (and I hate to use this word) an inspiration to the whole team. Alas, he is a bit of a maverick and much of his intensity is internalized. The club doesn’t have a motivational team leader. They don’t neccessarily need one—but it would be nice!

Jason, is the game going to start on time today. Watching the pregame and it isn’t the pregame, but the season preview?? Not raining at my house but is it down there???

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