Vindicated or vindictive?

Jose Canseco, who wrote in his latest book that he injected Magglio Ordonez with steroids, said in a radio interview on the Frank Beckmann show today that he included Ordonez in his book to get back at Ordonez for accusing Canseco of extortion.

“He was a very, very, very late addition to my book,” Canseco said, “because of what he did with that article [in the New York Times]. He would’ve never been in my book if he would’ve just not done anything at all, or not written or had this article somehow placed in the newspaper about me. That was ridiculous.”

When Beckmann asked Canseco why he wasn’t originally going to include Ordonez, Canseco said, “Because I didn’t need any more players to justify my position. But he basically slit his own throat.”

When Beckmann suggested he vindictively included Ordonez in his book, Canseco said, “Just as he vindictively said to the media, or indirectly said to the media, or somehow fixed this to say I was trying to extort money from him. Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous.”

Canseco tried to explain the extortion issue earlier in the interview.

“I tried to contact Magglio and his agent and a few other people for an opportunity for an investment. I called them constantly. No one ever returned my phone call. The next thing I hear in the paper is that I’m trying to extort money from Magglio Ordonez. …

“I truly believe that Magglio is covering his butt. And then it says in the paper that Magglio automatically went to his organization and Major League Baseball and told them I was trying to get a hold of them. Listen, if I was trying to extort money from Magglio, it’s very simple. All Magglio would have to do is call the FBI, call Major League Baseball, and record a phone conversation.

“Common sense, let’s use it now and then, people. It never happened.”

It was a strange recollection, considering he has said before that he hadn’t tried to contact Ordonez. The only time he had tried to reach Ordonez, he wrote in the book, was after his first book came out and he was looking for support from someone.

All in all, it was a very strange interview, and it ended abruptly when Beckmann tried to put together a timeline. Canseco and Ordonez were teammates in 2001. Beckmann pointed out that it was the third of four straight 30-homer seasons for Ordonez, and wondered aloud why there wasn’t a statistical performance increase.

Canseco’s response: “Are you calling me a liar? Are you calling me a liar? Later.”

I flipped through Canseco’s book over the weekend, and the reference to Ordonez was relatively short, a few pages in the last or next-to-last chapter. Canseco recounted the conversation he says they had when Ordonez asked him about steroids and then when he injected Ordonez.


Not that I need any more justification, but Jose Canseco is a total moron. Please quit granting him interviews.

For starter Dan regarding that error by Polanco – No Comment???? I think that he got a huge benefit of the doubt.

No regarding Jose Canseco – What a lying jerk. The real problem with him is that in his first book he turned out to be somewhat credible. My guess is that he needed more money and had to come up with a few more juicey details true or not to sell his book and who better than the batting champion or 2008. And with Magglios injury troubles people just might believe him. The problem is that Magglio’s numbers haven’t really changes much throughout the years at least not his power numbers. And from what I understand Magglio went to the TIgers and the Tigers went to the FBI??? So Canseco was caught in lie after lie, not very credible in my estimation.

Canseco is a liar, I would like to ask: who believes a guy who attacked both of his wives and was arrested in a bar-fight where he and his brother ganged up on someone.
that’s all I have to say.

Sorry for the bad grammer in the last post. I don’t know what happened there. PROOFREAD!!

But I have a question for Jason if you are out there, and it is a question I am sure you are sick of hearing. I am going to ask it anyway though.

Where in the world is Cruceta?? Is there any new news on when he might get out of the Dominican??? This is crazy. Not only are we chomping at the bit for a guy that we have never seen pitch, why is this such a big deal getting him out. He probably would have an easier time getting out of Iraq to come here, he is just in the Dominican for gods sake???

Still in the Dominican, and still waiting for a visa. There was a report in the St. Pete Times the other day that their minor-league pitcher stuck in the Dominican, Juan Salas, was hopefully going to get his visa this week.

Salas and Cruceta are pretty much viewed as being in the same boat. Both had 50-game steroid suspensions last year in the minors, and both had trouble getting a visa this spring (though nobody will say on record that it’s the issue).

Having a fly ball bounce off your head for a homerun…..priceless.

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