In case you were wondering

Renteria batted .290 with runners in scoring position and two outs last season. In 2006, he batted .308. Even in that bad 2005 season in Boston, he batted .298 with RISP, though that dropped to .247 with two outs. That’s why he’s more of an extra RBI guy than a leadoff man.

On a side note, David DeJesus left the game with an aggravation of his sprained right ankle. He injured it a week ago and missed four games before returning to the lineup Saturday against the Brewers.


Thank you for the verse Rich. Very nice. Just to verify though, we are the Tigers and thankfully not the Turtles:) Nice HR by MC. I thought Shef got a gift call in the previous inning. He was caught looking imo. Score should be 2-0 but we’ll take it.

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