Cabrera's homer

He’s the first player to homer on opening day in his first game as a Tiger since Ivan Rodriguez and Rondell White did so at Toronto to open the 2004 season. That was the day Detroit jumped on Roy Halladay for three homers and went on to a 7-0 win over the Jays.



Bullpen, Bullpen, Bullpen…ugh!

Well kinda a disappointing opening day. Justin started out real well, and just plain lost it in those last two innings. Brandon had a nice day that was a sweet throwout from center. Not enough clutch hitting by the guys even though some of them individually had pretty good days. I mean what the heck in the fourth bases loaded and 1 out only one run got in. Right there in the 11th guy on 3rd 1 out and they can’t get the run in to tie it up. Absolutely frustrating to me. Pitching was really pretty okay though.


hey how bout clete… nice double, would’ve rather seen inge hit the ball(or at least try lol). oh well, that ball polly hit should’ve went through. rough day for him, 0-6 or something. i’m sure he’ll pick his game up.

guillen and cabrera homers were nice. too bad solo shots.

and…. as a final note, will someone please give that lopez guy a sandwich? and how the heck is he throwing that hard? i was hoping a sudden breeze would blow in from the OF and he’d be sailing away in the wind🙂

haha… oh well, good game. one of these days the tigers will figure out how to beat KC.

Two years in a row where the opener lost in extra innings. I know I can be a bit of a grouch but there was a lot I didn’t like seeing today. The things I liked seeing:
-Sheffield having good ABs, getting on and making the pitcher throw a lot of pitches.
-Todd Jones looked good.
-Polanco (even though he was 0 for 6) is hitting the ball and got robbed at least 3 times.
-Guillen looked good in his new power role.
-Verlander was good. He did make a big mistake to Gordon on the 3-1 gift, but he will learn from that. That’s the thing about him- he is willing to learn.
-Clete Thomas.

Things I didn’t like seeing:
-Renteria looked bad and even out of his element. The RBI single notwithstanding, he was brutal at the plate, looked awkward, out of position, and showed very little range. He was clearly frustrated with his own performance and I hope he has the capacity to not let poor play affect his mental approach. He let a called strike really get to him at a time where he simply had to put his bat on the ball for the team.
-JL pulling JJ out of left in a tight ball game to put in rookie defensively. He got away with it but it is not exactly instilling confidence in your new left-fielder. I thought that was a pretty bizarre move under the circumstances (unless JJ was hurting).
-The bullpen not being able to the job.
-Lack of team speed (which we all really know and accept, grudgingly).
-This team really needs Curtis Granderson. Defensively (yes, I saw the strike that Inge threw to Pudge; but I saw the rest of the game too) and offensively. Curtis brings the needed energy level up from waiting for a big hit to happen to actually manufacturing runs. A plus is that Polanco hits better with him on base.
-It was a shame to see Verlander’s fantastic start end up as being disappointing.
-Bautista can hum the ball but he does need to be less transparent on the mound.

I agree with what most of you are saying, however the one think that I don’t necessarily agree with is the dumping on the pen. To me the problem with this game was clearly the hitting or the lack there of. They had the Royals on the ropes quite a bit and couldn’t get the hit. There is nothing that drives me more crazy than having guys on third with 1 or less outs and not getting the run in. Absolutely drives me crazy. To me today the problem was really the hitting, in my humble opinion.

That’s a pretty good analysis, Dan, and I agree with it. Saved me a lot of typing. 🙂
GK, I also agree with your assessment. The bullpen wasn’t bad. Bautista should have never been pitching a second inning, and Grilli caused his own problem by leaping to deflect a DP hopper. I was unhappy with his pitch selection during the previous AB. Or maybe the location on that final pitch. At any rate, Buck I think it was, had timed that previous fastball perfectly but fouled it back. If you’ve got to throw yet another one, it has to be up in the zone.
No, the hitting, after all this build-up, was the culprit today. We can score 15 runs on Wednesday and we’ll be a .500 club. This, I think, can be the achilles heel this season. And as you say, GK, failing to score a man from third with less than two out has bedeviled me for years now. Where did that skill disappear to?
Marty, Ernie opened each season with that quote for many many years. I’ve never understood the turtle part myself, but what’s a little confusion when it comes to a grand tradition? 😉

For sure-the hitting was not timely. But I am not concerned about that part of their game.
The bullpen (in the greater context of the season) does concern me and I did not see solid evidence to allay those concerns today.
Rich, I think you are abolutely right about Bautista coming out for the next inning. I was surprised and Buck was definitely “on it”. Grudz…k was the main problem for us today. He and DeJesus (and Butler) seem to do very well against us.
Glad we have a day off!

bullpen gave up one run in 5 innings. Justin Verlander gave up 4 runs in 6 innings, (well 6 end then some) If people want to blame the pitching blame Verlander. Otherwise I think we should talk about the hitting today. While I agree that I believe the hitting will be great, and there are some concerns about the pen and we will have ample opportunity to complain about them today wasn’t it.

Excellent Rich. I should have known that. Great quote!
As for the game I agree with almost everything you are saying Dan, but I agree with GK in that I think you are being a little harsh on the pen, although Grilli and Lopez giving up first batter hits certainly didn’t help in the 7th. I agree Dan, Curtis was a missing spark but the only guy on the team that makes that 11th inning throw from center is Brandon imo. That was a pleasure to watch. And Brandon didn’t hurt the team at the plate either. In this game I think the “Golden Gob” award goes to Renteria. At least 3 awful at bats, looks pretty slow at SS. In fact I’ll say that in this particular game if Santiago was in, we win. Just my “Peanut Heaven perspective” comment. Cabrerra mashed one ball and had many poor AB’s. Not enough clutch hitting. KC, if I could make a poor analogy, is like a counter puncher. You let them hang around long enough, don’t put them away, they take advantage of every opportunity. All of a sudden you’re behind. They have a pretty decent late inning BP, I think better than ours right now. They get the job done. I think KC could win 70-75 games. They will battle you if you let them. Lets hope most of those wins come against Cleveland, Chicago and Minn.
I don’t think anyone gets robbed as much as Polanco and he still hits .340. He hit better than 0-6. I’m not down on Renteria, I’m sure he’ll have some good games, but this was not one of them.
Lastly, Clete looks like a real good young player. Not sure of why JL put him in either Dan. That was a sweet timer off the tee, I was expecting him to wind up on third though: the ball pretty much rainbowed to the fence.

Is anyone having trouble getting on the Tigers website?? I have this blog on my desktop as a shortcut, but I can not get on the website, and I am not having a problem with any other website.

Cleveland did it again, they got 3 runs late to win the game. Sabbathia got hit around and Victor Martinez left the game with a hamstring thing appearently. Don’t like to wish for any player to get hurt, but …… it certianly doesn’t make me feel bad about itl. Especially today. And Borowski gave up a homer in the 9 but it wasn’t enough.


Dude, I’m NOT complaining about the bullpen. I am making a comment and an observation that from what I saw today there is still cause for concern.

Speaking about Polanco, I’m not sure if he got in a hit in the series against the Cards but I remember him hitting the ball well in that one too.

Did anyone notice that J Jones only made contact with the ball twice in 4 at bats? He cant even hit a foul!!

I thought the team looked pretty decent yesterday, despite the loss; the bullpen IMO was pretty good, especially considering the shape JV left in and that it is supposed to be our Achilles heel. It is so awesome to be able to come on and talk TIGERS!

On another note, although the amount of fairweather fans (or those who just want to say they went to Opening Day) has been growing since 2006, it was a pretty good crowd yesterday. Everyone is ready for a little Spring in the D!

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