March 30th, 2008

Workout day

img074.jpgBack on duty for workout day after skipping the series in Houston. Apparently they changed the look of the blogs when I wasn’t looking. Hopefully it works for everyone.

The weather forecast doesn’t look promising, obviously, but Jim Leyland said this morning he was told by Dave Dombrowski that it looked like they would get it in. If they can get it started under dry conditions, of course, then they can play through rain. No idea how long they would wait to do that, but that’s why they scheduled off-days for the day after opening day.

“If you try to make a big deal out of [the weather], you make a huge mistake,” Leyland said.

For now, at least, the bad weather has held off long enough for the Tigers to work out on the field, something that wasn’t expected to happen initially. They’ll take some batting practice, do some throwing, and generally get used to the chillier conditions they’re going to have to deal with for the foreseeable future.

Not much else going on besides the final roster moves. Francisco Cruceta was placed on the restricted list today, while Fernando Rodney, Jordan Tata, Vance Wilson and Joel Zumaya were all placed on the 15-day DL. The restricted list for Cruceta required approval from Major League Baseball, and it means that Detroit retains the rights to the player but will not be paying him while he’s out.

Looking around the stadium, you can tell where they’ve added seats rising above and behind the old ones. The riser seats on the Pepsi Porch now just about shroud the Montgomery Inn, depending on what angle you’re looking.