Guzman clears waivers

He has been outrighted to Double-A Erie. That’s one level lower than you might expect, but the reason given was that it allows younger guys like Brent Clevlen and others to play at Triple-A Toledo.


Hey guys,

Just read through the posts and it looks like a few folks let the frustration of spring shine through. Let’s try and keep this a kinder, friendlier blog– that seems to be most people’s thoughts. With that out of the way, here’s my quick comments:

1) Oh the travesty– where did the link go for Jason’s blog? Who’s ready to picket outside Comerica on opening day?

2) So, anyone mind telling me who Clete Thomas is? Love the name– it kinda sounds like a baseball name. On the flip side, so did Nook Logan…

3) The Tigers are going to break camp with the following:

– 5 starters: Verlander, Rogers, Bonderman, Robertson, and Willis

– 7 relievers: Jones, Miner, Grilli, Bautista, Seay, and likely Bazardo and Lopez (barring a trade or Leyland finding a minor league miracle)

– 8 starters: Pudge, Guillen, Polanco, Renteria, Cabrera, Jones, Inge, and Ordonez.

– 5 on Bench: Thames, Santiago, Raburn, Sardinha, and Clete Thomas.

DL: Granderson, Wilson, Rodney, and Zumaya.

MIA: Cruceta (I’m not mentioneing him again until he’s on American soil)

I gotta say– I’m concerned about the team. If the starters pull it together, I think the lineup can carry the bullpen until help arrives– either via trade, a young stud, or a healthy Rodney and Zumaya. Still, Willis and Bonderman have scared me this Spring.

That’s all for now– just wanted to type some things out and see how it all looks on paper. How many days until Monday? Lets hope Justin left his last start in Florida. Have a good one.

A few more quick things:

1) Call off the strike– the link is back up. Do you think my last post intimidated the front office?

2) What about Mike Hessman? What are they gonna do with him?

3) I repeat, who is Clete Thomas?

4) My gut tells me that the trade winds are blowing. Anyone else thinking that?

Brent, we will actually have 9 starters and 4 on the bench. Sheffield is the 9th starter. This means either Sardinha or Thomas will stay and the other will go down. With Byrdak released and Guzman outrighted, either one could be added to the roster without making an additional move. This could also include the trade for a reliever. I figured they would put Zumaya on the 60 day DL to open a spot but now I figure he will only be placed on the 15 day DL.

Ok, let’s get the season started!

Your guess is as good as mine as to who Clete Thomas is. He is someone that can play the outfield that they will be able to option down without no problem when Granderson comes back.

Clete Boyer?

What’s the word on Cruceta?

The word on Cruceta as far as I am concerned is that he will NOT be on the opening day roster. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter what the word is. Everybody has been talking about him but he has yet to throw a pitch for the Tigers. For that matter, when he has actually been in the majors he has not done that much. Does he have “potential?” Probably. But will we ever see it.

If it comes down to a choice between Bazardo and Lopez, who do you all like? From the few pitches i was able to see,via MLBtv, Lopez looked like he had fire in his eyes. Thats just what Detroits bullpen needs. Someone to set the pace. Bazardo did very well, but i like Lopez.

I have been busy with my new job, selling new Chevrolets and do not have access to the internet. Oh well, I just caught up with everyone’s comments tonight. I get bored after spring training starts because I want to watch the games on TV and also want them to count. I saw the replay of the Philly game tonight. Pudge does look good. I think the starting pitchers will be fine. Like Rich, I always got nervous when Rodney pithced. Maybe an unknown young gun Tiger pitcher will come in and “save” the day. I also freaked out when I went to the Tiger site and could not find Jason.

Looking forward to opening day which is my birthday and then we head to Florida for spring break the next week as my wife is a teacher. I will miss not being able to watch those games but will try to get on line and read everyone’s comments.

Go Tigers.


Guys calling each other names. Absolutely ridiculous trade rumors being started. Talk of trading Porcello. People not knowing who Clete is.


Until then, I’m gone.

Welcome Knight. Yeah, at this point Cruceta is a non factor. But I ask the same question just for curiosity sake, and for no other reason than I feel sorry for the guy. I would guess no one on this blog, although there are some knowledgeable baseball minds (mine not included)is very familiar with Venezuelan policies when it comes to situations like this. It’s all kind of “sketchy” considering the political situations and relationship with the US. For instance our government seems to have a shaky relationship with Venezuela, and yet look how that country has embraced and incorporated our national pass time, and brought us so many gifted players. On the other hand our government seems to have had a closer relationship with Columbia, a country that doesn’t embrace the game.(Do they play baseball to any extent in Columbia?) Anybody? See, I don’t even know. Anyway I just think there is some irony there.
But Knight, we’ll probably see Zumaya before we ever see Cruceta. The one guy who might have a clue what’s going on would be Jason but Jason, you haven’t had much to say on the subject. Somebody in that organization must know something. Jason?

Knight, I’m in agreement with you on this off seasons’ amazing number of deals. The force behind all of it must be Mr.I’s seemingly unlimited supply of cash. It’s the new era of Tiger baseball. If you lament departure from the old days/ways, you get 2003 rubbed in your face. I don’t think anybody here wants to go back to those “good old” days. Actually I’m looking forward to watching this team, however, the pitching is suspect in my mind. So we’ll see.

There’s no sense in swimming against the current, BUT it WOULD be nice if ownership and management consider developing one or two prospects instead of trading them all away don’t you guys think? To me that’s a satisfying and important part of the process. So I hope Porcello stays. And, yeah, I miss Maybin and Jurrjens.

Fisherman, I like both those guys. Lopez did a nice, almost unnoticed, job last season and I think he deserves a shot.

They’re not going to trade Porcello. Guaranteed. Other than that, I can’t tell you when it’s safe to come out again, because Xavier keeps putting me on the edge of a heart attack before they got a step closer to their dreams. I’m in hiding for the Elite Eight, hoping against hope they can put something on UCLA.

To answer the question on Cruceta, he’s still waiting for a visa. And as I pointed out to an emailer yesterday, the Blue Jays just had to resubmit a visa application on Armando Benitez because U.S. Immigration LOST HIS ORIGINAL PAPERWORK. That should tell you all that you need to know.

Cruceta’s homeland is the Dominican Republic and the visa issue is between them and the US.

Someone had it right when they said it doesn’t matter now much since he isn’t going to make the team anyway. Hopefully he does get it resolved and does have the potential they think he has.

If ever a group needed to see some real “it counts now” baseball, that would be this group right here. 🙂 It’s gettin’ close now, folks. Just a weekend away.

I enjoyed the game today although I had to watch the replay. My boss foolishly insisted I actually make an appearance on site today. The nerve! And I thought Jonesie’s tie was better than Verlander’s.

Nice to see some new “faces” here. Okay, just to run down the list of posts and add a few observations of my own….

Clete Thomas and Deik Scram both sound like names out of a “Major League” movie. Regarding the infamous link, it appears MLB is still tinkering with their new toy. Hessman will go to Toledo again. Brent, we need to hook up for a game in that brand spankin’ new stadium in DC.

Between Bazardo and Lopez, I take both at this point, since there’s room on the staff. They can have it out in real time before we bring in another pitcher.

Bazardo, Lopez, and Bautista. That’s three chances right there for a guy to “save the day.”

Come on, JT, you’d miss all this fun. 🙂

Marty, Columbia has produced a pretty good shortstop name of Renteria. Maybe you’ve heard of him…… And it’s my opinion that Cruceta’s visa problems originate right here in the good ol’ US of A, as Jason has hinted.

And Jason, what’s a little OT in a Sweet Sixteen game? 🙂 Good one for Xavier, they were my pick. UCLA now, that’s another matter. Good luck on that one. My bracket says the Bruins.

Finally, let’s remember Preston Gomez (Angels front office and former manager) tonight, who was hit by a car while returning from spring training and is in critical condition. This is a good man.


Regarding Cruceta, and his visa, I believe Rich is right I think that the problem is with the good old USA. My guess is that the person in charge is probably an opposing rival teams fan???? HA HA.

Ouch. That one hurt Rich:) Hmmm….Renteria….can’t say as I have…..As the saying goes, open mouth, insert foot. And then, Dan, your clarification on Cruceta being from DR and not Venezuela, that’s 2 strikes. Think I better go do a little homework:)

OK Rich. I just googled a list of players from Columbia who play or played in mlb. It’s short but it does exist. And yes, Renteria is on it of course. For those interested here it is taken from Wikipedia.

1902 Luis Castro

1974 Orlando Ramirez

1983 Jackie Gutierrez

1996 Edgar Renteria

1997 Orlando Cabrera

1998 Jolbert Cabrera

1999 Yamid Haad

2006 Emiliano Fruto


Yes- I feel we will have another pitcher on the roster b4 Monday.

Rich- From the Angels site, Gomez is doing much better. Thanks for the heads up on that one. I had to laugh tho- he’s from Cuba originally and his family corrected his age as being 86, not 84 for the last write-up. Someone (maybe on the Ticket?)was just talking the other day how ages of players of Latin-descent are often misrepresented by their home countries and they age a bit when they get to the Majors…

It’s like 75 hrs until OD and there is a couple inches of fresh snow and ice on the ground…..Oy vay

Thanks for posting that Rich. For those of us who pray, please take a moment and offer one up for Preston Gomez and his family.

Okay, it’s time for fearless predictions! Let’s get those MLB brackets filled out and posted.

Here are my picks for the season:

NL East : Mets

NL Central : Cubs

NL West : Diamondbacks

NL Wild Card: Braves

NL Pennant : Diamondbacks

AL East : Red Sox

AL Central : Tigers!

AL West : Angels

AL Wild Card: Yankees

AL Pennant : Tigers!

World Series: Tigers!

NL MVP : Wright

AL MVP : Cabrera

NL Cy Young : Santana

AL Cy Young : Beckett

Tigers predictions:

Most everybody is going to have a solid season. Magglio won’t be as good as last year, but will be very effective. Pudge will be very good at the plate because his impending free agency will be a big motivator. I think Renteria is going to be better than he was in his last AL stint, although it may take him a while to get going. Sheffield will be healthy all season. Curtis will make the All-Star team.

Verlander will be very good, but his Cy Young award will have to wait another year. Robertson will surprise a lot of people and win 16 or 17 games this year. Bonderman, Willis and Rogers will all be solid, but will have their bad days. Bautista will put it together this year and be a solid set-up guy. Jonesie will be Jonesie, but he’ll get close to 40 saves again. Zumaya will be okay when he comes back, but he won’t be back to his old self until next year. The rest of the bullpen will be inconsistent, but Lopez and Seay will have good years.

Is that enough hand waving for you?

How many Tigers on the All-Star team? Five, but I’m not saying who…


Rich – I wasn’t making the distinction between rookie and vetern posters for any reason other than a bashing of the front office – for no logical reason – someone did on the previous string. Anyway, enough of that.

I received the baseball preview from SI yesterday. Not sure if any of you have seen it yet, but they picked the Tigers over the Cubs in the WS. Nice to see, but the Cubs? I don’t see them going that far in the playoffs. They also have the Tigers winning the division by one game over the Indians. For my sake (and the teams of course) I hope it is more than that – so I don’t have to hear all the whinning and excuses of these Cleveland fans around me.

Matt, I pretty much agree with all you are saying, with one minor exception. I honestly think that Mags could have the same year again. He has picked up this spring where he left off last season.

Anyway, looking forward to the start of the season – even if most of the games I will be watching on tv are of the Indians and not the Tigers. 😦

The thing with Ordonez is that after last year, .340 would be a disappointment for some people (not me, by the way). That’s what I’m getting at, he was superhuman last year and I don’t think he’ll do that again. I think he’ll hit .310, maybe .320 and have a really good year, but I don’t think we’re going to see .360 again.


I agree with you Matt. I think Ordonez had a special year and it would actually be a disservice to him to put those kind of expectations on him again. To follow that kind of year up with a .330 year would be an extremely productive one IMO. Remember Stormin’ Norman’s .361 year? He hit about 120 point lower the next year! That won’t happen with Magglio. He may not hit for as high an average like that this year but I think he will have a better year (believe it or not) in terms of run production. It can only help to have Cabrera hitting behind him—he’s gonna get some watermelons thrown his way this year I think.

On the former player front:

“Braves rookie pitcher Jair Jurrjens said a few weeks ago that he wouldn’t assume he had made the squad until someone from the team told him it was so. He’s listed in the Braves game notes as the starter for Game 3 on Wednesday against Pittsburgh. Cox confirmed the order to the media Thursday. But Jurrjens said he hasn’t been told by anyone. “I suppose that means I made the team,” he said. “I’m still not going to believe it till I fly to Washington [for the season opener Sunday]. I’m not telling anyone. I’m still waiting.”” — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Jurrjens trade will be up there with the Smoltz trade in a few years.

Thanks for responding all. Marty – leave it to the government to fudge something up.🙂

My tournament bracket’s been blown up since day 2, so I have paid only minimal attention since then; if for no other reason than to see how Little Brother does in the tournament.

Predictions of my own:

NL East: Mets

NL Central: Cubs

NL West: Dodgers

NL Wild Card: Diamondbacks

NL Pennant: Cubs (oooo….)

AL East: Bahston

AL Central: Tigers (duh)

AL West: Angels

AL Wildcard: Yankmees

AL Pennant: Tigers

Tigers win Series 4-2

Re Jurrjens: I’ll miss him, especially since Rogers isn’t getting any younger. We have Vasquez bringing up the rear at the very least. Here’s hoping he’ll pan out down the road.

I see the Reds just released Mike Stanton. My advice to DD—-“Just say No”.

Anybody hear any progress on Curtis’ hand?

I hope some of us will have a moment or two in memory of Billy Consolo.

Billy coached under Sparky and played ball with the great Ted Williams.

Sorry to hear it.

Billy Consolo: Sparky’s longtime shadow and the perfect example of why managers tend to hire good friends. On a lighter note, Billy’s 1960 baseball card seemed to appear in every single pack of Fleer and Tops bubble gum.

RIP, Billy.


Here are my predictions, which I got from doing a season sim with a video baseball game (whatever works).

NL east – Mets

NL central – Brewers

NL west – Dodgers

NL WC – Cubs

AL east – Yankees

AL central – Tigers

AL west – Angels

AL WC – Indians

AL MVP – Curtis Granderson

AL Cy Young – John Lackey

The Tigers hit .304 as a team and had a team ERA of 4.31. They won 97 games, most in the majors. Sheffield, Granderson, and Ordonez all had 33 homers. Cabera had 31 and Polanco 29(!). Guillen hit 21 and won the batting championship with a .335 average. Verlander was 19-10, Rogers 18-7, Bonderman 15-8, Willis 14-10, Robertson 8-7. Saving the best for last: Todd Jones was Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the Year when he saved 46 games with none blown and posted a 1.35 ERA.

Must have been nice in cyberworld.


as for the ‘name calling’ in other thread, when i called knight an ‘idiot’ for condemning the front office for making the tigers into a contender, if not alcs/ws champs, by ‘mortgaging’ the future, i stand by my comment.

agree with dave dombrowski or not, he’s made the tigers a contending team for years to come. pitching can be aquired through FA and draft and trades.

getting rid of 2 top end, unproven prospects still a year or two away from being competitors (maybin AND miller) and 4 other relative nobodies that wouldn’t have a chance of making the tigers anytime soon (year or two or more) for 2 players, cabrera (24 still) for eight years (he’ll be 32 when contract is up) and for willis (25) who will be 28 when his contract is up, was the RIGHT thing to do. immediate impact players and both locked up long term.

as for renteria, jurrgans hurt, as he could’ve stepped in and started this year, but in the long run, getting renteria, then later willis, makes up for it. jurrgins may or may not be injury prone, the jury is still out i suppose. but they replaced their 5th starter this year with another 5th starter and a future HOF 3rd baseman….

as far as the ‘freep’ remark you responded with ‘i live in ohio’ or hwatever, thats nice. i live in southern california, and i post on freep now and again. the point was that everyone on freep loves to hate on detroit teams no matter what they do. lions are terrible from getting rid of scrubs, and the tigers front office ‘needs to be stopped’ because they’re trading away talent that wont even make the roster for several years. just goto the sports section at and look at all the hate that spews. ‘dumbrowski’ etc etc etc etc. i guess detroit fans are desperate for a millen/ford type franchise so they can have something to complain about on a day to day basis…

so yeah. i stand by my statements, mr knight. and if you people feel i’m being negative, i think its the complete opposite, as i am a displaced michigan sports fan for 16 years in southern california, and a detroit sports fan for 14 years before i moved here. i dont HATE millen/ford, i dont HATE dombrowski. the lions franch is making stupid decisions and draft picks were all the right ones, (cept BMW) and they didn’t work out for whatever reason.

the tigers on the otherhand, in 5 years have transformed their team from a 20 year laughing stock, into the predicted WS winner, or at the very least, AL central winners, (alot of reports have tigs losing to boston alcs)…

the tigers front office is GETTING IT DONE. starting small with rodriguez 4 years ago, then just making incrimental adjustments, making the team better, then ‘pulling the trigger’ on the cabrera/willis trade making them an instant probable ALCS team.

its the old cliche, esp when it comes to detroit sports, damned if you do, damned if you dont.

imagine the outrage, if it would’ve come out that the tigers had a chance to get cabrera and willis for maybin (tigers already have their centerfielder of the future) and miller (would’ve had a lefty proven replacement with willis), and DD DIDNT ‘pull the trigger’ on it. the fans would be outraged and horrified. (i know i would’ve been)

anyways, thats my take. like it or not.


Come on Mike, don’t mince words, say what you really mean!:)As always, a pleasure. As much as I liked Maybin I agree with you 100%, we DO already have our “centerfielder of the future”. Couldn’t ask for a better gentleman roaming CF than Curtis.
No big surprises in posted predictions. Couldn’t imagine anyone here predicting anything but the Tigers winning WS. That would be unacceptable Jason Blog behavior. How about the Phillies in the NL East:)?

haha.. yeah, that was a little wordy, eh marty? but you’re right. i should just stop beating around the bush about things… from now on, i’ll just come right out and say what i mean🙂 haha… i guess i’m guilty of just being a huge a tigers fan. my favorite memories as a child, was going and seeing the tigers play at tiger stadium with my father(rip-died when i was 12 of cancer). now, living in southern california, i go to all the tigers games that are played here, either @ angels or @ dodgers in interleague. and its just a treat, win or lose, i’m still reminded of those days of my childhood.

i’m glad you 100% agree with the centerfield position, and i can’t think of a more standup guy playing center on any team in the majors. curtis granderson will be an allstar, maybe not this year, but i think he’ll be a star. his work ethic and attitude and attention to fans, without the hassle of large contracts, SHOULD BE a model to ALL professional sports. its not always about the money. CG (at least today) is proof of that, and its damned admirable. its what sports is all about, CG represents ‘old school’ sports. just wanting to play for his team and not demanding (at least today) huge multi bajillion dollars. he’s a diamond in the ruff.

i myself, will fall short of making predictions. i think cleveland is still the team to beat, and i think with our current BP situation, cleveland will have a slight edge, as their rotation/BP is solid. i do however, feel, the tigers will win the AL central, and if not, wildcard their way in. their lineup is too brutal to not make the playoffs.

it all depends on the tigs/cleveland series, and it all depends on other AL teams adjustments over the offseason to cleveland pitching. boston did a fairly good job of adjusting to CC and Co., and i think that’ll be a model for other teams, similar to what teams did to the tigers in ’07.

anyhoo! go tigers!

as a side note: i remember my ‘favorite tiger’ as a young kid was catcher matt nokes!! whatever happened to him??? lol

Watchin’ the game and must say I was really impressed with Pudge so far. Discipline at the plate in his 1st AB and he made a very pretty block of one of Bondermans sliders in the dirt to Erstadt.
Be nice to see him have a great year.

Bondo not throwin’ many chageups—I don’t like that especially when he has been ahead in the count.

Funny how things work. Since my last post Pudge has K’d twice and Bondo is throwin’ changeups!

If we get the pitching we need this year it should be a magical one. Steady Eddy Polanco, is setting the table for the big guys (as will Curtis) and it’s almost unbelievable that the lineup is so strong top to bottom. Granderson’s injury to start off the season will be disappointing to say the least but it will test the mettle of this team and quite possibly pull them together a bit tighter than they already seem to be.

I hope we see Aki Lopez make the team. I think he has the tools to do any job they ask of him as a reliever.

Bottom of 4 right now and Bondo looks like he is throwing with confidence. He even squirmed out of that 1st inning in pretty good form.

Great to see Bondo pull out of the 1st like that. He seemed relaxed tonight. Bats looking like they should. Everyone contributing.

10 pitch inning from Seay. Very nice.

Bobby looked real good. And so did Clete Thomas. He looks like he “belongs”. As an old-timer I was pulling for Clevlen as he has paid some dues but you can’t deny Thomas. Lot’s of hustle on Renteria’s force out too.
You know I think JL will keep him and send Sardinha down. Especially with Vance coming along physically as he is.

Interesting. The book on Thomas says he can play some D too. Apparently he has a very good arm.

Renteria seems to be rolling over on his stroke. He has been a bit invisible this spring but I think he is going to make us very happy by the end of the year.

Everyone looked pretty darn good tonight. All the pitchers looked great, and most of the hitters. Looks like they are ready to go.


can’t wait to opening day.

just thought i’d throw in my two cents, as a computer/web tech, i think the reason the link to jason’s blog on the tigers main site keeps falling off, seems to happen when there’s a few news articles posted in the current event area…. if i were the pages’ web designer, i’d make a template that includes the blog link, regardless of how many news items get posted in a day….

i could be wrong, of course. but i doubt it🙂

but yeah, GO TIGERS!!!!

opening day….. 2 days 12 hours (and i have the day off hope directv has a two week free mlb station for advertising purposes like they usually do!!!)

So, help me out- did we just re-sign Byrdak? Fultz’s stats for last season and this spring pretty much mirror Tim’s. Is it because Byrdak didn’t have a minor league option left we couldn’t keep him? Help me out with your thoughts here, guys. Thanks.

Aaron Fultz (Darn I wish it were Putz!)
HOUSTON – The Tigers signed veteran big-league left-hander Aaron Fultz to a contract with Triple-A Toledo today. Fultz, an eight-year big-league veteran, was released this week by Cleveland. With the Tigers’ release this week of Tim Byrdak, Bobby Seay is the only left-hander in their bullpen. Tigers left-handed reliever Clay Rapada is starting the season on the disabled list.

Hi everyone. Just testing this thing out.

It appears you can’t put a space between paragraphs, so long posts will look pretty messy. I guess we’re lucky they don’t disable the caps key so it will really look like an instant messenger thing. I prefer normal english.

Having the preview type itself as you type the message is kind of weird. I guess it will end up being a timesaver.

(tried to start a paragraph here but it’s been tacked onto the previous line. Not good.
It is easier to read in this font.

I guess I’ll have to give it a “D” because of the paragraph thing.


Comment received and held for approval by the blog owner. Okay, that should effectively kill the blogs. Nice move again, MLB.

Looks like were gonna get the chance to meet Clete. Good luck to him.

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