The reasoning on Byrdak

Yes, Jim Leyland said today, he did say last night that Byrdak was on the team at that point. It was after saying that to reporters that GM Dave Dombrowski came in for a discussion on Byrdak’s issues and whether they wanted to move forward. Essentially, they had to make a decision today whether to stick with him or release him to have a chance to fill the spot. They agreed to sleep on it, and Leyland still felt like he could take Byrdak. But in the end, he really couldn’t, not the way Byrdak was struggling.

So with Byrdak out, the Tigers could break camp with the pitchers they have, keeping both Yorman Bazardo and Aquilino Lopez and going with one left-hander. However, Leyland would rather go with two lefties if they could. The Tigers are going to try to make a move to pick up one, either through trade or the waiver wire. They’re unlikely to pick up a big contract like what is owed to Cincinnati’s Mike Stanton or San Francisco’s Steve Kline, but they’ll undoubtedly check out some of the other lefties that teams try to pass through waivers.

At this point, they’re unlikely to go in-house for a lefty. Clay Rapada is only throwing off of flat ground at this point after he felt more shoulder stiffness in his return to game action last week. They haven’t really given serious thought to Macay McBride, who they spent all spring preparing to work as a starter at Triple-A Toledo and breaking some of those relief habits. But then, it was a similar need that made McBride a lefty reliever in Atlanta a few years ago, too.

As for the final position guy, that seems to be boiling down to extra outfielder or extra catcher. Clete Thomas is again with the big club, starting in RF, and Sardinha is starting at catcher with Pudge spending the day back in Lakeland.

So basically, this appears to be a roster that won’t be set until sometime this weekend in Houston. They don’t have to physically set their 25-man roster until Sunday afternoon.


I’m going to miss him.

wow looks like the sqeeky wheel was only teased with oil. link gone again. *shrug* oh well

whats up with willis? he’s playing national league teams, hitters he’s familiar with, and dropping 5 runs in the 1st inning? (shades of bondo?) hope this trend isn’t going to continue throughout the regular season. 5 run first is a daunting task to overcome. looks like he did ok the rest of his 3 innings though.. sigh….

hope its just a reaction to the boredom of a month of meaningless games…

stars getting hurt in preseason, i hate it. (GRANDERSON)

renteria did a **** of a job leading off today though, good for him.

Could someone please, for the love of Jehovah, strap Dave Dombrowski to his desk? We need him to stay away from his cell phone, his blackberry, and anything else he can use to pull the trigger on a trade. I’ve watched this team **** for too many years to see any competitive edge go down the tubes within two seasons.

geez, yeah your right, knight. i sure do hate dave dombrowski. i mean he just has no clue!!! wow i mean, his name might as well be matt millen!!! gosh, yeah, take his cell phone away, break his fingers so he can’t write…. the cabrera signing was terrible! cutting a pitcher who wasn’t pitching was horrible!!! how dare he!!!

you’re an idiot. go back to leaving hateful comments on FREEP.

The media keeps pounding the mat…SI has the Tigers beating the Cubs in the WS (Boston was the wild card). SI scouts stated “Therefore, the equation that defines Detroit’s upcoming season will most likely prove to be a simple one: One of the most productive offenses in the history of the game + a rejuvenated rotation = the Tigers’ first world championship since 1984.”

They must not read our blogs 😉

It is going to be a tough (but fun!) year. I can’t wait for it to start. How many are going to be at opening day?

I don’t post on the Freep, chief. I’m in Ohio. It’s not the Byrdak release I have issues with. It’s the volume of trades that have, in effect, left us with 3 ranked prospects left in our farm system–which are rumored to be on the block to Oakland for Huston Street. Sounds great, and we may be competitive for 2-3 more years, but then what? We’re mortgaging our future. Do you want to be competitive for 2-3 years, or do you want to be competitive for 10? My most sincere apologies if I’m thinking too big picture for your taste.

And by the way, if you’re going to call me an idiot, don’t do it with the grammar of a first grader.

Okay- time for a group hug. It’s been a tough week here- lots of emotions and we haven’t even started the regular season.

I will be at Opening Day. First one ever. Yippee.

So this blog had a link on the homepage for a minute and now it’s gone again. If anyone’s reading that can help- I think Jason deserves a direct link.

I never believe rumors myself. The only time I would believe a rumor is if it became a fact, then it wouldn’t be a rumor anymore. So……I never believe rumors.

Just for fun though, let’s say this deal were made. Here again, the key is Street’s age, which is 24. This follows the criteria of the Cabrera/Willis deal. Street has been a successful closer already, and with Zumaya’s future in doubt, we’re going to need one, if not this year then next. Who are the three prospects being rumored of?

Re the link to this blog, the Cardinals still have one on their page. It could also be that we’d be more likely to retain said link if we are a little more circumspect in the content and tone of our individual posts.

Enjoy the game today, everyone. I understand it’s being replayed on FSN tonight at seven.


One more thought on Street as a Tiger. It would be funny everytime we see the Maggs pennant winning homer in ’06, as Street backpedals off the mound, watching the flight of the ball, and he’s now one of our guys.


My apologies. The Tigers are my #2 passion behind UM football; I don’t mean to lose my head and fire off mass extremism and paranoia🙂

Porcello and Cael Iorg (SS) were two of the guys said to be going to Oakland. I forget the third. Ordinarily, I try not to put faith in rumors either, but in light of the flurry of trades made this offseason, I start gasping when I hear word of another.

You make a valid point, Rick. I had not thought about the age factor. I stick to the philosophy of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And while I love seeing Detroit making moves in the general upward direction for once, I wonder how many moves are too many. I will be more than happy to be wrong if it works out in the long run.

For sure, it’s been a bit of a wild ride already. The injuries to Curtis, Vance Wilson and Rodney, Cruceta’s vanishing act, the Inge controversy, concern about Willis’ “command” and Byrdak’s release.

I didn’t realize Street was so young. I’m not sure what it would take to get him but it is a very good point about depleting the farm to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I think he would be a fantastic acquisition but if it were to happen I think DD would have to trade for him using established veterans and not multiple prospects. We do have a good group of middle infielders on the farm and I would think Hessman, Raburn, Inge, Clevlen and Thames would all be trade bait that Dombrowski can offer up for something. Rodney could also be included on a trade for a closer.

I don’t think getting Street will be a priority. They are committed to the development of Zumaya and there seems to a presumption that he WILL be the club’s closer soon. I’m not so sure.

Their attitude about Rodney being their security blanket as a late inning guy is probably a little less positive given his ongoing arm problems. Something seems to be “missing” with Rodney. He can be pretty difficult to hit at times but his demeanor seems to get in the way of becoming dominant. I would not be shocked to see the Tigers trade him under the right circumstances.

Anyway, I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here by deconstructing the roster I’m just speculating and havin’ a little fun.

The roster is obviously very strong but the BIG IF is quite clearly pitching and particularly good pitching in the the crucial innings of 6 thru 9.

Some of the “IFs” can be answered by Grilli and Miner. A surprise from Bautista or Lopez and some good defense to help out Jones. At this point I am being very reserved re Rodney. I am not expecting anything from him but if he were to rediscover and refine his old form, it will make things a lot easier.

Just saw your post Knight—Porcello?!?!
I remember when Andrew Miller was considered untouchable–Porcello is clearly a precious commodity and trading him at this point would be absurd. I just don’t think that the organization is gonna do that. They would be “wise to make it very apparent that he is indeed “untouchable” to avoid getting into discussions where he can be leveraged by GMs upping the ante and demanding “well if we can’t have Porcello then you have to give us “xxx& aaa & bbb & ccc”

I have the same passions, but in reverse order.

As I reported earlier, I saw Porcello pitch in Winter Haven a couple weeks ago, and I was VERY impressed. I definitely don’t want to let him get away. I didn’t get to see Iorg but I’ve heard good things. Of course, anyone can be moved for the right price. I’m of the mind that rumors surrounding Street may have surfaced after he blew that save in Japan.

Dan, I think both Grilli and Miner can take that next step. It’s all about attitude and confidence. I also think management relies on Rodney too much.


Hey guys. It has been awhile since I posted so I figured I would jump back in the game. I have been reading your posts though during the time I was away.

First, I have to mention AGAIN that rookie bloggers need to ‘know their place’ among the vets on this blog.

As far as the bird man goes. I agree with several previous posts. He did do a great job last year, but as all good teams know (including the Tigers) a players ability can drastically change from year to year. So I am not bothered at all about his release.

Other Notes

Willis – I truly believe he will be alright.

Pudge – Like I said after they picked up his opition for this year – he is going to have a great year both offensively and behind the plate.

Porcello – IS untouchable and is a greater prospect already than Miller ever was, IMO.

Zoom – I think he will be ok once he comes back.

Rodney – I have always liked him, but he has never seemed to have the fire in his belly to work late innings. I don’t ‘expect’ anything from him.

Grandy – He will be missed for a few weeks. I think Inge can fill in defensively for him (not offensively of course), but Ren Tin Tin will fill in nicely at the top of the order till he returns from the DL.

It is also sorta nice to see some of the youngsters out of the minors get a chance to make the opening day roster – they will be alright till Rodney (who knows really) and Zoom comes back.

As a side note, I was looking at last weeks Sports Illustrated last night and noticed that they had Polanco as a risk….uhhhh…..they said his age is going to be a factor this year and because he has a history of injuries that he will be one to watch close… my question is…do any of those SI writers even follow a team and/or players before making a comment….Polly isn’t injury prone and I would say him having the best year in the field and at the plate he ever has isn’t a sign that problems are close behind…what a joke.

IMO, this suggests that they will keep Sardinha. They need a real catcher as a backup. Inge does not want to be and Raburn is an emergency measure only. Now with Inge now being the club’s choice to play center (it pains me to say that), this amplifies the need for a backup catcher on the roster. I don’t see the need for Clete Thomas unless they were to unload Inge. I think I would prefer Clevlen over Thomas.
All that being said, it almost does appear that there is a deal in the works with these last 2 outright releases freeing up spots.

With Granderson injured, wouldn’t this be a prime opportunity to let Timo whack a few for us? Jones can play center.

There probably is a deal in the works.

BTW, I don’t see that it’s necessary to create a distinction between “rookie” posters and “veteran” posters. Any well written post is welcome, IMO. It’s a public blog.

Now, what was funny was a couple years ago when that Yankee fan came over here for the sole purpose of igniting some fireworks. We tried to play nice with him but in the end, Dan had told him he was obnoxious and I sent him off on errands to look up stats, which he actually did! 🙂


Hmm. Well, I’ve always liked Street, but he was kind of banged up last year. He is young, though, and he has great potential. I wouldn’t want to see Porcello in that trade, though.

This last week or so has been kind of traumatic and I agree that it seems like something might be brewing. I guess we just have to buckle up and hold on. It’s going to be a fun season…


Well that 1st inning was vintage Kenny Rogers. After seeing Verlander, Bonderman and Willis struggle somewhat lately–that is very encouraging.

Nice game today. Everyone hit well, especially Pudge and Brandon. Kenny pitched well but I was a little suprised to only see him go 4 innings with only throwing 47 pitches. I would of thought they would of tried to stretch him out a little more.

Regarding Byrdak, I felt bad that he didn’t do well, for the team but he was such a good story last year. I really felt bad for him. I think because he is a lefty and did so well last year he will probably get a shot somewhere.

I think that Porcello is probably untouchable. Although I thought that of Maybin and Miller as well. Although after seeing Miller last year, even though he was young he needs other pitches to really suceed. But I don’t see Street coming here especially not at that cost.


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