Byrdak released

Just announced this morning that lefty Tim Byrdak was released.


Well I am sorry to hear that. He was very important to this team last year and did an excellent jobl. But there was something that wasn’t working this year at all. I wish him good luck and hope that he can find a home.

Seeing as JL just said last night Byrdak was on the team, despite his struggles this Spring- maybe we are close to a deal for another pitcher? I’m allowed to dream, right?

That’s a good point, although the thought of a trade makes me nervous. And a team doesn’t necessarily need two lefties in the pen.

Anyway, tough for Tim and the family. I don’t know what happened, but I was surprised to read that boxscore yesterday. Five hitters, four walks and a hit. Some LH hitters too, if I read the box correctly.


Anyone But Street is my rallying cry.

I wonder if this means that the Cubs are going to look at him. It’s no secret that with Scott Eyre injured, they are eager to fill the spot in the BP as soon as possible. While Marshall and Pignatello are both lined up to compete for the spot, Jim Hendry has pulled the trigger on these deals before (Reed Johnson, anyone?). Anyway, I wish Tim the best.

Byrdak is one of those baseball stories that bring some joy and a personal element to the game. He did a really fine job last year and had a good run. I think he may have been running on adrenaline though as his results exceeded his skills IMO. He and his family were rewarded for their perseverence and I hope they continue to be rewarded with an opportunity somewhere else.
It was clear that his position in the pen this year was due to the lack of other LHP alternatives. I do think they could use another lefty out there as without one, Bobby Seay could end up being overworked and “over-pressured”. Wonder whatever happened to Vic Darensbourg?

Ideally the Tigers can swing a trade for a proven late inning lefty. Maybe the caliber of a Fuentes. The Bullpen is still the Achilles Heel of the club and they need to come up with someone to plug the hole.

I think they also need to get someone with the idea of a permanent solution in mind. They might be tempted to take the “get someone to fill in till Zumaya (or for that matter, Rodney) gets back” approach. Like it or not, we really can’t be sure either one of them will be both physically OK and effective.

Was catching up on the club and saw that Curtis is out for awhile. Now that hurts. He really is the guy that that energizes the whole team.

I sure hope he is back by the time the squad goes to NY

Anybody else hear think that Aki Lopez deserves to make the team this year?

The stats also say that Brent Clevlen has had a pretty good (though somewhat quiet) spring. I don’t suppose he will make the squad but I do have reservations about an untrained center-fielder for the 1st couple of weeks. As versatile as Inge and Raburn are, that is a pretty demanding position to play. Perhaps they will keep Guzman around.

Nate Robertson has had a very nice spring and that is extremely encouraging to see. We need him to be the solid starter throughout the season that he has shown he can be.

Pudge is hammering the ball and has pretty much hit as many dingers in the spring that he did all of last year. Seems rejuvenated once again.

I know it’s spring still but I have some concerns with Willis, Bazardo and Miner. Miner has been pretty good but tends to give up a couple when he isn’t sharp. Willis and Bazardo have been inconsistent and seem to have some control problems. Willis will work through them but Bazardo is obvioulsy still pretty much a question mark.

Haven’t heard much about Cruceta lately. What’s the lates on his visa issue?

The main guys seem to be chomping at the bit to get the season started. It will be a real treat to see our 3-4-5-6 hitters do some fence-busting this year!

And the Trade Winds are gently blowing in the background still.

Both Bazardo and Lopez have pitched well enough to make most teams. Since the Tigers have three LH starters, they may not be in such dire need of a second lefty in the pen.

The season hasn’t even started, and already it seems like we’re in somewhat of a tight spot. It’s the national media that have already crowned the Tigers, but I think we all know this will be another long and tough season with many ups and downs.


Dontrelle Willis would not have made this team if he wasn’t Dontrelle Willis. This guy has some serious problems that need to be worked out. And they’ll have to be worked out during the regular season now.


I really wanted him to work out, regain what he had. He is having a hard time as well.
And we cannot use the tough american league lineups as an excuse because for the most part it has been national league lineup.

Justin’s performance last night left a lot to be desired as well. However hopefully his was a blip and not a sign of things to come.

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