When BP means bathroom problems

Img070It has to take a lot for Jim Leyland to see something completely new to him, but this did it.

Poor Brennan Boesch gets a chance to make the trip and play with the big club for a day, and when he runs into the dugout bathroom during BP, the lock trips on the door and won’t let go. And the adventure begins.

In most places, this probably wouldn’t have been a spectacle. In this case, however, the hinges were on the inside of the doorway, so the grounds crew couldn’t simply unhinge it. And the bathroom in the visitors dugout at Space Coast Stadium is literally at the end of the dugout, right in plain view from field level.

So as everyone from Leyland to head athletic trainer Kevin Rand to the clubhouse kids tried to figure out how to break out Boesch, more people notice. Pudge Rodriguez, Placido Polanco, Magglio Ordonez, all of them look over on their way into the dugout and stand around and watch. Even Nate Robertson, the starting pitcher for the day, walks out of the clubhouse to figure out what’s going on. Eventually, this attracted quite a crowd, especially once the crew had to resort to a crowbar to try to pry open the door.

Finally, the crowbar apparently worked, a good half-hour after Boesch realized he was locked in. He came running out with a sense of relief and hugged the grounds crew guy who broke him out of there.

"That’s why I love the game," Leyland said. "I’ve never seen that in my career. If it was me in there, that door would’ve been down. I would’ve figured out somehow to get out of there. I would’ve panicked. I’ve never seen that in my life."


hmmm.. it could’ve been a blessing in disguise🙂 me with 2 kids, a wife, and one bathroom, would love to get locked in there for an hour. hahaha this story is hilarious.

That is freaking hilarious. That story made my day. Along with of course a win and Cabrera’s contract of course.


Also just got the future forcast for the upcoming week. Not looking good looks like 43 and rainy. And he went so far as to say no real break in the weather in sight.


I had a similar thing happen to me in high school. We’d just come in from practice and the locker room we normally used was being renovated, so we were using the swimming pool locker room. I dawdled around and was the last one to leave, but I discovered the door had been locked. With a key. From the outside. My 15-year old brain presented me visions of trying to sleep on the concrete floor, getting very very hungry, and with parents worried sick when I didn’t show up by..like….bedtime. But okay, I could deal.

Then I realized it was Friday. By Monday, I’d be dead, just a small skeleton on the locker room floor……

Okay, then the panic set in. I spotted a phone but it was inside a caged office, which was of course locked. I tore the place apart looking for something I could use to bust the cage open. Hours went by (okay, actually only about 15 minutes), then I heard the door at the swimming pool side of the room open. “Hey!” I shouted. “HEY!!!!” In walks the swimming coach, fully dressed and soaking wet (don’t ask why, I don’t know). “The baseball coach locked me in!” I explained. He never said a word, just pulled out some keys, squished across the room, and unlocked the door, smirking the entire time.

It was quite some time later before I realized HE was probably the one who had locked the outside door and then went for a swim in his clothes (don’t ask why, I don’t know).


🙂 that sounds like a painful story, rich. i hope it didn’t take years of professional help to get over it.

i’m just left wondering, WHY WAS THE COACH ALL WET??? 🙂

Haha! I’m sure minor leaguers dream of the day they have the opportunity make an impression and be noticed by the parent club. But I’m sure this is not what Boesch had in mind. But hey, whatever works!

as usual, the sqeeky wheel gets the oil. nice to see the blog link on the main page. all is well in my universe again. haha

oh yeah, go tigers!

Hey, it is! How about that. Well, it was a valid suggestion.


That’s more like it. I mean, just because Jason doesn’t cheer for the right college basketball team doesn’t mean his blog should be banished from tigers.com. Jason– I trust you won’t make the same mistake next year.🙂

Can’t wait for next Monday!

lol btw, i just expanded the large view of the chaos around the bathroom door, and couldn’t help but laugh, once again. poor guy.

anyways, kiddies, tonight is my softball teams championship game, we are 9-1 in winterball… playing just outside the Angels minor league class A team’s stadium… the rancho cucamonga quakes (such a original team name, wonder where they got that from…)

maybe one of these days a scout will watch the games and decide i should be playing for the dodgers, as almost anyone is better than the dodgers🙂 and throw some money at me! hahahaha! in the meantime, our team ‘no talent’ sits on the edge of a silly teeshirt and potentially a trophy. lol

go tigers, and go no talent


Looks like Verlander had another really ruff outing. I hope that he is okay.

Now regarding Byrdak, I don’t know how Leyland can justify bringin him up north just because he is a lefty. He isn’t getting anyone out. He has been just horrible. And we are way beyond the point of pitchers trying out new things. I think that Lopez deserves the chance until Byrdak figures things out, but let him do it in the minors. He is just horrible right now.

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