Inge "probably" in CF for opener

Leyland left open the possibility something could change, but he plans on starting Brandon Inge in center field next Monday in place of injured Curtis Granderson. To further complicate things, Detroit’s starting center field will also be its backup catcher.

Leyland said he had a long conversation with Inge on Sunday and that everything went well.

"I think he’s happier leaving camp than he was coming in," Leyland said.

As for the lineup, Leyland said he’ll probably lead off Edgar Renteria against right-handers, even though Leyland would rather not move him out of an RBI slot. Jacque Jones, Pudge and Inge will bat in some combination from seventh through ninth. Leyland said Pudge is a "strong possibility" to lead off against left-handers.

Here’s what you have for lineups today:

  1. Renteria, SS
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 3B
  6. Guillen, 1B
  7. Rodriguez, C
  8. Thames, LF
  9. Inge, CF

And for Washington:

  1. Cristian Guzman, SS
  2. Lastings Milledge, CF
  3. Ryan Zimmerman, 3B
  4. Dmitri Young, 1B
  5. Austin Kearns, RF
  6. Paul Lo Duca, C
  7. Elijah Dukes, DH
  8. Felipe Lopez, 2B
  9. Willie Harris, LF

On a lighter note, minor league player Brennan Boesch is available to play the outfield off the bench for the Tigers. That wasn’t really guaranteed an hour and a half ago, when he was stuck in the bathroom in the visitors dugout here at Space Coast Stadium. Apparently the lock stuck, and because the hinges are on the inside, they couldn’t simply unhinge it. Well, he was stuck in there for about a half hour before stadium workers took a crowbar and finally were able to pry the door open, much to Boesch’s relief.


HAHA! thats pretty funny about Boesch.

other than that dont have much to say. hope tigers spring troubles are just due to a ‘BORING’ factor. i’m sure they want to get this into games that actually mean something.

too bad about CG. just glad its not that serious and he’ll be back sooner than later.

jason- there’s a ton of rumors flying around the cubs/mets for thames/inge, any truth to em, or just rumors….

btw, i hate that there isn’t a link on the main page to this blog. its kinda annoying.

anyways, i say good day!

go tigers!

Any respectable ballplayer would be carrying a screwdriver in his duffle for emergencies. 🙂

I did notice that, once you’ve clicked into the MLBBlog page, there is a listing of MLB writers on the right side. Still a long way to go to get here, though. I did suggest the direct link in a post to the company blog, and several later posters agreed with that, so maybe we can get some movement in that direction. Of course, they may have to move an AD to accomplish that.

If Inge needs to catch during those first few day, which I doubt, Raburn or Jones can play center. Guzman hasn’t shown me any baseball smarts.

I would hope we wouldn’t trade away half of one of the best benches in baseball (Thames and Inge).

Finally, I see Dimtri Young is starting at firstbase today. I’ve been following that. Nick Johnson is bound to be the starter there, so I wonder what they do with DY? He was up to 298 pounds due to insulin adjustments.


Hahahaha, am I glad I’m not Brennan Boesch. That’s awesome.

geez, glad to see the tigers win a game🙂

the countdown to regular season is nice. it really ups my enthusiasm level, and i’m itching for baseball to be back. i hate these months (feb/mar) no baseball, no football. blah blah BORING. forces me to have to pay attention to the wife and kids🙂 hahaha… yikes.

but yeah. go tigers, i wonder if the tigers page will replace the ‘countdown’ with a countdown to world series? lol! or replace it with a link to this blog. yeah, i bookmarked it now, but it was always just that much more convienent to have it on main page. i fear change.

today though, i feel sorry for one player on the roster. poor Brennan Boesch, after being locked in the visitors john, no doubt, not a friendly place to be for an hour, didn’t get a chance to work off his anxiety’s🙂 haha

go tigers, 6 days 20 hours away from opening day. wheee


oh yeah still no official word on cabreras contact? just hoping there’s a whole lot of truth to the ‘reports’

The reports are true. It just hasn’t been announced until the final details are wrapped up.

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