March 17th, 2008

Update on Hollimon

For those of you who were watching the game in the later innings, Michael Hollimon dislocated his left shoulder on a play in the field. He’ll undergo an MRI exam on Tuesday back in Lakeland.

Hope you're watching on TV

Late posting on the blog today, but the wireless wasn’t cooperating here at Ed Smith Stadium. Besides, it’s a TV game, so I figured you can keep up with what’s going on.

For what it’s worth, the Tigers hoped to have the DH in this game, but the Reds declined, as is their right. As a result, Detroit kept Gary Sheffield and Marcus Thames back in Lakeland to take swings there. Both will need to catch up on at-bats down the stretch thanks to injuries this spring, and you might see Thames head across the street for a day or two to get at-bats in minor-league games if need be.

Getting Thames at-bats once the season starts is another matter, and Leyland plans on moving him around to get those.

"He’ll play first base some. He’ll play right field some. He’ll play left field some," Leyland said.

He could see some at-bats against right-handers as a result, but that remains to be seen how it works out. Leyland does not want to call it a strict platoon in left field with Jacque Jones.