Sheff sits

He said his legs were feeling good, but Leyland said he’ll give him today and Monday off just in case. If he’s feeling well, he’ll play Tuesday’s split-squad game at home against the Reds.

Leyland also didn’t want to take a chance with Miguel Cabrera and his sore leg. However, he keeps saying that Cabrera needs at-bats to get his timing. Thus, he’s at DH.

Brandon Inge gets the start at third base in his first game played since the Dodgers lost Andy LaRoche.


I thought this game was on the radio today???’ I thought they were broadcasting all weekend games?? Bummer

They are, but I think it’s just on the flagship in Detroit.

I know the Pirates are playing a lot of farmhands but Robertson and Aki were intimidating today. I think Lopez has a good chance to stick if he continues to impress.

looks like jones blew up again.

hope it doesn’t spill over to the regular season.

I know that I am in the minority here, but I believe in Todd Jones. He gets the job done way more often than not. He deserves our respect and support. That being said his spring has been a little ruff, but this blown save was not completely his fault and seeing eye single, and an error by Clevelen, it is a different game. And according to the radio guys they really thought that Clevelen should of made a play on that other double, and probably should of been an error as well?? Jason what do you think?? Anyway Freddy Guzman was the hero today, and Nate had a heck of a game!
Guillen starting to see the ball and Brandon is having really good at bats as well. Again I will be on the record saying that we need him, and I hope that he catches again soon.


So, looking at Spring stats for the American League- Todd Jones’ ERA is #372 out of 383 pitchers. And of those 11 guys he’s ahead of, he’s pitched at least 2 1/2 times the number of innings as any of them.

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