March 7th, 2008

Ramirez injured

Wilkin Ramirez just injured his left shoulder a minute ago diving for a line drive in left field. He was rolling on the ground in pain after he did it, and he was holding his left arm in place as head athletic trainer Kevin Rand walked with him off the field. I can’t say whether it was a separation, but judging by his reaction, it definitely wasn’t a minor injury.

UPDATE@3:45pm: The Tigers are calling Ramirez’s injury a subluxed left shoulder, which is defined as a partial dislocation. He’ll be re-evaluated, but he was walking around the clubhouse a little while ago without a wrap on his shoulder (he had been icing it for a while).

Jim Leyland is worried today

This was the manager’s day to look at the calendar and worry about some minor injuries, some more minor than others:

  • Gary Sheffield will not make the trip to Dunedin tomorrow because he’s suffering from leg cramps. It may or may not be related to the sore hamstring he had last week. He was walking around the clubhouse in good spirits back in Lakeland earlier this morning, for what that’s worth.
  • Miguel Cabrera has a sore quadriceps. He’s scheduled to play tomorrow, but Leyland isn’t sure whether he’ll bring him on the trip. "If he’s all right, he needs to play," Leyland said. "He needs to get his timing down and everything else."
  • Edgar Renteria has some soreness around the upper shoulder, but he’s playing today, so it’s not that bad.

On the bright side, Fernando Rodney was scheduled to throw today, and Clay Rapada is feeling better. The main theme of the day, though, is that it’s Leyland’s day to worry about little things before they become bigger things (like Rodney).

"We’ve got a lot of work to do," Leyland said this morning. "We’re not anywhere close to where we want to be or where we need to be. I know less about pitching than I did when I came into camp."

Does this mean you should worry? You can, if you feel like you need extra stress in your life. Or you can wait and see whether little things remain little things or become bigger things.

Oops, almost forgot about lineups:

  1. Rodriguez, C
  2. Renteria, SS
  3. Guillen, 1B
  4. Ordonez, DH
  5. Inge, 3B
  6. Ramirez, LF
  7. Raburn, RF
  8. Sizemore, 2B
  9. Guzman, CF

And for the Braves:

  1. Mark Kotsay, CF
  2. Yunel Escobar, SS
  3. Chipper Jones, 3B
  4. Mark Teixeira, 1B
  5. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  6. Matt Diaz, LF
  7. Brian McCann, C
  8. Martin Prado, 2B
  9. Javy Lopez, DH