Statement from Rogers

Got an email tonight from Rogers, who has been quiet thus far during this free agency process while speculation centers on whether he’s seriously considering leaving Detroit.

"I would prefer not to discuss negotiations publicly," Rogers wrote. "I will say that I still hope to be in a Tiger uniform in 2008. I appreciate your understanding and patience during this process."

Take that for what you will.


Well, my message to Kenny is that we’d love to have you back, you’re still “one of the guys,” and any perceived animosity posted here is a defense mechanism on our part that you’d even consider leaving Detroit. I know Mr. Boras is doing what he’s paid to do, but get a deal done and everything will be cool come March.

Looks like A-Rod is going to the only team I could imagine him with: the Yankees. And let them stew in their own juices for the next decade.


Sounds encouraging to me…I have no reason to believe Kenny is BSing us. But am wondering what those 2 deals amounted to that DD offered. Hope they aren’t filled with performance type clauses like Steiny Bros. offered Torre. No class. Either you want him back or not. It’s a gamble, but you gotta pay a player for what he has already done for you, not for what you hope he will do. I think that’s how it works.

Detroit was a welcome change for Kenny after the Texas cameraman incident. He wasn’t high on my list of likeable ballplayers after that. Probably for most of you guys either. But we all embraced him as he had great success and acceptance in Detroit. I think he understands and appreciates that a lot, regardless of where he ends up. A little forgiveness goes a long way. I still hold out hope that he remains with the Tigers. What kind of a season he might have is another issue. 14-9 and playoff success would be great imo.

Don’t want to flatter ourselves, but is it possible Mr. Rogers reads this blog? If so:
On cameraguy: Who gives a sh_t? The papparazzi are ****. I’d have smacked him too. ****, I wouldn’t apologize.

On your stay in Detroit: Whether you return or not, just thanks for everything you did. The 20 wins are great. However, we really appreciate what you did with those young arms. JV’s leap forward is on you and Bondo just wasn’t the same with you not around as much last year. Robbie also. SO JUST THANKS, period.

On returning: If the old noodle can hang in there, 17-7 with an era @ 3.75 not bad huh? And with that year and this improved line up, YOU’RE GOING TO THE BIG BIG DANCE AGAIN BABY!

Good luck with whatever KR.

For the record I hope that Kenny is back in a Tigers uniform this year.

However I still wonder why after saying what he said he went to the free agrent market. He said that he wanted to be a Tiger or he would retire. So I wonder if he is trying to play the organization for fools?? All I am saying is that for me it is a problem when you cannot take someone at their word and maybe stupidly I believed him. I guess what he should of said was that if he doesn’t retire he will pitch for the Tigers “but only if I get the most money from them” Or is this Boras as work again?

We have all obviously said our peace about Kenny and returning. We ALL want him to return, but just didn’t like how this was all playing out. Marty, I also agree, this is encouraging.
I have a feeling we will have our answer within the next week, as things seem to be moving quicker now.

Let’s go Kenny, show em’ all you still have a strong arm and have one last playoff run left in the tank!

Kenny belongs in Detroit- no apologies required here.

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