November 2007

Interesting points from Rogers conference call

Rogers will make a little more than the Tigers had originally offered him last month, but not that much. The bigger money in the deal will come if he stays healthy and reaches incentive clauses.

As for parting ways with Scott Boras, Rogers basically backed up what Boras said, that they departed on good terms. Once Rogers knew he was coming back to the Tigers and nowhere else, essentially, he didn’t need Boras marketing him around.

"It had nothing to do with Scott as an agent or an attorney," Rogers said. He’s as good or better than anyone else out there. But my position was with Detroit. If I felt like being a true free agent, Scott would still be my representative … but in m yheart of hearts, I felt like I didn’t want to pitch anywhere else."

Cruceta might actually be the more interesting news here, because the Tigers strongly believe he’ll be part of their bullpen next season. Dave, in fact, made it sound like Cruceta addresses their bullpen need and that while they’ll look at what’s out there, they don’t have to add anyone else.

"We look at any opportunity where we think we can get better," Dombrowski said, "but I don’t think we have a gaping situation we have to address. We’ll talk to people. We’ll explore. We see what makes sense, but I don’t feel there’s a pressing need at this time."

Percival to Tampa Bay

He received a two-year deal and is expected to close for the Rays. Ironically, Tampa Bay was where he made his final appearance as a Tiger back in 2005, when Johnny Gomes’ walkoff homer just before the all-star break helped convince Percival it wasn’t working out well for him. For what it’s worth, the Tigers were never really in on him.

Tigers sign Rogers, Cruceta

You probably already know the Kenny part by now. It’s a one-year deal. Here’s the info on Cruceta, who has been impressive in winter ball. Chris Shelton and Timo Perez were designated for assignment.

Players to be named later

OK, I’m getting way too many mailbag questions about who the Tigers got in return in some of their trades from this past summer. Hopefully some of you who are asking these questions are reading the blog. Here it goes:

Hope that helps.

The battle for Polk County is on

The Tigers haven’t released their spring training schedule yet, but the Indians have, which gives us a peek at when the AL Central’s two main combatants and spring neighbors will be meeting. They’ll have a home-and-home set March 1 at Lakeland and March 2 at Winter Haven, then single games March 11 at Winter Haven and March 23 at Lakeland. None of those days are split-squad matchups for the Indians, though we don’t know yet for the Tigers.

This will be the last spring training in which Detroit and Cleveland face one another. The Indians are moving to Goodyear, Arizona after this spring, leaving the Tigers and other teams who train along the I-4 corridor with some more travel to do starting in 2009. Hope you all enjoy Disney World.

Tigers postseason shares announced

Yes, second-place teams receive postseason shares, even if they don’t win the wild card. In the Tigers case, they received $524,593.91, which they’ll split up among 41 full shares, five partial shares and 15 cash awards. A full share will be worth $10,610.74, compared to over $300,000 when the Tigers reached the World Series a year ago.

Here’s the full release, which gives the full breakdown and where the money comes from.

Boras confirms Rogers' decision

"Kenny and I have a longstanding 18-year relationship," Boras said Saturday, "and Kenny made the decision. Kenny is very satisfied with our representation, and he made the decision that representation was something he wanted to take upon himself."

Rogers changes agents, representing himself

An email sent out to major-league clubs a few hours ago stated that Kenny Rogers has dismissed Scott Boras as his representative and is now representing himself in talks with clubs. Tigers confirmed receiving the email. Not sure how this affects their situation as of yet, but considering Rogers’ remarks Thursday, it can’t be seen as bad news.

Story should be up shortly on

Maybin ranked AFL's top prospect

Cameron Maybin played in just nine games in the Arizona Fall League because of a late October shoulder injury, and he ended the AFL season working in the cage with Tigers hitting instructor Toby Harrah. Still, he did enough to top Baseball America’s list of AFL top prospects this year, a pretty impressive honor considering some of the other names who played there more over the last couple months. The criteria involves tools more than actual performance in the league, and Chris Kline cited Maybin’s "game-changing ability."

"All five tools, and he barely qualified for this list because of thelingering shoulder issue," Kline said in his subsequent chat session on the rankings. "But there’s no question he was the top guy."

No other Tiger prospects made the top 20 list. Considering how many guys shuffled in and out between injuries and Team USA obligations, that probably shouldn’t be a surprise. Still, considering Scott Sizemore hopped over there in midseason and played out of position at shortstop, his performance made an impression.

Statement from Rogers

Got an email tonight from Rogers, who has been quiet thus far during this free agency process while speculation centers on whether he’s seriously considering leaving Detroit.

"I would prefer not to discuss negotiations publicly," Rogers wrote. "I will say that I still hope to be in a Tiger uniform in 2008. I appreciate your understanding and patience during this process."

Take that for what you will.