Casey not coming back

Not that it’s a surprise, but it’s pretty much official now. Casey said this morning that Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski told him in a meeting Saturday that he would not be re-signed. There’s no such news yet on whether the Tigers will pick up Pudge’s option. Leyland met with him Saturday, too, but neither the manager nor the catcher will discuss what was said other than Pudge indicating it did not involve his option.


Sean Casey was a great Tiger and was one of the guys who remembered how to play with presure on in the series last year.
He made this team better and it’s a darn shame he couldn’t hit with power because he would still be here if he could

Thanks for coming to Detroit and we will miss the Good Humor Man.


Well Granderson is at .300 but barely. JL has taken Polanco out (the right thing), and now NEEDS to take out Granderson and Guillen.

I hope you guys don’t have to hear me gripe about this anymore.

Congrats to Carlos for really turning it on the last couple of day.s

Big Congratulations to Curtis. Way to hustle!
He should be able to finish @.300 in spite of his mangager.

Amazing–couldn’t happen to a better person.

I am not sure that I think it is the right thing, not to sign Sean Casey. As I have said before, what the **** does it matter where your HR’s come as long as they come. Sean Casey seems to be a great team player and and class act and I feel that it is too bad that they are letting him go. The guy ended the season with a better average than Guillen?? That must mean that they have every intention of keeping Thames so that he can back up first base. I would also think that they have a pretty good idea of what they are going to do at short if they have already made the decision about Casey.

Great job to all the Tigers who hit their milestones

Magglio – MVP (in my opinion)

and of course Batting champ

Polanco – 200 hits, hitting

341 and also his errorless

streak – amazing

Granderson – batting over 300

his 20 -20 -20 20 club

Guillen – 102 RBI’s

Rabelo – 1st career homerun

By the way do you think it is bad of me to be mad that Rollins got his 20th triple on the last day of the season?

In a pathetic way I wanted it to be all Curtis’s.

Well I will be checking back often to see if there is anything going on. Otherwise we’ll be talking after the 1st of the year.

Don’t forget Raburn’s infield single to give him a .300+ average in his first real big league season.

All in all, it was a day that all of us, Tigers and fans alike, deserved. I was watching for the silent treatment on Rabelo’s homer, and they pulled it off beautifully. Did you check out Infante not wanting to look at Rabelo and trying to appear busy hunting a helmet? That was rich. And, I received the FSN Detroit feed so didn’t have to close out the season with Hawk and DJ.

Dan, if I had been in charge, I really would have ordered Grandy out of the game after his first hit. Granderson didn’t want to “back into it” and that’s typical Curtis, but I would have sat that young man down. Anyway, it all worked out great and .302 sounds better anyway.

I hate to see Casey go. If watching baseball is meant to be fun, then Sean is the perfect ballplayer. I’m also kind of unhappy that we’re losing players and getting nothing in return.

There have been opinions shared here that the Tigers are in trouble for next year, and there have been opinions that the Tigers will be fine. I can give you my prediction for next year right now, and it won’t change regardless of what moves we make or don’t make. The Detroit Tigers, in 2008, will win between 75 and 100 games. Sounds like a cop out, doesn’t it? Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned in all my years of baseball, it’s that you’ll never know what will happen. Above all other sports, baseball is the most unpredictable, and therefore most fun, sport of all. All you can do is send out the best team you can put together, then see how the winds blow.

There is nothing bad you can say about Sean Casey- even when he wasn’t hitting as many homeruns as we all would have liked- he was a tremendous defenseman at first base, the best pinch hitter we had this year, and he always had a smile on his face. He made the most of his talent, always gave 110%- and he was a joy to watch. I am going to miss him tremendously. Whatever team picks him up is lucky to have him. Thanks, Sean.

You know it was only one game but it was a seminal effort.

The milestones, and Rich you nailed it on the silent treatment, and the internal message sent out by this game will carry over to next year.

Robertson pitched another outstanding game. Grilli looked, I can’t believe I’m saying this, awesome.

The guys supported each other and that is a mastercard moment.

Rabelo finally tagging one and the subsequent silent treatment was phenomenal–I just wished the camera would have locked in on the dugout another minute longer!

The message sent to the Sox should not be overlooked either. The Tigers had been dealing with some sort of Voodoo with these guys but they ended it today.

It was pretty much a perfect day and a very encouraging way to cap off the season.

Casey leaving will be forgotten–but never by Casey. It was something he will deservedly treasure the rest of his life.

The best thing for the Sox to look forward to next year is a change in their TV Broadcasting crew. These guys are lightweights and boring when they are at their best. I counted no less than a dozen references to their respective careers today. Sad.

Even Jim Price doesn’t do that.

Really ticked me off when they said something about not wanting Carlos to reach 100 RBIs. Even a ***** can rephrase that to something like “that would be good….. as long as our side wins the game”.

They don’t even have enough class or sophistcation to make that distinction. The ChiSox fans deserve better.

Looking forward to next year and hope that we fill a few holes and Bonderman and Leyland will both be wiser as well as another year older. If all this happens we will be in the post season.

Thanks to all the folks who here who have put up with my sarcasm and persoanl ramblings. Being opinionating can be curse somethimes, but I do like this this ball club and and despite my nostalgic references to Al, Norm, Mickey (L&S), Mac, The Bird, Paw Paw, Tony the Tiger, Gibby, Tram, Sweet Lou, Senor Smoke, Northrup, Rooftop Thompson, Jack Morris, Lance, Ron LeFlore, le Grande Orange and John Wockenfuss..I do love these guys even with their inflated salaries .

The Tigers have always had good fans with great baseball knowledge and I feel all of us here (including Jason) respect and honour that tradition. We all know we could do a better job of manging things than JL but each and every one of us knows that he is the best man for the job when all things are considered.

He drives me nuts every now and then but he is indeed an irascible, “lovable old coot”.

Anybody else thinking of fantasy camp? 60 is too old so my last chance is 2008


It has been a pleasure blogging with you guys. I’ve learned a lot in these past two years. This discussion platform has been a real pleasure.

Up until 2003 I had gotten away from closely following the Tigers since the Fielder years, but when Tram became manager my interest returned. Seems strange that Pudge has been with the team for 4 years now. Casey comes along and now he’s leaving after one and a half short seasons. I wish he were staying, a .296 hitter playing an excellent 1st base is not easily replaced. More importantly he was a truly good guy. Ironic that Sheff, a future hall of famer might end his career in Detroit. We did see glimpses of his greatness, but years of playing so hard and with the injuries that go along with that, may make it impossible for him to return. And then there’s Kenny Rogers.

This was the year that was to bring so much hope and expectations. It’s a great game but it is a humbling game too. We all thought our Tigers were a cinch to return to the post season but fate had a lesson to teach. Could anyone have imagined the number of key devastating injuries our Tigers were going to endure? There’s a poetic sadness to it all.

And yet in many ways it was a maggical season.(2 gg’s intended) Gk listed them, and Rich added Raburn’s .300+ season. Good for Ryan. I’ll add Verlander’s 18 wins and his no hitter. And also Curtis’ BIG catch, bringing that ball back into the park in the deepest part of center. I was jumping around for that one! But this year Maggs was THE MAN. He is my MVP without question. .363…WOW. His hitting was a thing of beauty. A rare thing in baseball. And he did it playing with our Tigers. With all these special accomplishments, it’s even harder to accept them not being in the post season. They deserve to be.

Well let’s not let this blog get too cold in the off season. I look forward to hearing from everyone. We can still follow Craig, Alan and the Cubbies in the playoffs after all. Again it has been a real pleasure talking with all of you this season about a passion we all share, our Detroit Tigers.

Thank you Jason for faithfully keeping us informed in a most professional way, and for allowing us to post our thoughts, not an easy thing when dealing with the likes of…………

Yours truly,

The Muppet Heckler

Once again—forgive me my typos!
Cheers to all.

Dan, Thanks for not “trashing” INge on the last day. When he comes home to Lynchburg, I’ll get you an autograph. What woould Rich say, “Priceless”! Har! Har!. I feel as if I’ve gotten to know you guys well this year, and I am truly sorry that the season comes to an end so quickly. Though the final outcome was not what we in “paws land” envisioned, wow, we still got a lot of memories. Can’t think of another team in the playoffs who will celebrate more personal achievements than our guys accomplished. I was looking at Polanco’s career numbers; Dombrowski should be GM of the century with that trade. Let’s hope Ugueth gets to watch the Series from his prison cell. In my hear of hearts, Dan, I can see Curtis telling “the old coot’, ” I want to do it just like Ted Williams did”. I called Leyland last night and asked him to start Hessman at third just for you. He told me Inge needed to go out on a high note, thus the big two hit day. The more I see and observe Sheffield’s demeanor, in this season, makes me think he has more class than he’s been given credit for. He might just bleed Royal blue. And I too, shall miss Mr. “Fleet of Foot” Sean Casey. if there were ever a classier act in the game, it had to be Al Kaline; oh, he was a Tiger wasn’t he? Such a classy organization. Finally, as was so aptly stated, White Sox are to be pitied more for their broadcast crew than their team. The only good thing I can say about the end of our season is dedicated to Hawk: He gone!. You see, gentleman, God is good indeed. Please keep in touch as we gear up for 2008! Dan, Brandon sends his best.

No need to apologize Dan. On the contrary, I have found your blogs and color commentary a real pleasure. You are definitely the articulate/meticulous/passionate technician of this outfit. The Captain. You made me get the dictionary out ‘again’ to look up “irascible” which by the way you spelled correctly…. Easily provoked to anger…come on Dan, not our lovable JL:-)Then there’s our other Co-Captain, Rich, the smooth, flawless, master of prose and “voice of reason”, of this blog. Together you two keep this thing real interesting and it’s most appreciated. By the way, what ever happened to our friend Rube from last year? That guy could write couldn’t he? Reminded me of Hemingway….tropics, Cuban cigars. I miss him.

Lastly, I can’t take another year of those clowns doing the Chicago games. They begrudgingly dole out very few Tiger compliments, but mercilessly mumble/babble on about their careers constantly. Oh well…. in their own words, “It is what it is”…sadly true.

Thanks agains guys I will be checking back often to see what is going on. By the way I will be getting the Friday night ticket packaga for next year. But not to worry we figured out what it takes to win, going to our seat we touch all the statues out in left field. Since we started to do that we won all the games that we had gone to. Yes I am supersticious. Thinking next year of taking pictures and touching each of them before each game next year. I know a little crazy

It was indeed a great game, and fantastic cap really good season. Too bad about loosing Casey–he is a solid hitter and an awesome glove. Sure some more pop would be nice, but we may miss the boat load of singles and doubles.

Must be a financial decision? In any case, I hope it works out well for everyone.

Cheers to all of the Tiger fans in Sec. 555 at the Cell Sunday. You all made it a fun game for my family.

A big thank you Sean Casey. Best wishes for the future for Sean Casey and his family. Although we were surprised at this development, my son and I will look forward to following his career. He has been an inspiration for my son’s play at first base.

I think it’s sad to loose Case; he’s one of our characters! Too, I ain’t sure it’s all that smart to let Casey go when we ain’t sure about Sheffy. If Sheffy ain’t good physically where would ya get a better DH than ya got right now with Casey?

Sheffy is a superb base runner and that’s helped a lot too and we ain’t got that with Casey

dunno, I’ll just be sad to loose Casey

What a year. Somewhat disappointing but a thoroughly enjoyable year in many respects. A few quick thoughts:

1) Dan– You gotta play Maggs and Granderson. Glad to see that they played and came through. It means so much more that way.

2) Here’s a thought on next year’s lineup:

– Granderson (cf)

– Polanco (2b)

– Sheffield (dh)

– Ordonez (rf)

– Guillen (1b)

– Thames (lf)

– Shortstop

– Catcher

– Inge (3b)

Bench: Raburn, Santiago, Rabelo, and Hessman.

Pitchers: Verlander, Bonderman, Robertson, Jurrjens, and Miller.

Bullpen: Jones, Zumaya, Rodney, Seay, Durbin, Miner, and Bazardo.

This doesn’t look great to me but I think its close to what we’ll start with next year. I think that we’ll get Jones back and don’t expect Sheff to retire. At the same time, I don’t think that Rogers is coming back and I don’t see the Tigers making too many moves. I think the Tigers will try to find a catcher that’s cheaper than Pudge (Schneider is a good one with the Nationals) and I think they’ll bring in a shortstop– no idea who they’ll go after on that one.

Bottom line: we’re gonna need health and good pitching next year cuz I don’t see the offense having a huge resurgence next year.

Looks pretty close Brent.

I think Inge will be back at 3B. I also think he will have a better year. if he can get around 20 HRs and hit .270 then he is worth every penny.

I think we will see Pudge again. There truly is not much out there unless you were to make a trade. I personally can live with Pudge if JL can live with reality instead of suffering from Halofamitis and bat him 8th instead of 6th.

I think Sheffield will be back.

As far as SS goes –you know we could do a lot worse than Jack Wilson. He hit near .300 this year, knows how to turn a DP and made less than a dozen errors all year.

I would like a Tulowihzki or Rollins though!!

A-Rod works for me and would be a real testament to Mike Illitch if he had the nerve to top off his pizza with this calibre of signing.

As far a LHB—I like a guy like Nick Markakis. If they acquire a LHB it will likely be an outfielder. Markakis can flat out play and if Sheff were to retire, Ordonez could DH and play some left and put a cannon in RF.

I think DD will make a major deal this winter. He’ll probably shock us all and go for a starter!

I think you’re close to being right on there, Brent. I’d rather have Timo than Hessman so we’d have a LH bat coming off the bench. I want Santiago as the backup SS, along with Raburn as utility man. Spring training will of course create new scenarios, but what you’ve posted is pretty accurate, IMO.

It’s hard to project what the offense will do. If we’ve still got the same 1-5 hitters, that’s quite a bit. We also never know who will have a good year or a bad one. Monroe disappeared this season. Inge could have a much improved offensive season. Anything can happen. One thing we do know is that Dombrowski is a very capable GM and can be trusted to get it right.

You know, I’m not a Mets fan, in fact far from it, but other than the Red Sox or Yankees, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Unless it benefited the Tigers, obviously. The Mets organization is going to live with this forever. I saw some of their games down the stretch and if a team ever actually choked, it was this one. Yes, I used THE word. They were that bad. But hey, wouldn’t you just love to see something like this happen to the Yankees?

So hey, bonus baseball tonight. I got so wrapped up in the NL East that I never saw this particular wild card playoff coming. Should be a fun one for any fan of the game.

I like that “halofamitis” but it sounds like it has something to do with the Angels. Let’s see…….how about……halloffameopathy?

–Rich 😉

Rich–I had to make it cryptic enough for someone to figure it out. It took you all of a couple of minutes!

So, on to 2008..

– Pudge will be back by default.

– Rogers will be back for one last go of it.

– As for SS, I am sure Santiago will be the back-up, but aren’t sure who we will get via trade or free agency.

– I don’t see Thames starting in LF, so we will pick up someone for that position as well.

– I can see JJ rather than Miller as a starter as the beginning of the season.

Dan – If DD would pull off a monster of a deal with A-Rod I would literally ****-o-la in my pants. I don’t see this happening, but do agree that a major move will shock some of us during this off season. Heck, did anyone predict we would get Shef at the beginning of the last off season, I think not.

If we would potentially get A-Rod, the Indians could kiss the division goodbye next year. WoW…I am drooling of just the thought. Heck, Maggs would like like .400 being behind A-Rod….holy ****. Can you imagine…Grandy, Polanco, Sheff, then A-Rod or Maggs, then Guillen, etc, etc…WOW!

Anyway…back to reality here…..oh yeah, that’s right, I am still at work, in Cleveland..UGH!

I need a napkin….anyone got one?

where does Vance Wilson fit into this? If Wilson comes back will it be Wilson/Rabello?

I think we need Perez.

What’s the beef with Santiago for SS? He played well at SS

A-Rod don’t belong with our Tigers he’s a Yankee

Buzzard likely a starter, Byrdick in the pen; dunno about Miller

Why Hessman on the bench instead of Infante?

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