Here is the state of catching

The news here on the south side of Chicago is a two-year, $12.5 contract extension for catcher A.J. Pierzynski, who is now signed through 2010. Add in his $5.85 million salary for next year, and he’ll make more than $18 million over the next three years. That isn’t meant to justify the Tigers whether or not they eventually pick up Pudge’s $13 million option (which I expect they’ll do), but it basically gives an idea for other catchers who re-sign. Pierzynski turns 31 this winter and has around the same OPS as Pudge this year while ranking firmly above-average offensively for catchers over the last few seasons.


Well I was hoping they would sit Granderson today.
I won’t go into detail again but he can afford 1 more AB (without a hit) without dropping below .300

I think it would be huge for him to hit .300 and worth sitting him in order to do it.

Oh well.

Also wanted the chance to see Maybin in a less pressured situation and Hessman to show what he can do at third. I don’t see much point in playing Inge at present.

I woulda had Polanco leading off today too. Nothing wrong getting an extra AB when you only need 2.

Be nice to see Verlander shut the sox DOWN and the Hawk UP with a dominant “heGAWN” performance.

What’s the feeling out there for Eckstein, Uribe or Wilson?

I prefer A-Rod myself.

Well Verlander must have nightmares about Thome.
Thome owns him.

Gotta figure that stuff out Justin.

JV has been giving up a lot of HRs lately. Some good pitchers do that. I remember Jim Bunning gave up 30 + a couple of years.

I know I am climbing all over Inge but really–what a lousy AB with men in scoring position. The season is virtually over, Inge has nothing notable to accomplish other than hitting above .230, Infante and Hessman can play and should play. I can see the regs playing if this last series were at home but JL had a chance to see what his B team can do against a good ball club. I say good because they are good against us if not everyone or anybody else.
At least it would be interesting to see Rabelo, Maybin and even Clevlen.

Grandy can go 1 x 4 today and still be hitting .2998

Granderson is 1 x 3 now and could be 3 x3 with any kind of luck. He has gone out and earned Leyland.

Cut him a break.

Please excuse the botched post above. Meant to say “He has gone out and earned it today Leyland. Now cut him a break.”


Man I am really choked with Leyland. He pinch hits for Santiago but leaves Granderson in to face a lefty. We all know how Granderson has done against lefties. In my books that is jerk move.

Granderson is now at .2993

I was mistaken thinking he could go 1 x 4

Leyland will probably sit him tomorrow now.

Even if you PH with Marcus there are still a few other RHB you could have put in.

Someone said something about players not being aware of numbs as much as fans are. I assure they are not less aware. They are astutely aware and it is a big deal for them to reach mythical milestones like this.

I just lost a lot of respect for Leyland–he purports to be all about his players well he should have been on top of this situation. He should be ashamed.

I hope Curtis can come out tomorrow and do it on his own.

I’m just shakin’ my head I can’t believe the guy is so out of touch.

Well Justin pitched a really nice ballgame–good season and he weathered a few storms along the way.

Geez–the boys came up a bit short today in a lot of ways.

Polanco short of another hit

Granderson short of making history

Pudge short on the throw

Rodney short on the mound and Leyland short of his senses.


Boy was that second base umpire bad. He screwed up two calls in the game, and wound up probably screwing up the game for the Tigers. I disagree Dan, no Rodney shouldn’t have walked that guy, but that call was horrible. he cost us a possible double play and at the very least the out at second. That being said the hitting and the pitching in the first few innings for the Tigers was aweful. They left way too many guys on base in scoring position with one out and didn’t come through. That is unacceptable, again they make a bad pitcher look good. A familiar scene this year.

Curtis’ BA against lefties is .154–well less now after being forced to bat against Logan.

Leyland had a pefect scenario to be magnanimous and he failed the test.

On top of the whole .300 issue, it didn’t even make sense to bat Curtis against the lefty at all in that situation.

I hope Leyland has enough courtesy to put him in the lineup tomorrow now that he absolutely needs another hit to get there.

Rodney did come up short IMO. He walked the leadoff guy in the bottom of the 9th and you all know how often that ends badly.

That being said–I still want Rodney on my team next year. He is not a 9th inning guy though and never will be.

Well I hope I can get through the game tomorrow without this knot in my stomach that I have today. It’s not there from stress–just anger, so I think I’ll be OK!

I agree, even though I think that Curtis needs to learn to hit lefties, I do think that almost always he should pinch hit for him.

Somehow, some way, we find a way to lose to Chicago.

Doug Eddings has just added his name to the ever growing list of incompetent umpires. Umpiring quality has taken a real nosedive. I don’t know what he was doing on that play earlier, sprinting off towards leftfield, but he was in no position to make a call. I don’t know what the rule is if an umpire clumsily impedes a baserunner. Is the runner automatically given the base he was trying for, or is it a judgement call? If judgement, one of the other umps should have made the call. Then he blew the call in the ninth just to ensure himself a spot on the list of bad umpires. Although I think he was already there.

Then the guy on the White Sox postgame show says “Leyland argues a lot.” Sheesh. I hate for our last three games to be carried by those clowns.

This was the one time I thought Hessman SHOULD start, after hitting two of his homers this year off Gavin Floyd. So of course we get Inge. I just don’t get it sometimes. I do know that Brandon Inge better take a bigger interest in his hitting skills. If he truly can’t remember one day to the next, as is said of him, he better get a laptop or something to help himself out.

Justin Verlander is now easily the ace of this pitching staff.

So one more game, then on to the playoffs. I would say it will be an intersting offseason, but I don’t think there will be that many moves outside of the shortstop search.

Granderson has to hit at least 1 x 3 today. He would end up at .2995

Ordonez can afford to go 0 x 5 and have Ichiro go 5 x 5 and still claim the title.

My lineup:

Polanco 2B (extra AB)

Granderson CF (closes out the season with 2 dsoubles)

Perez RF/DH/LF (If only Raburn could hit left-handed)

Ordonez DH/RF (nuff’ said)

Guillen SS (last game at his position)

Thames LF/DH (He’s earned it after 2 years with JL)

Casey 1B (Nice guys finish last game)

Hessman 3B (Laugh all you want-he may playing here next year)

Rabelo C (Make way for a switch hitter)

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