Sheff to sit this weekend

Jim Leyland has decided to call it a season with his slugger. He’ll sit Sheffield for the last couple days of the season.

"He’s hurting," Leyland said.

He could receive some news this weekend on what he’ll need to do to be right for next year. All of his MRI results and x-rays are in, he said, and he expects to meet with team medical personnel this weekend to go over his options, whether he needs surgery or can expect to rehab without it.


Thank god! But this is a move that should have been made a while ago. I actually like Sheff a lot (god I sound like JL). However, and I know this is a strange comment, I think we would have won two or three more games in Sept. if we had almost anyone hitting third besides him! With his injury, he was a total ****** for the outside corner and frankly embarassing to a proud guy. Without looking it up, I bet he hasn’t had but one or two HR’s in the past 75 days of the season. Out of the three hole! Thames, Rabaurn, Hessman, anyone would have been better. Next year he just has to be well or he will hold us down again. You know the rule, if you pay them big $$$$, they have to play. I like him and want him back, but only if he is at his pre-allstar game level!

Good point JT. JL is a good manager but at times he shows he is flawed by a stubborness that can be counter productive.

Watching Sheffield try to hit has been brutal.

I hope he is able to win the comeback player of the yer next year. His poor numbers and injury problems certainly pre-qualify him.

In the 70 game period from the time Sheff “figured out how to DH” to the time of his injury problems, here’s what he did:

Avg- .347

HR- 22

RBI- 59

R- 68

BB- 40

K- 21

OBP- .433

SLG- .653

OPS- 1.086

Tigers W-L 44-26 .629

The above is less than half a season. This is a guy you’d like to have back.

There is supposed to be “thin” free agent market this year.

with Eckstein, Dunn, Bradley, A-Rod, Uribe all out there I would say it ain’t that thin.

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