Guillen to play first base next year

Leyland said it first on radio this morning and confirmed it later today that he plans on Guillen being his regular first baseman next season. He talked with Guillen about it Wednesday and convinced him that it was best for the team and would give him the best chance to stay healthy and play every day. They’ll look for a shortstop this winter.


I think he will make a good one.

Now the hunt is on for a shortstop. Guillen will add some numbers that you would hope to get from a corner infielder but you also lose them if the job goes to Santiago. I think this will revive the A-Rod rumor mill again.

The Tigers are grooming SS down in the farm, Dlugach, Hollimon, Worth, Iorg. I would think they will be inclined to “hope and dream” that Santiago will fill the bill for a year.

Carlos should pick it up a bit this coming year now that he has that issue out of the way.

I have seen where some folks think they could move Inge over to short. IMO–NO WAY that would work. Sure he could play there but he is a reaction type fielder who is best when he doesn’t have too many options to second guess himself.

They need some more power in the lineup but if they could get Santiago to spray the ball around the field and hit anywhere above .265 then they may have the best guy available for the job. I don’t think they can afford another .230 hitter in the lineup who doesn’t hit for power.

Inge is a reaction type infielder because he’s playing a reaction type position, but I agree, we can do better at short.

I would guess Santiago is a fallback position. Actually, I’d prefer him over a Jack Wilson type. I’ve said for years that A-Rod, who seems like a good enough guy, needs to get himself out of New York. Coming here would be too unbelievable, but that would be a good fit for him and the fans.

Back to reality, I wonder what this means for Casey?

All in all, a good move. Carlos is probably better than any firstbaseman they could actually acquire. The hunt for a shortstop could be affected by a hunt for a power hitting outfielder.

Big news today, both stories.

I know it makes the best sense overall for the team, but I was really hoping Casey would be able to stick around-he’s such a great team player and was so much a part of last year’s magic. Now, I can’t see how he would fit.

That makes me sad, in a way. I know that a lot of you are down on Casey this year, but the dude is batting nearly 300 right now. Does he get a lot of HR’s no, but as long as you get your power from somewhere why did it have to be by Sean. The reall problem was not Sean’s lack of power it was the huge drop off of Inge, Monroe and Thames. And lets face it if Sheff had stayed healthy the last 2 1/2 months he probably would of gotten 15 more you’d think??

I think that is probably the best move for Carlos, but I sure will hate to lose a guy that knows how to get on base and keep the lineup moving like Sean does. And I don’t know of Santiago is going to give us anything in that regard?? Too bad you couldn’t have Infante hit and Santiago play the field??? HA HA I will really be sorry to see Sean go. Does anyone think that they will keep Marcus around??

I hope these 2 jerks broadcasting for the Sox stop whining about the HBP in the first inning. And don’t our guys know that if the strike out we have to listen to that moronic “He-Gawn”?

The regs don’t look too enthused tonight and I am hoping that Granderson and Polanco (another) can both get a hit before this night is over.

Still hoping to see Hessman. Many guys are downn on this guy but I think the cat can hit 30 and and .250 up here if he gets the chance.

I think Thames will be somewhere else and if he goes look for him to have a Carlos Pena type year.

Infante may be gone too. I like the guy and feel he has been overlooked but realistically Raburn can do what he does and perhaps a bit better.

Not a pretty game tonight. It’s painful to watch Sheffield and they should be decent and just play Santiago the rest of the way. Guillen has really hit the wall. I hope he will be reinvigorated next year.

Sheffield just K’d again—even more painful to watch.

C’mon JL take him out no need to embarass him.

Guillen is not going to get his 100 RBIs the way he is winging the bat with men on.

Anybody have a help wanted sign out for a MLB catcher?

Nice job PP. He IS gonna do it.
Granderson needs to get his s**t together though if he wants to hit .300

Any way you cut it –he is a great player.

Well—Ordonez has done everything else beyond expectation this year. It would be fitting that he cranks one here to tie it up.
Fantastic year by Ordonez–just superb.

Ordonez has certainly won the batting title.


I have to think that as sophisticated as the Chicago fans are they mus detest this broadcasting crew as much as we do. They are actually insulting to the profession.

If I am Jim Leyland there is absolutely no way I playCurtis Granderson the next 2 games.
He has done his job he is hitting .300–give the KID a break—that is unless you are trying to keep him from this magical event in order to negotiate salary.

Sit him and let Raburn, Maybin or Infante play.

C’mon be a good man and do the right thing.

If he plays he won’t hit .300–he is pressing–recognize that and DO THE RIGHT THING.

May seem like a back door kind of move but I really think it would be prudent, generous, sensitive and honorable to give Curtis the rest of the season off.

C’mon Leyland DO THE RIGHT THING. This kid deserves it.

He has been inspirational and you owe it to him.

And sit Magglio too–He’s at .360!!!

Let him have it!

My lineup tomorrow would be:

Polanco 2B

Raburn RF

Guillen 1B

Thames DH

Perez LF

Hessman 3B

Rabelo C

Maybin CF

Santiago SS

Give Polanco an extra AB

Let Guillen try to knock in a few runs

Give Hessman and Maybin a look.

Give Marcus a stroke and bat him cleanup.

But that Old Coot will probably be obstinate and present the same lineup we saw today. I hope he proves me wrong–either way.

We don’t owe the Chicago fans anything–DO THE RIGHT THING

What do you guys THINK?

C;mon you guys lend a little support here.

Am I wrong, Dan, or are you saying to sit Grandy? 🙂 Just kidding. I see your point. My idea a week ago was that if Curtis was at .300 before the last game, then sit him then as a reward. If they want to do it for two games, it’s okay with me. I have a feeling, however, that he’ll play tomorrow to “earn” it, then rest on Sunday if he’s done it. It will be interesting to see how JL (and Curtis) wants to do this.

In Harrelson and Jackson, you’re seeing what I’ve been complaining about since 2004. More than the stupid things they say, they’re also just plain dull and boring. This is why I always hate White Sox games. I’m hoping against hope that we pick up Rod and Mario for tomorrow’s game. Sunday I know it’s Chicago’s feed.

There was a special about our FSN team on Sunday, and something Rod said rung true. He said “we do a good job of sticking to the game.” If only more play by play teams would do this. I don’t care to hear about Whitey Ford when Rogers is pitching.

Speaking of Rogers (that’s a proper segue-way, Hawk), he didn’t pitch all that badly. He lives on the corners, and these darned umpires this year aren’t giving the corners very often. Perhaps it’s that league directive to enforce the defined strike zone. At any rate, Kenny’s not getting the calls he needs and that alone may be enough to cause him to retire.

Javier Vasquez is a good pitcher on a roll, and he dominated our guys tonight. It’s hard to look lively when you’re not hitting.

I’d love to keep Sean Casey, but a 33-year old who’s hitting .297 will have no trouble finding work. I hate that we’re losing guys and getting nothing in return.

Hessman has taken Gavin Floyd deep twice, so I’m sure he will start tomorrow. What Big Mike has to do is hit the more accomplished ML pitchers, and I’m not sure he can do that. I was right behind the Toledo dugout in July, and noticed that he’s a good team guy, fits our mold in that respect, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope of him being a part of the Tigers’ future. I do wish him well, though.

The NL took a giant leap forward this evening in cleaning up the playoff possibilities. How’d you like to be a Mets fan tonight? Taking a 9.5 game lead into September and now a game back with two to play. That’s rough. And hey, the Yankees FINALLY don’t win the division after nine years. The dynasty has collapsed. 🙂

I have to do this in honor of the late great (and loud) Harry Carey:


I am in agreement with you oin th Cubs and on on the umping.
i used to live in Chicago on the NW side and loved the Cubs. Banks, Santo, Hubbs, Williams, Hubbs and good old George Altman.

My allegiance is to the fateful Cubbies.

Those fans are equal to ours as far as loyalty and perseverance goes.

Just make sure Steve Bartman doesn’t attend—just kidding Steve. You didn’t do what anybody else would’nt have done.

Is that a triple negative?

As to Curtis– I think JL could start him and if he goes 0-1 then take him ojt and he is still hittin .300 If he gets a hit his first Ab then you can let him go 1 for 4.

I genuinely feel this is important.

Polanco needs 2 more hits and he let’s hope he does it tomorrow. He is a class act and the most indispesable player on the team IMO.

I need to edit my typing more!
I hope all Tiger fans enjoy their final Saturday and Sunday of the 2007 season.

Do players really pay that much attention to their own stats? Maybe at contract negotiation time, but my guess is that Granderson and Ordonez probably know their stats less than we do. Stats are what’s happened in the past. It seems to me baseball players have to forget yesterday’s results quickly to succeed in the present.

I understand the move for Guillen, but it does weaken the team. Having his bat at SS is a great advantage. He goes from being an outstanding offensive SS to an above average offensive 1B. The only way this is a winning move is if the team can somehow come up with an above avg offensive SS…that’s going to be a difficult task without sacrificing talent.

Most people know that Ted Williams was the last guy to hit over .400 for a season, but you may not be aware that he was right at .400 with one day to go. The Sox had a double header, and his manager offered to sit him out both games to preserve his average at .400. Williams declined, saying, “Either I can hit .400 for a season or I can’t!” He played both games and went 6 for 8, ending the day at .406. All that to say, I think Granderson should play.

I realize we missed the post season by just a few games, but I think we’re in very rough shape for next year. Going from ’06 to ’07, they had a lock on 16 of their 17 key positions (8 position players, one DH, 5 starters, and top 3 relievers). The only hole was DH, and they immediately filled it with Sheff. Now heading into ’08, they have holes at 10 of those spots. We don’t have a legit LF or SS. Our DH is questionable due to health. Our 3B has lost his batting stroke (down from .253 and 27 HRs in ’06 to .236 and 14 HRs in ’07). Verlander is the only starter to be counted on. Three others are question marks for various reasons: Bondo (health), Rogers (health, age, contract), Robertson (inconsistency). And the 5th spot is up for grabs (Miller? Bazardo? Jurrjens?). We may seem like we were just a step away from the playoffs this year, but recall that we got worse, not better, as the season progressed. Which means we’re not headed in the right direction as we prepare for ’08. If Ilitch doesn’t spend a lot of money or give up a lot of talent, we’re looking at another dropoff next year.

Dave, I certainly hope Ilitch doesn’t give up a lot of talent to get someone. I believe that by 2009 and maybe as early as late in the 2008 season, we will see what a terrible trade the Sheffield trade was. I was and am very unhappy about giving up Sanchez, Whelan and Claggett to get Sheff. I particularly did not like giving up Whelan.

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