September 28th, 2007

Sheff to sit this weekend

Jim Leyland has decided to call it a season with his slugger. He’ll sit Sheffield for the last couple days of the season.

"He’s hurting," Leyland said.

He could receive some news this weekend on what he’ll need to do to be right for next year. All of his MRI results and x-rays are in, he said, and he expects to meet with team medical personnel this weekend to go over his options, whether he needs surgery or can expect to rehab without it.

Guillen to play first base next year

Leyland said it first on radio this morning and confirmed it later today that he plans on Guillen being his regular first baseman next season. He talked with Guillen about it Wednesday and convinced him that it was best for the team and would give him the best chance to stay healthy and play every day. They’ll look for a shortstop this winter.