Leyland, Tigers to talk extension

That will happen Monday, and Leyland is hoping to emerge from his meeting with another year on his contract, which would put him through 2009. President/GM Dave Dombrowski approached him about his situation several weeks ago, he said, and they both decided it would be best to discuss once the season ends. Considering the Tigers want him around, it’s a formality. Don’t expect a multi-year extension, because Leyland doesn’t want to go that far into the future.


Rod Allen just beat me to the punch. JJ’s lack of a strikeout pitch showed why he may have problems making the show. He had 0-2 or 1-2 to all three of those guys that got hits.
Sometimes you need to throw a guy a chair.

4 runs down to Santana is pretty much an impossible mission.

Okay well, a rather strange night with all the delays and such. Kind of an almost comic moment when they did the announcement for Bruce Froemming and Leyland and Gardy came out for a photo op in the pouring rain. I’m thinking the Twins would just as soon get on the plane to Boston and let this one go.

So we finally got eliminated with three games left. Not too shabby, all things taken into consideration.

Ryan Raburn can only play himself off the team next spring, and he may not be able to do that even. He’s demonstrated that he’s ready for prime time.

You know, after defending Todd Jones for two years, I’m going to be disappointed in the dude if he leaves town for the money.

Turns out I was wrong about the final weekend series in Chicago; it won’t count for anything. I was sure that would be make or break.

So we’ve got three games left in this season that passed all too quickly. I’d be happy to discuss the ongoing postseason with you fine folks if anyone is so inclined.


The Sox are going to throw 3 RHP against us. Granderson should start in his hometown and I think he will go out with guns blazing.

I would like to see Hessman play a game at third. He can hammer out 30 to 35 HRs at the big league level. If he can hit .260 and field a position it might be worth it.

I think we will finally cut ties with Marcus. They are going to need to find room for Raburn, Maybin and Perez. It may seem unlikely but all 3 of those guys could make the team next year depending on what the club does about its pursuit of a LH power hitter.

If Sheffield retires I wouldn’t rule Bonds out. Its a natural fit and Leyland adores Bonds.

Heck there even has been some talk about A-Rod playing for us. Not much chance of that IMO.

Best of luck to Polanco and Granderson for the the next 3 games.

Ichiro got 2 hits yesterday and it DROPPED his BA (2 x 6)

I think Ordonez has it locked up unless things get weird.

One of the big keys for us next year: Kenny Rogers

Of course Bonderman has to smarten up and bring us >15 wins too.

I was at the game tonight and it was just hard to believe that this would be the last time i would see my team play. Even with all the injuries we were technically in the race until the final home game of the year.
I look forward to next year, and

rooting for the Yankees to lose in the postseason

As you might have noticed, I have been away from the posts for about a week. I have been taking in the re-caps on ESPN and reading all your blogs on here everyday, but just haven’t been in the mood to post lately. Pretty much because of how the year turned out.
As I relect though, there were some positives, as we are all well aware what they are and no need to re-post them from Maggs to Grandy.

I also like the fact we got to see the future of the club with the young players in real games and not just spring training ones. For that, I am happy. Some of them will make some interesting additions to the team next year.

Anyway, just wanted to get back and say ‘hello’ and let you all know I am still alive and well…..still having to read the Cleveland paper everyday about the Indians, but so be it……ttyl

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