Rotation now set

OK, we have a firm rotation now.

This Fri-Sun at Minnesota: Robertson, Bazardo and Jurrjens
Next Mon-Wed at Cleveland: Rogers, Verlander and Robertson
Next Fri-Sun vs. KC: Jurrjens, Rogers, Verlander
Sept. 24-26 vs. Minnesota: Robertson, TBA, Jurrjens
Sept. 28-30 at Chicago: Rogers, Verlander, Robertson


Ah, great. Thanks Jason. My wife and I have never seen Rogers (her favorite) or Verlander live, so this will be a fun trip. Let’s hope it will count for something big.

I hope Verlander pitches like he has tonight for you folks.

Ordonez continues to amaze. Those were 3 very big runs. I think the Rangers were likely to catch up to us without those. That was clutch hitting.

Guillen is really struggling right now. I thought Casey would play first tonight and Guillen SS.

I suspect that this will be Verlander’s last inning.

Blue Jays just stranded 3 in the 6th. They have been playing poorly so don’t expect a miracle out of the True North tonight.

Clevelen in for Perez again. If Magglio hurts himself out there JL will take a lot more criticism than what we are giving.

Who was that imposter wearing a Todd Jones jersey pitching in the 9th? It sure looked like Jones but it couldn’t have been him, could it? He struck out the side!!! That was some nice pitching all around tonight and some good hitting. That is the way we should be winning the games- good solid baseball all around.

Jones and Zumaya switched roles tonight? Jones just set ’em up and sat ’em down.
I sure would like to see that continue.

Homeruns. Priceless. A single, two walks, and two bombs. Ballgame.

While realizing that they can barely afford to lose any games at this point, I’m pretty happy with that Texas series. Pennant race aside, they took on a team that had won 13 of 15 and had the second best record for the second half of the season. Good job.

I think it’s no coincidence that the Tigers started to roll when they finally got the entire team back in action. When you think of what could have been……

Now, this is important: Carlos Guillen has not been hitting. I don’t think he’s anymore worn down than anyone else is at this point in the season, so I expect him to break out, perhaps starting with those two hits tonight. How about a hot Carlos over the final two weeks? Sound good?

While I accepted the reality of the situation a couple weeks ago, I didn’t entirely give up and here’s why. I broke the month of September into three parts. Part one was the pre-Cleveland phase which has gone well so far, and will end on Sunday. I’d hoped for more cooperation from CLE and NY but that didn’t happen. Part two is the Cleveland series itself. Therein lies an opportunity to actually affect our own circumstances, especially if we can chop off another game before Monday. Part three, obviously, is the post-Cleveland games, assuming parts one and two worked out. Cleveland is due to cool off, and if we have put pressure on them, those bats will ice up even more.

Far fetched? Sure. Possible? Absolutely. At the very least, this little blueprint has helped me to enjoy this final month of contention for the big prize.

Like you RL I am not counting on a post season, pretty much know it is going to be difficult, BUT there still is that part of me that clings to hope. (There is not a ton, but there is some, a little less knowing that Bazardo is pitching on Saturday and although not announced it is Santana’s turn to pitch???) Anyway, back to point, I was hoping for a little more cooperation from the Yankees and Cleveland, but that ##!#@ still are managing to win. I thought for sure they would have to go through a little lapse. But now Mussina decides to be lights out tonight and Toronto strands loads of runners and yes the Yankees win another. Hopefully Boston can take three from them this weekend. Yankees can’t possibly sweep them again, can they??? And Cleveland I believe plays KC and will not get Meche, since he pitched tonight I think. Anyway whatever.


You know, playoffs or not, this is the kind of baseball that lifts your spirit. You always want your team finishing strong. It’s what made last year so strange and disappointing really….backing into the playoffs. Doesn’t look like Cleveland or New York are gonna be much help down the stretch here, and therein lies the rub. We can hope for small slumps that would keep them at 500 ball the rest of the way but probably no better. A sweep of the Yanks by Boston, and a sweep of Cleveland by us would help a great deal. Tough odds. Which means our Tigers have to pretty much run the table. A couple months ago I mentioned that it would take no more than 95 wins to win the Central. That’s the most the Tigers can win now. Cleveland needs to go 10-6 and they win 95. If they just go 8-8 the Tigers need to finish 13-2. That’s the picture.

The rotation looks as good as it can. Not sure I like Bazardo at this point, but its Minnesota, we’ll just need to outscore them. Anyone notice that with 4 more starts and wins Verlander can still win 20? Robertson could still finish at 500. And Jurrjens could find himself on a post season roster. Jones could get 40 saves. Ordonez and Sheffield could hit 30 HR’s each. Guillen will hit .300. Magglio will win the batting title and could still pass Rodriguez in RBIs. Polanco IS the best second baseman in baseball. While Curtis Granderson will not go 30-30-30-30, I wouldn’t trade him for the Kansas City Royals. Now that’s a compliment since KC does have some fine players on its roster. Sean Casey is the best non power hitting first baseman in baseball. And I actually like Pudge again. Did he get sick of our comments or something? Brandon seems to have finally changed his hitting approach, if he tops .260 I predict we win the division. Something for you to shoot for Brandon, no pressure intended. And Santiago is a joy to watch at SS. JL gets the last laugh on us by sticking with Timo Perez and now it’s paying off. What a welcome addition to the offense, and defense. I admit I was a reluctant and late passenger on the Timo Perez train, but I guess I’m a believer at least for the time being. Well I’ve babbled enough here and need to fall asleep and dream of World Series Championships. Go Tigers.

Nice to hear you so excited Marty!
About Santiago-I like him and he is atreat to watch but he will need to hit above .260 or so to justify his lack of powerl His defense can’t do that alone.

He sometimes looks like he is trying to be something other than the slap hitter he will need to become in order to stay in the bigs.

We will be very hard pressed to make it to the post-season even IF we don’t have any more surprises with the starters.

Nice to have our #3 & #4 hitters pop homers to score all our runs and win us a ball game. Reminds me a little of the 1961 team.

Is Bazardo starting Saturday so we can have Durbin in the pen, ready to come in to pitch in the 2nd? I know Durbin got beat up this past week, but has Bazardo had a strong outing yet this year for the Tigers???

Ah, Gentlemen Tigerbloggers. To be able to enjoy two good gsmes out of the last three has been a joy. Isn’t it amazing that with all of the achievements of Ordonez, Granderson, Polanco, and Verlander this year, that another team will bask in the glory of post season baseball. There is no doubt that our beloved Tigers are the best team; we just couldn’t overcome the pitching woes due to unlucky injuries. I really see great things in 2008. And who knows? Maybe there;s still a miracle left. I’ve never shared this with my Brothers of the English D Order, but I have an autographed baseball of a former star with our Tigers. He should have made it to the Hall of Fame, but his moral compass broke. Wouldn’t you know that I have a signed baseball from baseball’s last(for all time) 30 game winners. he was entertaining, you have to admit. May the blue of the old English D stay fresh in your minds as this season comes to a final curtain call.

I’m gonna be watching Buzzard first start with great interest!

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