Good/bad news on Bondo

Early result suggest a pinching of cartilage near the back of the elbow. It still could keep him out the rest of the season, but nobody is talking surgery right now. At the moment, he’ll skip his next turn for sure and go from there until he feels no more irritation there.


Frankly, I only thought at this point that we had a small chance to get into the playoffs this year, too many lost opportunities. Not impossible but fairly improbable. Now with this, I have to think that it is going to be nearly impossible.

I hope that he is okay, and I hope that if he is done for this year, they dont wait too long to decide whether he needs surgery or not. I would hate to lose him for anytime next year.

Jason, you’ve had to deliver more medical reports this year than anyone deserves. I guess the good part is this probably won’t happen next season.

“Pinching of cartilage” is kind of vague, but it sounds surgical to me. Arthroscopically, of course.

I wonder if there will be an adjustment to the order of the rotation?

Rich, I didn’t know that about JB and being dislexic.

I am still pretty ticked that he didn’t see the greater imperative and was more upfront to his mates and the staff.

Speaking of the staff, what’s up with that? They should be able to detect whether they are being had, if indeed they were.

Anyway, I am not happy about yesterday but I am really quite impressed with the way they have played these last few days. They have shown that they can handle adversity. They have shown they can work together and they have shown they can adapt.

It may be too late this year but it is a trait that I am thrilled still exists in their collective psyche.

An ovbservation from the other night about Timo. He took a 1-1 pitch right on the inside corner about belt high. Not because he was fooled, but because he was measuring the pitch. It was really cool to watch. He had no concern that he would then have 2 strikes and proceeded to rake the next the pitch into right field. That’s confidence. He’s got it right now and will see a lot of playing time from here on out.

The Jays have 1 guy in the lineup hitting over .300.
This should make things a bit easier for Kenny. I’m blacked out here in BC, but fortunate to be able to watch it on a national sports network that is heavily pro Blue Jays. Should be interesting.

Gameday says Pudge left due to a head injury, but when’d it happen?

Rod and Mario said that Pudge left to dizziness. That could be caused by quite a few different things but they must have listed it as a head injury.

I sincerely hope this is the last time I blast leyland. What the he!! is he doing bringing in a righty to face a swithc hitter with Overbay up next?

I don’t get it, but the last I looked we had Seay out there who is showing he can pitch in the late innings.

Chalk one up to Leyland on this–that was downright astoundingly stupid.

Any chance for the game was handed away when he had the ooportuninty to replace Zumaya with Seay or even Byrdak.

Yesterday I was ticked off with Bonderman and today I am incensed with Leyland.

So what the heck happened to Zumaya? Did his hand explode again? I need help, Gameday is my only link to the “real” world.

My negativism finally paid off!
All after 2 were out, and the Jays were turning unreal double plays.

This was an incredibly impressive comeback.

I still think JL made a bonehead magerial move but his boys picked him up.

Lots of credit to Inge and Sheffield for good at bats too.

This victory might just be worth more than 1 W in the Win column.

vanden–apparently he tore a finger nail off. I heard conflicting reports but it looks to me like it was the index finger. That could inhibit him for a while but he is a tough nut.

What a comeback, I cannot believe it amazing. I loved the way Leyland was jumping out on the field that was hilarious. I love it.

I was not happy either when he brought Miner in to face the lefty either didn’t seem like a great move to me either.

Regarding Zumaya incase you didn’t hear yest Mail he pulled his nail away from his finger. Don’t know how serious it is. Hopefully the let un know in the post game.

Refuse to lose! That may be the best Tigers single game comeback I’ve ever seen, including 1968, and that’s saying something.

I’d been pretty glum because we got Halladay and the Yankees wouldn’t, that Zumaya went down at a very inopportune time, and that incredible Toronto doubleplay was the topper. At the end, everyone here was asleep. You ever try to jump and and down without making any noise?

The hitter Miner came in to face, Zaun, is a switch hitter. I assumed Leyland had numbers that showed Zaun as weaker from the left side, so he went with Miner. I don’t know if that’s the case or not. I thought he might make a switch when the lefty Overbay came up, but he didn’t there either. Perhaps the changed game situation?

I had my own bone to pick earlier. I really wanted Granderson to attempt a steal when it was 1-0. I thought that was a missed opportunity. For all I know, JL gave Grandy the green light, but Curtis didn’t see an opportunity.

I don’t know why Mario and Rod were saying the bad call on the Reed Johnson “trap” was so important. This was followed by that doubleplay so played no part in the comeback.

Bottom line, a gutty effort, even before the miracle comeback. Rogers battled it out, the hitters got some things going against a very tough pitcher, and the game was win-able most of the way. Even if we don’t make it this season, I’m looking forward to next year, when all these strange and unlucky occurrences probably don’t happen. This is still a good team.

RL I will go even one further than you regarding the Reed Johnson trap. I will say that we may have just won, one guy earlier all things being the same. I will say that there wouldn’t have been a double play obviously and he was able to flip for the double play, but wouldn’t have been able to get Perez by just throwing to 1st from the position he was at. He barely was able to flip it from his glove to get the guy at second. No way he makes a throw to 1s. So im my estimation there only would of been one out and hence it hurt us not them. In a weird way that it. What do you think??

Thats a valid point GK. I agree with you. The nice thing about this great comeback, nothing else matters anyway. Regardless of the Tiger’s post season prospects, this game was the one game I really needed to be “at peace” with this team. They finally get a miracle win, fighting against adversity all the way. They had pressured Halladay all night (as much as you can pressure him) and those DPs kept bailing him out. But they “endeavored to persevere” and it was a beautiful thing to watch. All those doubts swept away in one inning. If you missed it, you missed a good one.

This team is poised for a strong finish. Whether there is enough time left at this point is questionable. Magglio Ordonez is firmly planted in “the zone”. He has become this team’s quiet leader, kind of while we were all looking for one. Shef’s walk was HUGE. That’s big leadership stuff too.

Well that’s true, GK, Timo would have had a single. But of course, if there’s one out, everything changes anyway so we can’t assume the remainder of the inning would have played out the same way. If the bad call did anything, it may have affected Gibbons’ thinking on when to pull Halladay. Again, I don’t think this mattered because we were starting to tee off on him. The Jays just don’t have a closer after Ryan was injured.

I’d say from reading the above posts that this win made up for some of the adversity this season and gave us confidence in the club we have. As fans, we have to have that.

Didn’t you just know that Sheffield was going to draw that walk? Even as his AB progressed, there was a shot of Maggs on deck, looking into the dugout with the tiniest little smile on his face. The whole team knew what was coming.

It’s not over yet boys….from the last week or two…I can feel it coming…the MOJO is returning, the excitment…all of it. GO TIGERS!

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