Rapada joins Tigers

With the Mud Hens eliminated from the International League playoffs, the Tigers will call up lefty Clay Rapada on Saturday. He was the pitcher Detroit received from the Cubs for Craig Monroe. Dane Sardinha will also join the big-league club, but he won’t be on the active roster. Instead, he’ll be with the team as insurance in case Ivan Rodriguez or Mike Rabelo suffer an injury and the Tigers need to activate another catcher.


I am a bit surprised they brought up Rapada. JL has often spoken of “rewarding” players who have done well on the farm and I thought if they were to bring a lefty up, it would be Darensbourg.
( http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?n=Vic%20Darensbourg&pos=P&sid=milb&t=p_pbp&pid=133240 )

If anybody is wondering whether Jack Wilson can hit:

August 2007: .362 (25 x 69) 3 HR and 12 RBI

I noticed that too Dan. But you know I still like the Guillen, Casey, Santiago combination. So I’m good with not having acquired him.

It ***** that VLAD is injured and not playing against the Indians. With that 9 game lead, they can afford to rest him. It’s a wonder they have taken two from the Tribe. Not sure we can hope for a win today, No Vlad and Sabathia pitching against Santana and I don’t mean Johann.

That “reward” thing is just an excuse to bring up players Leyland likes. Plus he’s always intrigued by unknown commodities.

Jack Wilson’s overall track record speak more than a month’s worth of results, to be realistic. I’m sure he’d do okay, but it’s not that much of an upgrade. My opinion. At any rate, DD did try to get him, so it’s not his fault. I just have a “hunch” Santiago, if given the starting job, could become a project offensively and possibly contribute. It all depends on who’s filling other positions, of course. On top of that, Guillen has looked pretty good over there after getting some rest at firstbase.

This will all be moot when A-Rod gets here next season. 🙂

Strangely enough, the Tigers now seem to have as much chance of winning the division as they do the wild card. The main reason is the head to head matchup in Cleveland, plus the Tribe has that no day off trip to Seattle and KC. Seattle should be playing better by then. The Yankees, overall, have the weaker schedule.

I think Santiago is worth giving a chance to. I posted Wilson’s stats simply because is think some people think he can’t hit. There is still a chance DD is not finished with that pursuit. It’s not an earth shattering acquisition IMO.

Too bad for Sheffield–he hit the snot out of that ball and it would have been a nice result for him for it to have fallen safely.

Weaver got away with the first inning–it should have been a lot worse.

You know, If Granderson gets 4 more doubles he would be the ONLY player to get 40 doubles, 20 triples, 20 HRs and 20 SB.

Nate seems to have problems when his team does score runs for him. It’s a little weird.

Perez is playing some of the best baseball of his life right now. He’s gonna crank one out soon too.

Zach has been good lately. I hope he is good in a situation in this pressure situation.

The line score for Seattle looks like a stand of pine trees. 1 run in every inning so far. Could have been a good night for Nate if he had better stuff.

This has the makings of an emotional type of ball game. Lots of ups and downs.

He fought back after getting behind 3-0. That’s a good sign. Next inning needs to be a shutdown inning.
Nice lineup when you have a guy like Betancourt hitting 9th.

Weaver is starting to look sharp. He has thrown a lot of pitches and it would be good to get to their bullpen.

Nice win. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out with the way Nate was pitching, but we kept hitting and Miner, Rodney and Bazardo did a great job.

The big difference to me in the last few games is the bottom of the lineup is getting it done. Perez, Polanco, Casey, and Inge all getting hits so the top of the lineup can get them in. They are heating up.

Of course NYY beat Kansas and Bannister who seemed to be Cy Young against us. A-Rod hit two homers, does anyone think there is anything fishy about him this year?? I have gotto wonder, but who know who the cheaters are I guess.

We can only hope that our Tigers didn’t wait too long to get hot. The way the Yankees are playing I think the Tigers have a better chance of winning the division than the wildcard. We fell 7 games behind very quickly, that Cleveland lead can evaporate just as quickly.

Miner was key in this win, allowing us to retake the lead. Well deserved win for him. As JL observed, he is playing with a purpose since being recalled. I’ll take full credit for derogatory comments made about Pudge’s hitting approach one game before his break out of the long slump. Inge finally changes his approach and swing, and I believe about none of us had much good to say about Perez. Things sure can change can’t they. Go Tigers, and Angels

Sheffield doesn’t even get any hits (although he should have) and the lineup is better. Is this what it took?

I see those little things going our way now. So much of this game is just pure luck.

Perez is playing his butt off. Those were two fine catches out there, especially the second one. Backhand dives are tough.

We saved ourselves from having to schedule one of those “must wins” tomorrow. Let’s try to keep those to a minimum. King Felix tomorrow.

I was frustrated with Leyland. I thought he should have pulled Nate in the second inning, then Miner goes ahead and warms up in four different innings, I think it was, before finally being called in. Nate is not a guy who finds his stuff during a game. If he starts out off center, he usually stays that way, and there’s no point in waiting until the game is gone. JL said in his postgame that it was tough to manage this one in that regard. I know he wants to show confidence, but we’re beyond that point right now. Nate’s next start should be a good one if he stays true to form.

GK, I doubt that A-Rod is juiced, although it’s possible that a lot of these guys are, more than we think. A-Rod has had these kinds of seasons before. Sosa’s multiple 60+ homer seasons and McGuire’s 70 were definitely suspicious, for lack of a better word. By the way, were you at Friday night’s game?

3-0 Cleveland suddenly, so we probably won’t gain on them tonight. Eight more days to gain a game (or two) on them.

Bonderman’s lack of confidence is pretty apparent right now. Shame that he can’t come back and avail himself of the lead his club gave him.
Leyland must take him out or the game will get out of hand in a hurry. Hernandez will come back and pitch well–Bonderman will not. They are walking Ibanez right now but it’s pretty clear Bonderman is already finished. Any worse than this and it affects the rest of his performances this year.

I guess there is not much else JL could do but I would have taken him out after the intentional walk. These guys have been teeing off of him and Guillen ripped him real hard last time. It was unrealistic to expect he would have been able to get him this time when he was mentally beaten and with the bases loaded.
Anyway, it is only the 2nd inning but it is a serious concern when your #2 starter is undependable.

It’s a serious concern when a guy with only two pitches in his arsenal is considered your #2 starter.

I would have pulled him after the intentional walk too, but at least JL didn’t wait as long as yesterday.

Vasquez is in the game, and Jurrjens is in the dugout. He maybe starts on Tuesday? I haven’t heard an announcement on that.

Sharp crowd at Comerica today. The big cheer went up for Grandy before they even got it up on the jumbotron, I think.

One of our pitchers is going to have to take one for the team today. Bonderman put us in a real bad spot, with the doubleheader and makeup game coming up.

Bonderman really made a fool out of himself today. He has been less than impressive for the last two months with only a few scattered nice outings. Grill wasn’t too sharp but has been really quit good lately so I won’t pick on him. We did have chances to add several more runs but were the recipients of some sharp play by the shortstop. Really disappointing play by the Tigers pitching. Do really think that Bondo might be hurt and just not admitting it. In a weird way it would almost be comforting instead of knowing that he just stinks. TOO BAD.

The only good thing to come out of this game is Curtis

Granderson 20-20-20-20 man. He is really something to be proud of. I am certianly thrilled that Curtis is on my team.

If Bonderman has an injury, he needs to ‘fess up and get himself out of there, rather than hurt the team. As it is, he’s not only looking like Charlie Brown with that shaved head but pitching like him too. We can’t make a run with this kind of hole in the rotation. Might be better off with both Durbin and Jurrjens in there.

Craig Monroe could have pitched as well as Rapada today. 🙂 I doubt we’ll see much of him now.

Thanks a lot to the Royals for lying down for the Yankees. I’m beginning to develop an attitude with KC.

We have one game with Toronto, and we draw Halliday. Thanks again.

It’s looking more and more like our best chance, such as it is, lies with winning the division. You can’t count on Boston next weekend against NY. They are the Red Sox, after all. So let’s hope the Angels can do in Cleveland tonight. Without Vlad. Sheesh. Who wrote this script?

Bonderman injured? That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. RLP had a great description, “a hole in our rotation”. The best part is now there will be some doubt about if maybe his injury was the cause of his poor performance instead of what it really is, NO STONES! Maybe some GM will buy this excuse and we can package his butt and Inge’s out of town in the offseason. That would take care of two of DD’s bad long term signings this past offseason. The third, Sheff, well the mind is willing but the body is weak. Can you say Dean Palmer? It’s going to be tough now because Robertson is also a “hole”.

Okay, so no more Bonderman. What now, fellow Bloggarians? I’m going to nominate Durbin (obviously) and Jurrjens, pending his performance on Tuesday. If not JJ, then Zach Miner. This is a guy who feels he has something to prove and has been proving it. Comments?

Although the task at hand becomes increasingly difficult with Cleveland and New York’s lack of ccoperation, we may as well go at as if there’s still a chance. I crunched some number combinations, but they aren’t pretty. We’re going to need these two clubs to stumble. Of the two, we can only control what we do with Cleveland next week.

If it does end up with Boston and New York in the playoffs, I can’t watch that. I can’t do another October watching these clubs play endless four and five hour games into the wee hours of the morning. Tommy LaSorda will be mad at me, but that’s the way it is. I can watch Cleveland and LAA. Hopefully they would eliminate the other two in the first round then play each other. I’m sure Fox would be shocked at my comments.

Rich, I think JL has officially named Jurrjens. May have seen it in the Free Press or News, not sure.

Some interesting comments re Bonderman.

What bothers me most is that I read that He and the trainers had assured Jl that he was good to go.

Now it sounds like that may have been a ‘feel good” statement for the benefit of the fans. Leyland responded like he was suspicious of his healt and Boncderman offered up an excuse for his performance by admiting he wasn’t right. Quote, “I wanted to find out if I could pitch,” said Bonderman, who lost for the eighth time in 10 games. “I wanted to find out if I could help the team. I knew I had some [injury] stuff going on, but I wanted to go out and give it a chance. The biggest thing is, I went out and hurt the team. I really didn’t help anybody. It’s frustrating, but at least now I know I gotta find a reason why it’s happening.”

This is a bit of a concern as it is not the first time that the club has dealt with injuries that wave not been fully disclosed. Nagging injuries I can understand, but injuries to a pitcher’s arm need to be made aware to the coaching staff.

I don’t know why this has happened again. It happened with Rodne, Verlander (though he was a rookie at the time), and now Bonderman. Bonderman has been around long enough to know he should put the good of the team ahead of himself. It sounds as though he was ready to make an experiment with the elbow. In a pennant race there is no room for selfish motivation that can hurt your mates.

It doesn’t surprise me much though. you can tell a lot about a person when you talk with them. I was pretty unimpressed with JB when I had a chance to kibbutz with some of the players before the games in Seattle. Big ego and an arrogance that was palpable. All that means nothing if he can go out and do the job for his team. I think this is a case where he may have let his team down.

If they pull him from the rotation (and I think they will) then durbin is a shoo-in and Jurrjens will probably get the nod over Miner if he pitches well. I like Miner and always have, but I think JL is gonna keep him in the pen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the didn’t give De La Cruz another go at it (I hope they don’t), JL likes Tata and Chiavacci had a good season in Toledo. But if they want a guy who can throw strike they might take a look at Eddie Bonine in Erie. And don’t be too, too surprised if they don’t throw Miller again.

If it were me at this stage I would go with JV, Rogers, Robertson, Durbin, Jurrjens. Vasquez has probably blown it so at this stage I too would give the spot start to Miner.

I think I may have mentioned this already but NOBODY has ever hit 40 doubles, 20 triples, 20 HRs and 20 SB.

Granderson could be the first person in HISTORY to accomplish that. Curtis could stretch 4 singles into doubles in the next 19 games.

He has had a heckuva season and we are lucky to have him plyaing ball in Detroit. And all this talk about him being a nice person and stuff like that…..well he sure impressed me with the ease and sincerity of his fan interaction. It was very cool to see his teammates hug him in the dugout–each and every one of them I would suspect. That’s one of the reasons I like the Tigers and pull for them to win it so hard. They just seem like a good group of guys and would seem to deserve it. I guess fans in every other city might feel the same way.

I agree with about everything you said, Dan. I can’t really address Bonderman’s personality because I’ve never gotten that close to him. I know he had dyslexia and that can shape a person’s personna. All that aside, these guys trying to pitch injured is strange. What kind of relationship do they have with management if they feel the need to do that?

I’ve been thinking that Dombrowski, as good as he is, has one big negative. He tends to push some of these youngsters along too quickly. We’ve already seen Maybin and Miller this year, both errors in judgment. I look at Bonderman and see a guy who needed more seasoning before being thrown into the rotation in 2003. He may have developed a third pitch if he’d been able to practice with it in the minors, but it won’t happen up here. He’s always under pressure to be the ace he was touted to be. If he’s in a tight spot, he’s certainly not going to throw a pitch he has no confidence in. The hitters know this. I think he could have been a much more dominant big league starter if some patience had been shown.

Now here’s the other example: Verlander and Granderson. JV is somewhat of an anomaly in that he arrived so polished, but he still spent 2005 in the minors, expect for a spot start with Detroit. The best example is Granderson. This young fella was anticipated nearly as much as Maybin has been, but he got in his minor league time, getting some looks with the big club, and by the time 2006 rolled around, you had a young player who was ready to step into the starting lineup and contribute.

I see the season is starting to change in Michigan. That good hitting weather is moving out. We need to somehow chop two games off the Cleveland lead before next Monday, then put some pressure on them. See if their hitters might tighten up a little.

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