Sheff is back

And that lineup looks a little more regular with his name there …

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Guillen, SS
  6. Raburn, LF
  7. Rabelo, C
  8. Hessman, 1B
  9. Inge, 3B


It’s nice to see Sheff back… Hopefully his return can spark the team.

Polanco is a treat to watch.

Lots of credit on the Konerko DP has to go to Hessman staying o the bag on Guillen’s throw.

Getting the pitching and the D but it is hard to believe this is the same offense that was double digiting not that very long ago.

I imagine they throw Grillin another innning.

He escaped last inning after the error and that was good to see.

I don’t know–I just don’t know. How you get the crowd, momentum, energy on your side
and you have the batter behind in the count and you throw him a hittable pitch.

Many Rodney is an enigma.

Another Right Fielder might make the catch by the way. That is one beef I have with Ordonez. He very rarely can bail his club out on defense.

Well you can’t really expect to win a game with 1 run. The offense just seems like they are playing under a bad sign.

Sure would be nice to see a good old-fashioned comeback.

Frustrating day (season too) and the game isn’t even over yet.

Rabelo has hit the ball hard, Polanco robbed, Sheffield hits them long and foul. 3 & 4 guys K 4 times, Granderson hitting right at people, same with Raburn.

Not meant to be I guess. This will drop us to 4 GB in the Wild Card.

My guess we will see Perez, Rabelo, and probably Casey if Jenks comes in.

Here we go…Let’s Go!!!

Dan – I think you are calling it right….

Big Time Ramon on Deck…hummmm….

Come on Casey…just lift one to the outfield!

Holy ****…..Inge-y by boy!! come on now!

On to extra innings…..again…this is like watching a NL game here with all the PH and PR….

Or did I speak too soon…..hummmmm

TIGERS WIN TIGERS WIN!!!!!!! That’s the way to grind it out!

Another impressive response to adversity. This just might get the bats going. You can see they’re close.
Seay wins again. He deserves it as much anybody in this team effort.

Granderson had a nice, determined AB at a critical time. The HBP was big as any of hits this year. They want to Polanco up there in that situation and they mangaged to get it to him.

Placido is a force on the whole team right now. They really needed someone to take a leadership role in order to turn things around.

Nice day in “D” town.

This was a game they had to win. There will be more, but this is the first in that series of games. Hold on to your hats, because we’ve reached that point.

I couldn’t get home until 3:30, but I had DVR’d the game, something I usually do in these instances. “Time shifting” is a great invention. So there I am in the eighth, 0-2 on Konerko, fighting off the urge to just go look for the final score on my PC, fist cocked and ready to punch Paulie out of there, crowd roaring……and he hits a double. I really thought Rodney was going to get him. Worked out well in the end, though. Glad I didn’t spoil it by looking at the final score.

It was important to win this series from Chicago. If we’re going to win the wild card, there’s a 99% chance that we’ll have to do it that final weekend in Chicago. I had hoped all to heck to avoid that, but it’s going to be the only way.

It was also important to take a two game win streak into Verlander’s start tomorrow. If JV and the guys do the job there, it’s three in a row. Then you have something to build off of.

And finally, Chad Durbin, baby. I don’t want to say “I told you so” but the man has been here all season. While we tried all manner of not ready for primetime rookies, Durbin has been here the entire time. I hope someone in charge realizes that. During their meeting last Sunday, I don’t know if it was Hernandez or JL or both that decided on Durbin, but it was the right call.

Speaking of right calls, are these umpires getting worse? Strike zones all over the place, calling balks that aren’t balks, wow. I’d hope they would up the level of their game too.

well nascar fans, the tigers are now in the race for the chase themselves….. the wild card chase…. with the rotation having more normalcy, and the lineup looking a bit more normal, maybe they’ll wake up the next 24 days from their july/august hibernation, and with the cooler weather, foster in some better games, and get some wins..

3 back from the wildcard… this important series with seatle, will make or break them in my opinion. do or die. the 3 game stint with cleveland is absolutely meaningly now. 6-7 games back… so.. hopefully sheff will remember how to hit a baseball, and maybe they can win some games!

btw the bases loaded double rodney gave up didn’t really thrill me….

also believe they need to make some major major adjustments this winter.. and lets not spend 30$ million on another 40 year old with injury history.

ps- if the tigers make it to the playoffs, i sure hope JL doesn’t put sheff at 1st! haha!

…..go tigers…..

oh yeah, maybe the lions will decide to start playing football this year, and force the tigers to play better, by association! hahaha

i’m dreaming now, i know. but hey. no one calls me a fairweather fan.

my prediction- lions 16-0 regular season to superbowl champs!

*laughing my *** off*

It was really great to see the team manage to come back in these last two games. There was a collective psyche and mindset a week ago that this would never have happened.

The bats are ready to breakout. Ordonez and Guillen and Granderson have slowed down, but I think Curtis’ last AB was an important one and shows he is “gritting” down. I swear that I have seen him swing at that pitch (the sharp down & in at the ankles) before but he was able to hold off on it this time. That may be a good sign.

Inge has come back strong and it will be interesting to see if it is for real. The swing is much better, and combine that with some restored confidence and maybe he is.

I wonder if his recent benching has helped him “adjust”?

Thames is struggling and it will probably take a southpaw to get him back in the lineup now.

Casey has shown the competitive edge again. He is fasioning together a hitting streak even though he has been limited by pinch-hitting appearances. He was the best Tiger in the series last year. I would guess he is in the lineup tonight at 1B.

Stands to reason that Perez will be in left.

The chances that the team makes the Wild Card are remote. They have lost too many key games to expect they can keep getting more chances but it is theoretically possible. In any event, it was really nice to see them perform like they did (and obviously they need to score more runs) these last two games against the White Sox. We got to see the “kid” in them a couple of more times.

Dan, I don’t know if it is remote or not. Like I have been saying for the better part of 2 months, I was 50/50 whether they could play some good ball and get into the playoffs again. I am now at about 60/40 that they will.

On to a different more heated topic. Have any of you compared the Yankees schedule vs the Tigers. Darn! The Yanks are playing sub-par teams. Then again, we are playing sub-par teams (MIN & CWS) that seem to play great when the play us and no one else. humm..

We have Cleveland (I live here and hate them with a passion – I have to listen to people come up to me each day and ask about how the Tigers are doing – I am going to go postal on them one of these days). That is one that I hate about Cleveland fans. Their teams lose for years and years and when they finally put together a winning team they act like they are a dynasty in the making-give me a break.


The scheduling is interesting to say the least. We are going to have to go on a tear to beat out the Yanks. Then again, we can help ourselves out by beating up on Seattle this weekend – this will be a tell tail sign on how bad they want it!

We’re about to find out what kind of team we have.

As you probably know, I’m not big on stats, even though baseball is built on a mountain of them. The only stat that matters is headed “W-L”. So here are some numbers to play with.

I’m using 90 wins for comparison purposes, not as what I think would be the winning number. To reach 90 wins:

Detroit 15-7

New York 12-10

Clevland 9-13

Seattle 16-8

Really nothing astounding here. To win the division, we’d have to heat up and Cleveland would have to cool down quite a bit. For the wild card, it’s feasible for NY to go 12-10, since they have to play a revenge minded Boston team at Fenway.

In any case, if we go 15-7 or better and end up with 90 wins, it’s a good season, and will have shown that the guys can play when the heat’s on in September.

Perhaps more to the point, at this particular point in time, will be the next ten days. If the Tigers arrived in Cleveland trailing by 3 or 4 games, it could make for an interesting series. Can we make up two games in ten days?

Here we go. Rich, we’ll update those numbers daily.

Wonder if that rain will hold off. Gone thru 4 innings and it is good to see Inge hitting the ball well again. He just got robbed there by the SS.

Verlander looks like he is living dangerously tonight. If he has to stay up with his fastball they will get to it.

Hopefully this is not a long rain dealy. They will get undoubtedly the game played but it may be without Verlander.
Looks like the bullpen will be instrumental tonight.

Watched the Yankees agains KC in the first during the delay. Royals had something going and bases loaded but couldn’t push a run across.
A-Rod comes up and one swing of the bat and it’s 1-0 Yanks.

Be real nice to see KC beat them. There used to be a time when the old KC Athletics were considered to be almost a farm system for the Yankees. But strangely enough as bad as those As teams were they often enough upset the Yanks in big games.

JL should take Ordonez out –oops too late Guillen just singled.
Granderson and Willie Mays!

What I meant by above is that with the game seemingly in hand and Ordonez having an ailment why not take him off the base paths?

Granderson’s accomplishment puts him in pretty elite company.

I had a concert tonight and had to perform the time shifting miracle again. The cool part was when I fast forwarded through the entire rain delay and still got to the end of the game just after midnight.

Okay, so far according to plan. That’s three in a row. Yankees pull one out and I just watched Garko tie the game in the ninth. Again. That’s 6 blown saves for F-Rod. They all do it. If the Angels pull it out, that’s one of the two games cut off the Cleveland lead already. And how about the Twins-Sox game? Twins break a 4-4 tie in the ninth with six runs, then the Sox tie it with six of their own? This is more like football with the two-minute drill, hurry up offense.

On the stats side, which I’m not big on, 🙂 Grandy just needs that one steal to get that magic 20-20-20.

Timo Perez is coming up big. I liked how we added those runs after the opening 3-run burst. That’s winning baseball.

Why are there less posts here when we win?

It was nice to see the Angels just beat the Indians. The dream scenario this weekend is a sweep by the Tigers and a sweep by the Angels. I know that is not very realistic, though.

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