Hessman, Raburn start

Mike Hessman gets the start at 3B in place of the slumping Brandon Inge, while Ryan Raburn gives Magglio Ordonez and his sore foot a day off in RF. With Gary Sheffield a day away from being activated from the DL, the result is Carlos Guillen’s second game in the cleanup spot this season.

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Raburn, RF
  4. Guillen, SS
  5. Perez, LF
  6. Rodriguez, C
  7. Casey, 1B
  8. Thames, DH
  9. Hessman, 3B

On the pitching front, Leyland admitted that Jeremy Bonderman’s elbow has been tender, but he said it won’t keep him from making his next start.


JB, Nice article on Curtis.

I hope that Curtis can achieve the 20/20 on HR and SB this year. Homeruns, he will get for sure but he doesn’t get a green light for a lot of stolen bases. He may not get 3 more this year.

If I had my way he might be able to do it in 1 game!

I think he is under utilized as a base stealing threat. The only people who seem to think he is a major threat are the opposing managers and their pitchers.

I’d love to see Granderson go 20/20/20/20. He and Jimmy Rollins are both on the verge of joining Willie Mays…


Your right Dan, I think that everyone thinks he is going to steal, but he never gets the green light. I thought for sure in his first at bat he was going to steal last night.

The lineup doesn’t really really exude confidence in me tonight. I do know that Maggs is not doing well though and needs a blow.

Curtis will of course need to get on base. Often he gets to 3 balls in the count but usually ends up swinging away and not drawing the walk. If he could draw more bases on balls I think we would see him become a better hitter.

He seems to struggle every time he reaches .300. He is struggling now and does tend to get streaky with his hitting. It will come.

Well here we go again. Their non-HR hitters hit ’em out and ours HR hitters don’t. Ryan Raburn joins the LOB club and we squander another opportunity.
Hope this turns around for us tonight.

The LOB club is getting bigger. We seem to be a good hitting team with 2 out and RNISP.

Zumaya looked really quite good. Question is the club gonna find a way to lose or a way to win?

Well Curtis, this is a spot where you have exhibited one of your few weaknesses.
Crunch time-clutch hitting with men on base. No matter what you do here you will always be beyond criticism.

All that praise aside, you can now join the LOB club too, tonight.

Same old, same old. We cannot seem to come up with the big hit.

1961 Yankees. Mantle, Maris, Berra, Skowron,Howard, Berra. That kind of lineup will get you runs. No relevance here I guess but it did bring back a disconnected memory!

TJ–is that the first time Uribe has walked on 4 pitches in his career? At least our defense is in- we’re gonna need it.

Prediction—-infield base hit and possible error on throw.

My bad.

Jones has to be careful with fields–Fields is right on him.

Guillen has had a night he would like to forget. Feel sorry for him–not like hi to have that bad of a game Ihope all is well.

Let’s find a hero. Perez is playing well-just bounced out but nice hustle down the line.

Will Pudge be a hero? He’s due to be and admittedly is banging the ball tonight.

We need someone to yard one–the bottom of the lineup is not likely to do that though.

Not being able to push runs across has really plagued us this year and really plagued us lately. It’s been almost astounding as to how unsuccessful they have been in that regard.

I see Capellan warming up. Hold your breath time.

I can hear Jim Price thinking “Ai Yi Yi”!
Maggs joins the LOB club now.

Anybody think Jl will use Grilli?

Hope all goes well out there for Maybin. Tough spot to come in under the circumstances (considering his struggles too).

Seay will do the job.

Nice victory. Take a night to enjoy the it.

Perez looked like he was going to show he belongs after that intentional walk to Guillen. Good on him.

Lots of positives in this game. The Bullpen, Kenny and the Kids from Ohio.

But hopefully, and more importantly, this could also have been the ‘proof’ they needed to know they could still win the big games.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extroidinarily glad they won. But they left way too many baserunners on. It was pathetic.

Grilli will be needed tomorrow. Durbin is starting and probably will not be able to go more than 5 inning or so, six if we are lucky. The pen got wasted tonight. That is why we needed to win this earlier.

That was the beautiful game we have been waiting for. Thank you Timo. So many situations and matchups. Too many men left on again but maybe this breaks the ice and gives them the confidence that they can get base runners in. Wouldn’t you know it? Pudge comes out and has a great hitting game after I dist him today for what I perceived (right or wrong)to be a lack of teamwork in his hitting approach. Still, I’d like to see more of that patience and focus from him. I’m going to try and enjoy the remainder of the season, win or lose, and dispense with the negativity…well we’ll see anyway.

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”…..Thumper quoting his mom in ‘Bambi'”

“Bambi” quotes now. What a season. 🙂

Altogether now. Teeeee-MO!!! Let’s not forget the catch he made on Thome’s drive. I wasn’t sure that it wouldn’t have hit above the yellow line for a homer.

By and large, there has really been some good pitching. You can get on a streak with that, as long as the LOB numbers don’t remain in the ridiculous range. Let’s hope Sheff has an impact.

Again, what’s missing is homeruns. If Hessman doesn’t take Floyd the other way, we lose this one too. You can only do so much clutch hitting, you also need those instant runs.

Rogers looked real good.

The best thing that could happen right now is to lay a good old fashioned butt whuppin’ on Chicago tomorrow. I’m not big on “turning the corner” or “jumpstart” wins, but an easy win would relax everyone one and get that confidence level back up.

That’s all I’ve got tonight. I have to work on site tomorrow, early. Darned extra innings…….

Ah, Sweet victory. Nice job from the Toledo two. Even Pudge’s first out was a sokid fly to right field, the place he must go to to be successful. I’m happy for Inge; another class act. I’m happy for Hessman’s HR too, but he’s not an every day major leaguer. We need to keep that in perspective. Thames is beginning to have the Monroe look in his eyes and with his approach. I know I’m biased, but I think pur team has so much more class than either the Indians or the W-Sox. I really do think the pen can be really special in 2008, absent any major injuries. And doesn’t Kenny Rogers epitomize good hardnose baseball. If Sheff’s shoulder allows him to swing at 80%, we can make some noise in the last 20 games.

Davidtiger – I think you are right I do believe that the Tigers are a better team. Unfortunately injuries and, I don’t know unfortunate timing have gotten the better of them. Whereas the Indians, have had few to no injuries to key components and are playing with the drive that we saw in the Tigers last year. A lot of similarities between the Indians this year and our Tigers of last year really.

I really think it is too late to win the division unless we go on a heck of a winning streak and they go on another losing streak. But the wildcard is still in our sites. We just need for those over-hyped over paid Yankees to falter a little and we need to play like we are capable of.

You cannot tell me this team wouldnt be 10 or more games better if we wouldn’t have suffered through the lose of Kenny and Zumaya for most of the season, really Sheffield for the last month and a half (he has not been the same for that long even though he was playing) and Rodney for the better part of nearly 2 months. Just a lot of bad breaks and inconsistent playing and pitching. Oh well, hopefully they can make a charge to the end and give it their best shot instead of what we have been getting.

Two reasons to win the wild card: Boston and New York.

What could be worse than yet another postseason with both of these teams involved? We’ve got to keep the WC out of the east. It would be funny, however, to see if Selig still thought of penalizing the wild card team if the Yankees were that team. Yeah, less games in Yankee Stadium, suuuure Bud.

A third reason to win the wild card: if we don’t make a run this month, we’ll always have to expect a second half collapse. That makes it difficult to enjoy the first half.

I expect we will see a return to a more conventional lineup today. I doubt that Perez will be in left though. I presume he will have Raburn out there.
Not sure what happens with Curtis today against Buehrle but I’d play him.

Ordonez will be in right but he is showing some signs of not being superman. I hope he can keep hitting , for our sake as much as his own.

Guillen got a bad day out of the way and Pudge is starting to show some signs of remembering how to hit.

Inge, despite how dreadful his hitting approach had been, came through big-time yesterday. He’ll be back at 3rd today. I expect we will see Guillen at 1B and Santiago at short. If Granderson’s numbers against Buehrle are poor I would not be too too surprised to see Infante in CF. I don’t think Maybin gets a start.

Read an article about how the brass are excited about Maybin but he likely won’t be on the squad come spring time. I’ll believe that when I see it. If he has any kind of decent spring they will have him on the big squad.

The guy I am really enjoying watching right now is Polanco. He is all over the field and is hitting well–not a lot has been dropping in , but I think he is ready to go on a tear.

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