Rogers throws sim game

Kenny Rogers just finished his three-inning, 52-pitch simulated game Friday afternoon. He didn’t look particularly happy at times, and he had a handful of breaking balls in the dirt, but he wasn’t hit all that hard. The fact that the sound system at McAfee Coliseum was blaring music the whole time probably didn’t make him all that happy. You wouldn’t be, either, if your shot to get back into the rotation hinged on how you pitched to Abba’s Dancing Queen or a remake of Instant Karma.

We’ll see what the verdict is from the manager later today. At the moment, he’s hitting BP off of Van Slyke.


It could have been worse. Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” isn’t very conducive to getting into that “gimme the #$%*@!! ball!” mindset.

Kenny’s going to get himself back in there if it’s literally the last thing he does on a ballfield.

Well we have all been around long enough to know not to expect too much from anyone after this type of physcially challenging season. Best of luck and all and we could really use a steady hand out there but we have to be realistic. In fact I would go as far as saying if Kenny looks bad in back to back outings they shouldn’t beat a dead horse. There is not one game left that the team can afford to end up in the L column by managerial decision.

Both Verlander and Bonderman have had good games, Nate has had a good game recently. If we can get those 3 guys solid that would be fantastic.

Vasquez, Rogers, Durbin are going to need to supply some unexpected help if we ar to move on. Vasquez pitched well his last outing against the White Sox. JL yanaked him out after 5 but he had given up only 2 runs and seemed to be in control.

I must take issue with the pitching call-ups. Both Bazardo and Capellan are not my choices for sure. Bazardo gives up a lot of hits and walks a lot of guys. Capellan has only thrown 9 innings down there and given up 12 hits. Hardly sparkling stats.

I don’t see why they don’t call up Jason Karnuth. Doesn’t walk many. There’s obviously more to the decision than stats.

I can see them bringing up Lopez again and I don’t think my many Darensbourg is gonna get a chance. Seay & Byrdak are throwing well out there and they will be joined by Miller methinks.

Too bad about Miller. I think he took his misfortunes pretty hard and I hope his confidence hasn’t been shaken too too much.

I don’t expect Infante is going to get much playing time withe the way Santiago looks at short. Hessman, in my opinion, will get a chance to show his tuff at third a bit.

Is there a guy by the name of Marcu Thames on this team. We used to have a guy by that name who hits a homerun every 15 at bats. Last year every 13 at bats! Maybe the drop in production is affecting his playing time? That ratio may not be as good as say, Barry Bonds (a homer every 12.9 at bats in his career)- but we all know that Barry cheats–“HE WALKS A LOT” so his ratio would be higher!

Like I said the other day, Marcus is going to have some bad at bats. He is not going to be our saviour, but he is gonna run into a few and drive home some guys that might be racked up as an LOB otherwise.

Don’t expect any help from the White Sox:

Carmona starts off against them tonight and walks the first guy on 4. Then a solid hit to right to make 1st and 3rd, a walk to Thome to load them up then our dear friendly White Sox had the next 3 guys strike out on 10 pitches.

I hope they are as hapless when we play them.

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