No decision yet on Rogers

Leyland was neither glowing nor disparaging on Rogers’ outing. He didn’t really want to talk much about it, because he didn’t think the session was a big deal. He’ll wait to see how Rogers’ elbow feels Saturday and whether he thinks he’s ready.

Rogers, for his part, was upbeat about it, though he said he’s still tinkering with his mechanics. It’s a tough environment to tell, tougher than a minor-league rehab start, but he feels like he can get hitters out with what he had today. "I’d pitch today if they wanted me to," he said.

So in short, both sides are kind of guarded, but it sounds like he’s ready.

Anyway, the lineup:

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thames, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Guillen, 1B
  6. Rodriguez, C
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Maybin, LF
  9. Santiago, SS


Well–it will be interesting to watch him pitch.

Sox just jumped out ahead in the top of the 5th @ Cleveland. 2-0

I see Marcus is DHing today. Good.

Casey is not playing and Santiago as short again.

No Raburn.

Be fun to see a Raburn, Granderson and Mayabin in the outfield together eh?

Surprised that JL doesn’t DH Ordonez if he has a bad heel.

Good luck tonight guys. Next 6 games are agaianst sub .500 ball teams. Be nice to win ’em all but 5 will do!

A win tonight would be nice–Cleveland down 5-0 in the 6th,
Seattle down 6-4 in the 5th and the Yanks are down 5-1 in the 5th.

Buehrle is working on a 1-hitter.

Getting interesting in Cleveland and Toronto.
Chisox showing signs of collapsing–hopefully they can hang on till Jenks time.

Mariners making waves in TO

As I’m writing this, everybody else is losing, even Boston. Big game tonight, get started in the right direction.

I like this lineup. Best we got right now. You can swap Maybin and Raburn in and out, but I like it.

Unbelievable- Garko hits an inning ending routine ground ball and it takes the silliest hop I have ever seen–Tribe now only 1 run behind.

About the same exact time mariners pull into withing 1 run on a double by Jojima.


I gotta say there is no way I am gonna follow other teams. It’s bad enough dealing with our club. The tribe just scored 6 in the 8th SIX. The White Sox are pathetic. I can’t believe we got broomed by them last time out.

The Tribe had the most ridiculous 2 out hit I have ever seen. You don’t see baseballs take bad hops like that unless you are playing on on goat pasture in Cuba.

Very ominous–down 5-0 and they win this one (no way the White Sox can come back). Cleveland is going to win this thing if luck, Karma and destiny are factoring.

Guillen was pretty dense in the 8th with his managing. Why does he not bring in Jenks when it was clear that they were going to self destruct?

I think what bothered me most was the Indian broadcast team being able to be so smug about it all.

We’re in tough here boys. We are not going to catcha break this year. Injuries, scheduling you name it. What has to be done is to believe inyourselves, make a few sensible changes managerially and just go out and play superb baseball. GK has offended the baseball gods and they have it in for us.

Did I say the White Sox were pathetic? Please don’t let that happen to the Tigers.

I’m really pi$$ed off at Nick Swisher. he has that Maybin drive elude him and we get to see Mayabin screaming around ALL the bases with his right arm windmilling the whole time. N.B Andy Van Slyke–fix that–he gains a pico second with every windmill he doesn’t do!

Swisher is a bit of an an anomaly. Power hitting first baseman and can play center field? Erstadt excepted–no power.

Rich–I am not liking the lineup as much as you are.

Pudge, who I have issues with, is going to play the season out and that is probably the best thing to do with our catchers. Hopefully things are different next year.

Inge is not helping the team right now (obviously he has a slick glove) and I would have liked to see Raburn out there–just to send a message (which will be delivered anyway when Hessman is here).

I think you play Casey tonight with the RHP going.

Other than that–it is what it is.

Call the paramedics–Pudge just drew a base on balls!

Inge is as lost as I have ever seen anyone at the plate.

Bunt him, bench him or live withe consequences.

I really dislike Marco Scutaro. He absolutely feasts on us.

VV having a lot of trouble with lefties.

You guys ar no fun tonight. I’m going to bed. (Before I get banished to the garage.)

No, the lineup is fine. You have to stick with one for awhile.

Here’s what I want to know: we were told that Vasquez was starting in place of Durbin because Durbin was going out to the pen to be the long man because Grilli and Miner were used up lately. So when Vasquez gets in trouble, who warms up? Grilli! So what the heck is Durbin doing out there? Can anyone explain this thinking to me?

C’mon Rich the lineup sukks. Disappointed to see you vacationing in Ley”Land”.

It’s absurd to trot Inge out there every night when he is effectively hitting around .200 for the last couple of months.

Casey should be in there isntead of Santiago.

The fact that we have to throw a call-up rookie out there in September speaks volumes of how much trouble this team is in. That plus we can’t hit Joe Blanton.

Very discouraging that we can’t seem to look like a decent ball team when we play some of the Palookas in the American League.

Man–I’m not sure how we tied the game and I guess I should be thriled, but, Inge is drivn’ me nuts. He had a 2-0 pitch, 1st and 3rd, he’s not hitting and he selfishly hacks at the next pitch thinking he is going to get a watemelon. It’s a team game and he should be thinking beyond his own difficulties right now. If he isn’t doing that then he should not be in the lineup.

Big game. Can’t let it slip away.

Perez’ play was bush league.
I also think JL should have thrown Rodney another inning.

Zumaya’s not ready for this

Geez-these are the kind of losses that rip out your soul.

I’ve lost faith in whatever good Jl can do for this team.

I don’t understand why Leyland had Zumaya in there in that position. Yes, Perez played that ball of the wall pretty foolishly but if Rodney is in there Piazza doesn’t hit a frozen rope down the line. Because they never know what coming and they can’t sit on a pitch against him. Zumaya has to be in fornt of every batter or you know what he’s gonna throw.

Very disheartening. I just don’t think these guys have the character to make it through to the post season this year. Cleveland finds a way to win, we find a way to lose. That about sums it up.

I’m listening to Jim Price criticize Vasques but like I said, what are we doing thinking that we are OK throwing a call-up rookie in September, in a supposed pennant race?

It’s not his fault.

You can trace this all back to afrer the All Star game. Do you remember when when Bonderman was 10-1 and Verlander was still revelling in his no hitter? Well the schedule got gruelling and Leyland did not have the foresight to bring in the call-up rookies or to give his rotation a break.

It’s been downhill ever since.

I think a lot of the blame is on JL and Hernandez. It put too much pressure on a over-achieving offense and an injury challenged bullpen.

I’ll still be watching but this season’s hopes for another visit to the World series are pretty much dashed.

Hey–I did say Thames was going to have some bad at bats!

Gonna be a lot of unhappy folks in Motown tomorrow morning when the see or hear the score.

The thing is, we ARE one of the Palookas in the American League. The reason we’re getting beat by these teams is because they’re as good as or better than the current Tigers. Take a step back and you’ll see that. Now maybe if Sheffield and Rogers came back strong we may have an advantage but failing that, this team is playing to their capabilities. Changing a lineup while still using the current cast won’t make any difference.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing Hessman everyday for the next week or so.

I just wish we’d use major league pitchers as starters. Here in a critical time of this season, we started two minor leaguers in three games, and for no reason that I can discern.

Perez messed up big time there in the tenth on Piazza’s hit, yes. Again, minor leaguers playing.

I was okay with Zumaya coming in because Rodney had thrown at or near 25 pitches the previous frame. You have to believe Zoom can do that job. You got no one else.

By tomorrow night, and including Hannahan, how many Mud Hens will have played in this series?

Cleveland has already wrapped up the division, and it will be very difficult to catch the Yankees, so it’s becoming more certain everyday that there will be no postseason for us. We’re not quite good enough.

Wow, two consecutive late Friday night games. This has become a 22-hour day for this oldtimer. See you all tomorrow.

DB is right on. Leyland got greedy wanting to preserve Rodney to pitch again tomorrow. Hey tomorrow never comes if you don’t win this one. Since the division is definitely gone we have to focus on the WC. Missing golden opportunities when both teams ahead of us lose is disheartening. At least they finally showed some stones in the 9th. Right now there is just no comparison between Inge and Raburn offensively. A blind man could see it. Inge should be running laps right now for his at bats tonight. I like marcus in the lineup but not third. He has to sneak up on people by batting lower. One good thing about tonight. this loss should have torn my guts out but it didn’t. I expected to lose as soon as i saw Zumaya out there instead of rodney. Hopefully, they won’t ruin anymore of my evenings or make me kick the dog. I’ll just watch and if they win a game it will be a pleasant surprise instead of something that was expected. sort of like it was pre-2006. pleasant dreams everyone. don’t take it so seriously, this team doesn’t have it this year. But one final bright spot. Remember, 4 of our six minor league teams are in 1st place.

rlp – good point about the 25 pitches. that is a plausible argument for pulling rodney. Zumaya just has to have another pitch he can count on. major league hitters can rope even 105 if they know its coming. by the way, how the **** did we let a left-handed hitting 3b with power go? oh, i forgot we have to endure B/I because we just paid him a bunch of money long term. man, those 14 hr’s and 50rbi are expensive.

Hey Dan I will reluctently take some of the blase for ticking off the baseball gods, but I don’t think that even I could pull this off on my own. All I do is watch them religiously probably have only missed about 10 innings all year.

I knew it last night when Marcus couldn’t drive Guillem in from third with one freaking out. I knew right then this ballgame was over. There is nothing that makes me irritates me more than that. And they can’t sit there and say that Blanton was that good, Tigers were just that bad. Even the relief guys were not that good, they just happen to get out of some jams, but walking 5 guys isn’t going to cut it most of the time. Good job to some of the guys for atleast trying to get us back into it, but frankly we should of won that game. I am beginning to feel like a broken record. How come teams like the White Soxs and the A’s seem to find their swings when the Tigers come to town. And I agree, Durbin should of started not Vazguez. Today is going to be tough, Haren against Verlander. Verlander better had pitch like he did on Monday.

I have not commented on Thames being in or out of the lineup. A lot of my esteemed bloggesperts have decried the fact that Thames has been the forgotten guy. But in my opinion, he’s cloning the bad habits that led to the demise of Monroe as a Tiger. Maybe if he’s i the lineup every day, his timing is better; but these opposing pitchers know that he is dead-pull to left, and looking for gas. He has not come through at all in his last few starts. Dan, I;m very disappointed in Inge’s batting approach, but remember, the A’s had first and third with noone out in the sixth; Inge’s defense bailed us out, and at least kept the game close; and don’t forget the broken toe. I just think he’s a little lost right now, but so are many of our guys. Ordonez had a chance to drive in a run; we expect it all the time; we constantly lambast Casey, yet he is a professional hitter. Reality is reality; it’s not our year. We need to try and right the pitching staff and get prepared for a great comeback in 2008.

Ya know what I am sick of with Thames and Inge these days, when they disappoint at the plate they do that awe shucks woe is me thing with the bat and toss it just like Monroe was. I hate to pick on Thames too much, he has come through with some big hits, but all he needed to do with hit something on the ground or deeper and we would be talking about a win this morning and not another failure of the Tigers.

David you are right, while the Indians are getting luckier than **** we are having a lot of losing. I mean what luck they have had three games this week that by all means they should of lost. They were losing in the 8th, 9th and 10th in some cases and they got cheap lucky hits to win games. They have had the luck on their side and it is probably their year, as much as I hate to say it.

With Sheffield out and a team needing power, it seemed logical to put Thames in there.

I think a big part of the reason guys like this fail just when we need a big lift is that they have been pre-conditioned for failure by management.

In the back of Thames mind is the fact that Jl must not have confidence in him so maybe I’m not a clutch player. Then they have to go out and show that they are and overthink themselves at the plate.

JL did this with Shelton, Thames last year,Infante and Dmitri Young.

There has been so much focus on the starting pitching but the real problem right now, is the bats.

They have been inconsistent all year, from game to game and even within a game.

Santiago has been something to behold out there at short. Inge has played great at 3rd. But defense is not as important if you are not getting excellent pitching every start. If you’re starters are giving up 4 or 5 runs then you need to have a lineup that can outscore them.

Santiago, Inge, Maybin, all sitting together at the bottom of the order are making it tough to sustain any kind of rally.

Given what we got right now this is what I would do to see if it can give us a jolt:

Granderson CF

Polanco 2B

Raburn DH/RF

Ordonez RF/DH

Guillen SS

Hessman 3B

Casey/Thames 1B

Pudge C

Maybin LF

I wonder if Granderson might be able to play his game batting 3rd and I think if he could and you could lead off with Maybin it would give us a potentially devastating top of the lineup to contend with.

It is probably not the time to experiment with it though.

I’d like to see JL let Curtis go on the basepaths. I think he has learned enough to give him some straight steal opportunities. I’d much rather seeing him leading off 2nd with Polanco up than going from first to third on one of Polanco’s well placed singles.

One thing for sure, we need a long-ball threat in the lineup. Thames can do it (if he hasn’t had his confidence shattered yet) and Hessman can do it. Yes, Hessman will strike out but I don’t think he will strike out any more than the league’s leading strikeout guy (that would be Inge BTW).

I am ambivalent about Maybin. Since he is here I think he should be playing though. I honestly wouldn’t consider playing Perez much other than as a lefty pinch hitter. He is all around what I would call a good mediocre players.

Pudge is trying to pick up his game. He will want to drive that BA up above .280 to pressure DD to pick up his option. May as well go with him and his experieince.

They have made another mistake in not getting Durbin back into the rotation. I think they are guilty of counting chickens before they hatch. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next guy they throw into the fire will be Bazardo.

Dan, I agree on most of what you wrote above, and I see you’re agreeing with some of my previous points, i.e. Durbin starting, etc.

With Thames, I think it’s more than just confidence. If he doesn’t do anything in about three consecutive games, he sits. If you want the thunder and lightning, sometimes you have to wait through some dry days. Leyland won’t do that. So Marcus is also pressing when he is in there. Any baseball person in the world will tell you a guy can’t hit when he’s pressing. You will notice that Thames did his best hitting before Maybin was called up, back when JL had made Marcus an everyday starter.

Pudge will be here next year for the simple reason that’s there’s no one out there who is better, or even as good. There aren’t many good catchers to be had, keywords to be had.

Even if we improve through personnel moves, it will do no good if Leyland continues to misuse his players. I have no way of knowing if JL is a good motivator or not, but his personnel decisions stand out as bad.

GK, I’m not so sure about that “aw shucks” thing, I’ve seen both Thames and Inge slam those bats down with great emphasis.

David, you seem to always have a good handle on how things are at any given moment, beating most of us to the punch.

Okay, here are some numbers for everyone to consider. These are off the top of my head. Since August 9th of 2006, the Tigers are 91-94. Subtract the 14-4 vs the NL this year and you have 77-90. This is a 77-90 record against the AL over more than a season.

This tells me that we’ve got a team that played over their heads for four months last year, got us all excited, then returned to their rightful spot in the grand scheme of things. Jim Leyland, who received much credit (probably justified) for turning the team around, is also responsible, along with Dave Dombrowski, for a 77-90 team with a large payroll.

These are the fact, ladies and gentleman, not an opinion. It’s for this reason that I opened a post a couple days ago with “Glory Days.” My opinion, based on these facts, is that we’ve had our fun and our run, at least as far as winning is concerned. And again I’ll say that getting a healthy Sheffield and Rogers contributing can at least salvage this season from our current position.

Today is one of those few days when I don’t get the game on TV, so I’ll have to listen on radio.

I like the lineup being that is is close to what I’d hoped for. Perez batting 9th might work out nicley. With Carlos going back to SS I am a bit surprised that JL is playing Raburn at 3rd. Not complaining , just didn’t expect it since both replacements have less range than the the guys they replaced. Thought we might see Hessman there as he knows the position well and does have a good glove and thought we might see Raburn in LF or RF.

Raburn in the #3 slot is a big responsibility but if he can be as pesky as Polanco and Granderson it might really set the table fro the RBI guys.

Best of luck everyone.

Uh Oh here comes Marco.

Verlander got the big K but he should have had it the pitch before. The umps missed it (2 of them!)

Carlos had a good AB but the results were typical of the season long problem of getting that guy hojme fro 3rd. Hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us.

What a contrast–Carlos takes about a dozen pitches and the Pudge. Another reason to bat him lower in the lineup—those 1 or 2 pich ABs can be rally killers and demoralizers.

How does Verlander look? Does he have the good stuff?

Yes he does have his good stuff. Threw a pitch to Piazza that he wished he could take bat but he has come up with some big outs via K at pretty critical times.

Just fanned Scutaro after Scutaro pop fouled two pitches –1 out of play and the other that Raburn gave chase but cme up empty. (Yes–Inge would likely have gotten to it).

But my point is that he still bore down and whiffed him.

Well Verlander all over Stewart and he weakly taps one to Guillen who elects to bare hand an easy play-. No way it is a single it is another Carlos error for sure but the scoreere saw it much differently. Tough break and this is the problem with Gullen is that when he screws up it oftne has serious consequences. It was an easy out if he simply gloves the ball and tosses him out on the run.

I see Marcus is in the penalty box today.

I’ve got radio and Gameday on. I wish those two would be in sync.

Verlander is throwing a lot of pitches.

I watched the Michigan game earlier, and that wasn’t much fun.

He looks good Rich. Pitching with a purpose and looked a bit PO’d by the muff at short. I’m not sure what Carlos was thinking other than he saw Santiago do it the other day and felt like he needed to too. It’s over but it is another reason that Carlos will lkely be playing first next year.

Verlander has about 1 inning left in him (hopefully).

Pudge swang at 3 balls in his AB. He did take 3 ball though. I THINK he is getting better.

Gut check time. So often this has been a time where the club has allowed the momentum to shift and to be overtaken.

JL has to be right on top of Verlander this inning. No ego schmoozes allowed. He has do tod whatever the right thing is.

Playing Maybin up here this season is just folly. What is it that’s making management think these guys are ready for the big leagues? They didn’t do that with Granderson and that’s worked out well.

Now the Tiger announcers are expressing surprise at how good Guillen is at firstbase. Didn’t anyone watch the World Baseball Classic last spring?

Justin looked pretty good that inning. Especially against Piazza, who he fell behind 3-0.

The grounder to first by Johsnson was quite wide of the bag and Carlos showed more than an average first sackers range in getting to it. Nice little toss to Verlander too.

Curtis was on 2nd before Timo made 3rd!

That was a big run and we need to apply some throat pressure here now and get anaother one home. I expect this will be Raburn’s last AB of the day. I think JL should bring in Brnadon in the bottom half for defensive purposes.
i think he will go another inning with Verlander and then likely bring in either Miner, Capellan or Zumaya.

This Gameday thing is incorrect quite often.

Raburn looked , well, “less than good” striking out.
Guillen needs a productive AB. He failed in this situation earlier.

He did come through with a nice sacfly with Grandy scoring standing up an a relatively short fly ball.

Back to my Punish Pudge kick. He should not be hitting 6th in the lineup. 7th–tops, really te only guy that should be eatting beneath him at this stage is Inge.

I find Gameday Ok–it’s interesting in that you can get a read on the pitchers by their location. Though–that sometimes, too, in inaccurate.

Nice tosses against Scutaro. His off speed breaking ball in freezing the RHBs

That’s it. JL should be taking him out RIGHT NOW

Bad choice here by JL

Well- he walks Swisher We should consider ourselves luck that he didn’t rip one.
Cust is up and unbelievably enough- represents they tying run.

JL should have taken JV out immediately after Stewart’s hit. He has thrown enough pitches and why make him throw anymore. he was not working on a no-hitter or shutout or anything.

Ticks me off.

Seay come sin and gets him and JL smells like a rose–but we shouldn’t be relying on luck here.

Well Rich–Seay was impressive.
I won’t belabour the point but it concerns me that JL didn’t do something sooner.

Be nice to see Maybin do something here this inning. He’s not looked very good today. If he can’t get going soon then you have to do something different out there.

Rich–games seems wellin hand no sense for any more colour commentary from me!

Thanks Dan. I actually did receive the “bonus coverage” from Fox after the Mets game ended. Saw about five outs worth before they went to the studio. I don’t think there are any remaining games that I have to miss.

Nice win today and I don’t want to complain, because it was a good win against a great pitcher, probably the Cy Young. However why does it seem that the tough pitchers we seem to handle it is the triple AAA pitchers. So Braden tomorrow could be tricky.

Robertson seems to do very well every other game, so by my check it should be a good day for him.


The stubborn ol’ coot is still planning on starting Vasquez next Wednesday if Rogers isn’t ready. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started him if Rogers is ready. If he wants to develop young pitchers, he should take a job in the minors. Any slim postseason chance we have is being sabotaged. Durbin. Miner. Durbin just sits out there doing nothing. I’m out of patience. Obviously.

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