Sheff to DL

In case you hadn’t heard it, Sheff’s on the DL retroactive to Aug. 22, meaning he won’t be eligible to come back until Sept. 6. Timo Perez has been recalled from Triple-A Toledo to take his roster spot. This isn’t a step the Tigers anticipated they’d have to make — for some reason, they kept saying Sheffield was day-to-day — so they’re scrambling to see if there’s anybody on the trade market. But as Jim Leyland said, "Babe Ruth doesn’t clear waivers."


With Sheff out, possibly the remainder of the season, what about Piazza? Granted, he’s not the first choice, but options are limited. He’s already cleared waivers so he could be an option.

I guess Matt Stairs is still out there.

This is ridiculous. How many frontline injuries does one team have to endure?

As you can tell from my first sentence above, I don’t foresee any help from outside, not any that’s worth making a deal for. So if Sheffield can come back on September 6, which I’m not that sure of, we’ve got KC, Oakland and Chicago with the current cast. Barring further injuries, of course.

Sounds like he is out for the season to me if they are going to try to get someone else. KEEP IT COMING BASEBALL GODS

At least JL still has his sense of humor. Geez– this is a tough one to take.

If they’re going to add anyone lets hope and pray to god it isn’t someone along the lines of Stairs. I think Philly Jason is right– go after someone like Piazza or don’t go at all. Lord knows JL is going to play whomever they trade for so they had better bring in someone worth playing.

Regardless, they have to complete the trade prior to Friday or its just a trade for the end of the year… Just another bump in a bumpy ride.

Brent, you’re exactly right when you say JL will play whoever they get. It’s for that reason that I don’t want Piazza. He has 232 AB with 49 SO and 14 BB. The last thing we need is another one of those kinds of hitters. I’d rather just ride the horses we’ve got, come **** or high water.

Well 4 outs into the game and JV does look like he’s “got it”.

Tough break ft=or the home team in the 1st. They hit the ball well and got robbed twice–fantastic play by Canoe and A-rod to begin with and Melky’s was astounding.

JV is getting his other 2 pitcher over so far.

Marcus needs to play more. He is dangerous but is missing the “feel” he needs to excel. With more playing time he can replace Sheffield (at least the hampered Sheffield) adequately IMO.

The key for us is the top of the order and they have been coming through. I was getting a bit concerned with Polanco not finding holes but he is starting to do his thing and one cannot minimize the importance of his bat.

Pudge continues to be just about an automatic out.

Melky Carbrera is really hurting us tonight. He is a really nice lookin’ ballplayer.

Now I personally believe we are at a very critical point in the game. We have a 3-0 lead (that’s obviously not enough), and JV is dominating. It can all change in a heartbeat. In the past the club relaxes at times like this instead of going for the throat and applying enough pressure so as to really take the opponent out of the game. Big inning here and it means a lot.

It’s all about Pudge & God. Apparently a prayer has been answered!.

We’re catching a few break now. Inge’s AB was a prime example. Must take advantage and maintain the level of quality exhibited so far.
Raburn does not look overmatched even when he makes out or Ks. I think he is gonna be a good one.

I did not appreciate the Rudy Giuliani butt kissing session courtesy of Mario and Rod. I do not want to hear politicans running for office on a Tiger broadcast.

As far as Rudy’s comment that he’s glad he wasn’t on camera at the end of game four of the ALDS because it might have not have been good for his presidential campaign for him to be seen crying, I guess it didn’t bother Rudy to be publicy seen cross-dressing.

No more Rudy and no more politicans. Unfortunately, though,if they let Rudy on the air, now in fairness they should let Hillary and everybody else running for president on the air.

There is illumination at the end of the abyss.

Big game and the positives in this victory are numerous.

JV quality start and dominance



Synchronization of all departments

Top of the order

Rested the bullpen

Ok, you guys finally convinced me. Inge needs to be benched. You are right, he can’t hit and we would be better off there with Raburn at third rather than a gold glove caliber thirdbaseman. Ok, so I will never agree with you that Inge should not be our thirdbaseman just like last year I never thought Ordonez should have been benched late in the year just because Clevlen was hitting good at the time. If that would have happened and we got rid of him, the middle of our lineup would be without a guy hitting .355, 43 doubles, 25 HR, and 116 RBI.

I am sure they had to take Casey out of the game after his triple because they were afraid he would blow a gasket. I never thought I would see a game where Casey scores from first on a bloop double and he triples. On top of that he could have been in standing up!

Verlander was back to his dominate self tonight. Hopefully that is something he can keep up. Miner looked good tonight as well. I have not been as big of a fan of Miner as some of you but he does have his moments. Good pitching can be contagious. Now lets hope the rest of our staff catches on to that.

I also found putting Maybin in CF and moving Granderson to LF to be interesting. Leyland might have wanted to give Maybin some time out in CF and thought it was a good time to “get his feet wet” out there in that game. Granderson did a good job covering ground and reading the balls in LF. I was a little surprised that JL didn’t take the opportunity to get Timo Perez in the game. I am disappointed that the move was to bring Timo back up rather than Infante.

I like the rotating DH to give guys a rest but I also hope we see more of Thames at DH.

We need to keep the momentum going now into the KC series. They have been playing better lately and we can’t take them for granted.

On the Raburn Inge debate, I guess it was moot tonight as they were both in. I still like the idea of giving Raburn some starts at 3rd and taking your chances defensively. Then you could get Inge in the game as soon as possible. You don’t have to do this every game because he can play 2nd and OF. Which leads me to the DH debate with Sheff out indefinitely. I don’t think there is anybody available out there, including Piazza and Stairs, who can fill the DH role any better than Thames. In fact picking up one of those 2 would make this a weaker team defensively and versatility wise. This team may be on the verge of breaking out of the long slump and doing it without Shef. I hope Shef can come back but I think they will be OK. Have a little faith DD.

Haven’t mentioned Craig, but I was really happy to see he went to a contender. The Cubs and Trammel make it interesting and even better. Good luck to him and I’m sorry to see him go, but it was probably time for a change as they say.

I will have you all know I was at the game tonight and guess what they didn’t lose.!!
My record this year is now 4 wins-13 l’s.


I mentioned Stairs as a way of saying I’d rather not see anyone picked up. He’s not available anyway.

I prefer the team the way it is now. The youngsters give them some new pep and energy and added flexibility.

I had been suspecting that the Tigers and Cleveland would both go on a hot streak at the same time and I think it’s starting. This will be very interesting. Even the wild card is still in play because we get to play Seattle and do something about that.

Verlander was the ace tonight. Good job, young man. All three pitches working, with an especially effective changeup.

The key in KC is going to be Bonderman’s start on Thursday. I don’t expect much from Miller because he shouldn’t even be here, but Bonderman is going to be starting a key game and he’s got to start contributing. He’s got to get his head straightened out.

I’m going to miss Casey when he’s gone, just for those moments like tonight. That dugout just came to life when he hit that triple.

GK, I first thought the Tigers won the Friday night game because you weren’t there, but then realized they won because most of it was played on Saturday morning.

Tonight was the worst Yankee shutout loss in their history. How about that?

Well 3rd game I’ve been to this season and third victory. I’ve seen 3 pretty special games as well considering Maggs rounded the bases twice in the same inning last time, and my first game of the season was one Justin (and I) will never forget.

It’s a shame about Sheffield but I like the idea of Raburn, Thames and Maybin getting some more playing time, with Maggs, Guillen and Casey getting some rest on defensive, without losing the offense they provide. There’s really no use in trying to pick up someone up right now.

I don’t get the big rush to “get a bat” to replace Shef. Even with him gone, offense isn’t our problem, it’s pitching. This is a chance to get more AB’s for players who need them to get hot and contribute. We’re OK offensively and with the expanded roster three days away we’ll have plenty of bodies. NO TRADES THAT GIVE UP ANYTHING OF VALUE FROM OUR MINOR LEAGUE SYSTEM!!

I agree if they can get someone by not giving up anything like a Jurrjens (which I don’t think DD would do anyway) that say put, we will either live or die with what we have. Although I do think that Matt Stairs has had a good year with Toronto. It seems like for a while he was hitting a ton of HR’s. But anyway what do I know.?

Do you feel it? Do you? I Do! It’s the MOJO coming back to da Motor City! Watch out, where comes the Tiiiigers!

The following is excerpted from Curtis Grandersons’ blog:

“For all of you who either were in attendance or stayed up late watching our late-night/early-morning game last night against the Yankees, I’d like to say thank you. Marcus Thames asked me during game, about 1:30 a.m. ET, to make sure I thank all the fans who stuck it out in the rain delay and late hours of the night to cheer for us. If you recall, though, our game didn’t finally finish up until about 3:30 a.m.”

With guys like this on the team, is it any wonder we pull so hard for them? As a baseball fan, that made my day.

“We’re gonna win”

—-Jimmy Dugan in “A League of Their Own”

You knew Marcus and Curtis were absolutely terrific first class human beings. The kind of people who you know think and care about others. Here’s another good example.

Marcus I’m campaigning for you at DH and LF. JL, we don’t need any more DH’s, we’ve got a real good one(well 2)already. With the addition of Maybin, Raburn, Santiago, and Rabelo to the roster, we finally, in my estimation, have the right combination of power, speed, defense, and youth. And with the addition of some Toledo players, I think this team is poised to make a move. The pitching still has to come through though.

As we near the end here a few of us are beginning to agree with each other!

I think (unless the deal is absolute theft) there is no reason to rush headlong into acquiring anybody from another club right now.

Give Thames the DH or a combination of DH and LF for the rest of the year. (Unless Sheff comes back strong).

I know Inge got 3 doubles the other day but I think both he and Pudge need to be watched carefully for continued bad habits. Inge is not someone you WANT to bench but if he is absolutely not hitting I think it is only prudent to put someone else in who is. If it is suggested they change something to help the club and they are intransigent, then give Raburn and Rabelo more playing time.

Verlander was truly excellent yesterday and that has to be a relief for his mates and his manager.

I think JL has to be very wise with any inclination to play Maybin in CF at the expense of Curtis. Yesterday was OK in order to make him feel more comfortable but Curtis is the most valuable Tiger IMO and you don’t want to upset and fragile feelings the kid (and he is still a kid) might have. He has broad sholders but I do think you need to be awae of and delicate about this until the end of the season.

Of Interest:
“Mike Hessman Named IL MVP – Timo Perez Also Named To Post-Season All-Star Team!(TOLEDO) — August 28, 2007

Mike Hessman (MVP) & Timo Perez Honored By IL For ’07 Excellence

Hessman Named IL MVP & All-Star Third Baseman, Perez An All-Star Outfielder

The International League today announced its post-season All-Star Team and Award Winners as selected by the circuit’s managers, coaches, media, and club representatives. Toledo Mud Hens third baseman Mike Hessman has been named the IL’s Most Valuable Player on the strength of his League-leading 31 home runs and 97 RBI. Teammate Timo Perez has also been named a post-season All-Star, as an outfielder.

The 29-year-old Hessman was a major contributor on Toledo’s Governors’ Cup Champion teams of 2005 and 2006, but his effort this season may be the best of his 12-year professional career. Hessman has already achieved personal highs in home runs and RBI, and his batting average is nearly 90 points better than a year ago. His 16th homer this year, hit back on June 1 at Buffalo made him the all time home run king in Toledo baseball history, now with 83 home runs as a Mud Hen.

2007 is Hessman’s third season with the Hens, and his sixth in the International League. He played for the Richmond Braves from 2002 to 2004. Hessman was a member of the Atlanta organization for the first nine years of his career before signing with Detroit as a free agent following the 2004 season. Hessman has played 57 games in the Major Leagues, including nine with the Tigers earlier this year. In addition, the slugger was selected to the International League mid-season All-Star team for the Triple-A All-Star game hosted by the Pacific Coast League’s Albuquerque Isotopes. Hessman was 1-2 in the game with a home run and 2 RBI, helping pace the IL to a 7-5 victory.”

JL was very very adamant during his postgame last night that nobody make a big deal out of Maybin in center and Granderson in left. He said “There was just something I wanted to look at.” Future positions, probably. I did find out one thing from that inning. If Maybin can play center as well as Grandy, Grandy makes one heckuva leftfielder. He made the catch near the foul line look easy, and it wasn’t an easy play at all. That’s all I’ll say for now, except that Curtis Granderson is durn near the best centerfielder in baseball.

With the Inge thing, I don’t think you have to actually bench him. Raburn can get some time down there, yes, but I wouldn’t call it benching anyone. I saw Inge talking to McClendon, so that’s an encouraging sign.

That’s nice news about Hessman. Wonder what his numbers would be if he hadn’t spent that time with with the big club? Someone asked about Timo Perez not playing in last night’s game, and I think it was because he didn’t arrive from Toledo until the sixth or seventh inning.

Yep, I think we’re in agreement over the roster. Let’s just go after it with these people and if we don’t make it, well, it was just too many injuries to overcome. I’m thinking we do make it.

“Bench” was not the right word! My only point is that (an I like this guy immensely) even though his glove is very important he has to contribute offensively or you get your production from someone else.

Timo Perez may help with his LHB if only as a PH when needed. That being said, I would not be surprised (if it is possible) to see a roster move done to permit Jeff Larish to be placed on the 40 man roster. He would sit on the bench (there’s that word again), and could be called in for a power LHB, say in the last inning and a couple runs down, where a longshot HR gets you back in the game. (BTW Alexis Gomez is hitting .299 with 8 HR in the PCL.)

Back to the scary zone. Some of the things we fear and hate have reappeared.

1) inability to hit with RISP

2) inability to get a run home from 3rd <2out

3) 0-2 base hit to a left handed hitter

4) getting rattled by the umpiring

5) getting beat up by the bottom of the order

6( not getting the LHB out with 2 out

I hate when that happens!

Cleveland is not going to let up and the Tigers can’t either.

Nate lost composure there in the 4th.

That was a very bad play (Granderson getting thrown out at home) with no one out. I get very nervous when I see this kind of ball playing.

Then again I don’t know why on earth Timo Perez is batting 3rd or even playing with Marcus Thames sitting on the bench.

You can add Pudge 1st pitch swinging to my list of grievances.

We have really looked crappy tonight. Another big inning wasted and another runner on 3rd with <2 not brought home.

I am quite surprised that Curtis made that very basic mistake. If there is 1 out then maybe yeah you gamble but with no one out and your cleanup guy coming up—give your head a shake.

I think you have basically got my list down here for tonight. I can’t figure out why Timo is playing tonight. I can’t think of a reason Granderson would try to score with no one out on a ball back to the pitcher. I can’t figure out why Robinson can’t throw more strikes…. and it isn’t just tonight’s game,or why he would walk a .225 hitter with two out to load the bases. Let him hit the **** ball for crying out loud. The Tigers seem to have a way of playing “down” to the level of the competition. Their play against the Yanks isn’t going to carry over I guess…. sigh. Is this the beginning of the re creation of the final weekend last year? I think Leyland has done a pretty good job all things considered this year, but too many players in the lineup still have no better hitting approach than they had three years ago, and so, they aren’t making any progress in their offensive game. Inge, for one, seems to be totally happy with his effort and admittedly having no two-strike approach. Pudge seems happy to continue to swing at anything regardless of the fact that his average has dropped so badly. I’m just not happy with the guys right now. I’m going to bed, and dream of ’84.

Holy cow. We somehow have a lot of trouble with these guys. Bad day, bad bad day. Cleveland ekes out another one while we struggle away.

Cleveland is finding a way to win lately and we have to make sure that they don’t put too much distance between us and them before we play them head to head.

I hope things look better tomorrow but I never had a good feeling with this one from the first inning on.

Not that it matters in the great scheme of things but I totally disagree with playing Perez. With Sheffield out we need someone dangerous hitting in front of Ordonez. you can’t spell danger C-A-S-E-Y OR P-E-R-E-Z.

We remember from this time last year how Marcus became a forgotton man. It would be a sin to do it 2 years in a row.

He can flat out flatten a baseball and we need that presence in the middle of the lineup–not another experiment while in a pennant race.

The dumb thing about this is that Thames could have been in there instead of Santiago too.

It’s bad enough getting upset with the play but is’s darn frustrating when you see the manager trying to look brilliant instead of playing the odds with the right players.

Timo Perez called up…Oh no! Third in the starting lineup? This is a madness!

Pudge and Inge are back to their old habits and Perez batting 3rd has embarrased his manager. Even if he plays he should be batting in the bottom of the order if for nothing else, just for JL to respect his year-long players.
I’m kind of baffled.

Granderson, who we have discussed many times as maybe being better suited for hitting in the middle of the order, is showing that he may not be. He so often this year has been just plain awful hitting with a man on 3rd and quite frequently has struck out on that down and in pitch in those situations. For him to bat in the middle of the lineup he needs to have a knack for driving runners in. At this stage, he does not have the knack and it does look like he is not close to acquiring it.

He is my favorite Tiger but I think I call ’em like I see ’em. He’s not an RBI guy. It may be he is destined to leadoff-he’s certainly been successful to a large degree. A few more walks and stolen bases and a natural reduction in strike outs and he could be one of the best in the business.

The bad, bad day is getting badder. We lose ground against the division leaders (who eked one out they could have lost).

This makes the wild Card race even more important and the guys we are chasing are winning or have already won tonight.

It’s up to the Tigers–there is no backing in like they did last year. They need to grab the “bull by the horns” and just simply paly good baseball and win the large majority of their remaining games.

They can’t afford to make mistakes, eithter collectively or individually like they have been.

Pretty hard to believe that the hit/run differential is 14/2. 12 men LOB Our #3 hitter has left 6 ducks stranded in his at bats.
Must be pretty frustrating for the players too tonight.

I was impressed with Raburn once again. He looks very comfortable at the plate and has drawn his fair share of walks.

Santiago had a good game and he is money in the bank on anything hit to short. Very strong and accurate arm as well. His throws are usually chest high and I know Rich could appreciate that.

Grill has been very good lately. Life is mysterious.


Nate was not good tonight, although I have a giant bone to pick with the homeplate umpire I thought he was just aweful. And he sure was giving Bannister pitches and screwing Nate left and right. I am not going to give Bannister as much credit as Rod and Mario want to give him I don’t think he was that awesome, I think he got awefully lucky and the umpire must be dating his mother with some of the calls that dude was getting.???

Santiago did have a good game along with most of the hitters, I think the only person that didn’t have at least one was Brandon, he must of used it all of yesterdsy. I to was suprised to see Timo in there instead of Thames or Raburn. Even though Perez that the double in the ninth he was certianly a rally killer.

And I cannot believe that Cleveland is now 3 1/2 back. What a frustrating loss.

We were tantalizingly close to being at least in the game for the whole game. A run or two here or there from those 16 hits would have at least kept us within striking distance. But we just couldn’t do it. Bizarre game.

Permit me to make out the lineup for tomorrow:

Granderson CF

Polanco 2B

Thames DH

Ordonez RF

Guillen SS

Raburn 3B

Casey 1B

Maybin LF

Rabelo C

Prediction: If Inge is looking as bad as he did today the rest of this week–Hessman will be playing third.

I would not be surprised to see Chris Shelton not called up. He seems to be in disfavor and with Casey, Guillen Thames and Hessman all capable of playing first I just don’t see his RHB cracking the roster. Who said life is fair?

Didn’t you gusys just know that Gordon was going to tee off on Nate in the 4th? I think Nate was pretty rattled by the ump as he was making some great pitches against Buck and wasn’t getting the calls he needed (or deserved). The great pitchers find a way around that issue and Nate doesn’t have that level of greatness. Bonderman doesn’t either this year.

Not to overly criticize him, Nate pitched very well up to that inning and was dealing with being discouraged once again by lack of run support from his mates. This went on all year last year and it appears to be re-occurring this year.

I don’t know how many poorly played games we can get away with this year but they have to stop abruptly if they want to stay in this thing.

I mean that we are 3 1/2 back of stinking Cleveland. Yankees won and it looks like Seattle might win.

It would be nice to see Granderson steal more bases. However, half of the time he has hit the ball he is already ending up passed first base with either a double, triple, or homerun. More walks and fewer strikeouts would be good as well as driving in more runs.

I can understand possibly giving Thames the night off and maybe getting Perez in the lineup. However, I do NOT understand batting him third. I would rather see Inge batting third right now than Perez and Inge hasn’t been hitting good. Although, maybe batting him in front of Ordonez would get him more to hit. I doubt he would take a better approach and do anything with it but it could help. My point is DON’T BAT PEREZ THIRD!!!

Santiago had a surprisingly good offensive game tonight. We were getting the hits (Polanco and Ordonez especially) but we need to get them to cross the plate.

It was a disappointing game and let down after the Yankees series. Now we have the wild Miller pitching tomorrow who will be up to 100 pitches by the 5th inning. Thursday, we have Bonderman going who has just stunk lately and is a complete headcase right now. I sure hope the offense starts scoring more.

Very good effort and game by Grilli. Impressive effort out of the bullpen. We won’t see him for a couple games now.

I know JL is big on having another LHB in the lineup. But come on, PEREZ??? I want the best player in the lineup. Granted one might be better offensively and one better defensively. We have players that can play different positions in the OF right now. We have Thames, Maybin, and Raburn. Send Perez out and bring back Infante! He too can play the OF but can also help in the IF. Heck, give Infante a bat and tell him to go up and hit lefthanded. I bet he would hit better than Perez.

How do you lose to the KC Royals? You do it the way the Tigers did tonight. 16 hits-3 runs. I pin this loss on JL.

Perez playing

Perez batting 3rd

Thames not playing or DHing

Inge starting

Raburn not starting

Grilli not starting

Terrible base running(I’ve never seen so many runners holding up at 3rd as this year…what gives?)

Too many K’s in key spots

The lefty righty thing is overrated. I assume that’s why Perez was in the lineup and hitting 3rd. Raburn gets ONE at bat and shows them how it’s done…a nice simple strategic walk. Can we not see what works here?

The solution tomorrow:

Start Raburn at 3rd

Santiago at SS, maybe leading off

Wait, I’ll just post the lineup.

Santiago SS or Granderson CF

Polanco 2B Polanco 2B

Thames DH Thames DH

Ordonez RF Ordonez RF

Guillen 1B Guillen 1B

Granderson CF Raburn 3B

Raburn 3B Santiago SS

Rodriguez C Rodriguez C

Maybin LF Maybin LF

Nice job tonight Jason. Keep it up, maybe you’ll be starting before this is all over.

****, I have no idea what to say about tonight, except maybe we just have to forget about it. We had over five hits per run scored? The only thing is, this is just a microcosm of our entire season. Shame on us for not extending our momentum into this series. I know we had a lot of tough luck tonight, but good teams make their own breaks. The application of pressure makes the opponent fold. If that had been a tight game I guaranty KC would have flubbed up somewhere and we would have scored more than 3 runs with those 16 hits. Where am I going with this. Pitching as usual. Yeah, NR had a brillant outing last time, but he killed us tonight giving up those six runs. Disgraceful! Also, JL after 9/1 why don’t you bring up 15 more guys so you can platoon and rotate us to death. It’s time to go with your horses scout! This isn’t April. I’ll sign off now and call myself:
Grateful to be playing meaningful games in Sept.

Tiger Fan, I like Infante on the roster too. I don’t get it either. But Inge batting 3rd? You ARE being sarcastic…. aren’t you? I like him as a late inning defensive replacement. I’m not saying forever, but it looks like a pretty objective move right now. Raburn is showing so much more understanding of the strike zone. He has a pretty mature hitting approach, and with 90+ at bats is hitting 333.

Why did I know this was going to happen after last night’s drubbing of da Yankees? All those piled on hits padding everyone’s averages.

Hard game to watch, hey? Very frustrating.

I’d like to bring up something not mentioned here. Why is it that managers, not just Leyland but most managers, wait for the game to be gone before removing an obviously struggling starter? Did anyone here think Nate was suddenly going to get his command? Show of hands? I didn’t think so. Why wait until Billy Whatever hits the homer to put the game away? That’s an aspect of big league managing that drives me insane.

GK, for what it’s worth, I think the quality of umpiring this season has been atrocious.

Re Perez hitting third, it would appear that JL was trying to do another Alexis Gomez magic trick. Didn’t work this time. The funny part is, he was asked before the game why Perez was hitting third and he replied “because I want him third.” Some answer. Can’t accuse anyone of second guessing on that decision.

2 runs on 16 hits comes from not hitting any homers. Marcus Thames needs to play everyday. If he needs a night off, DH him. I truly believe this guy would hit 40 homers if he played everyday.

So now we’re 3.5 behind Cleveland and, if Seattle loses, we’re actually closer to the wild card than the division. With Miller and Bonderman going the next two games, things are getting dicey. It’s funny that Mario and Rod were kicking around the idea that Grilli is being stretched out for a possible start. I advocated that weeks ago, remember? I still think it’s a good idea. If Bonderman wants to throw only two pitches, then he should be a relief pitcher. Miller should be in the minors learning to pitch. There’s not enough original thinking going on here.

We don’t have a problem yet, not with a month to go, but we’re working very diligently on having one.

Jtennant, that was a good post. Copy that one. I got to get some sleep. Night all.

OK I lied, not sleeping yet. Rich, GK, that WAS atrocious umpiring, blatantly one sided. But you have to admit, one pitcher was consistently close to the black, and one was not. Jason threw strikes and they swung…12 up 12 down.

Okay, since no one had anything optimistic to say, I’ll say……….well, I don’t have anything optimistic either. There’s still a month to go is the best I can do.

Marty, I’m shocked anyone else came on board with the Grilli starting thing. This isn’t a stab in the dark, I’ve seen this exact thing work before. As recently as two years ago, Hector Carrasco came out of the bullpen and nearly pitched the Nationals into the playoffs.

The current rotation isn’t working. Are we trying to win a division or protect someone’s fragile feelings?

We’ve played five months and are at .500 against the entire American League. It’s a miracle we’re still in it, but we’re not taking advantage of that miracle. Cleveland isn’t going to accomodate us much longer.

I ask myself, am I overreacting? Miller and Bonderman in the next two games.

I think we do have a problem here and the problem is that we think we have enough time left (after every poor performance) for things to get better.

I see being down 3 and half games, playing inonsistently, and having whole departmental breakdowns with just a month to play as being part and parcel of a problem.

They need to turn things around now because a month from now the season will be over. Inconsistent play and poor managing will put an end to the season in mid September if it allowed to continue.

JL needs to find a formula for winning.

Forget Sheffield-he’s gone.

Put in Thames as DH – PERIOD

Theres’ one problem solved.

For goodness sake put some punch in the lineup instead of wasting it on the bench for another stretch run.

Let Raburn and Rabelo play. Bring in the defense later in the game. I read Pudge’s justification for his hitting slump and frankly it made me feel disgusted. This club needs everyone to hit and not wallow in the aura of career glow. Inge says he won’t change his approach. Well JL should change it for him.

There’s no room for this kind of nonsense in a pennant race.

I like Miner, and I can understand his frustration at being demoted but what is up with his complaining about it in the media. There’s something wrong in the clubhouse. How do you and who is going to fix it?

As to tomorrow–Miller is on the verge of doing something spectacular. If he has somje command of his pitches we will see it tomorrow.

Marty, I was totally being sarcastic about batting Inge third. The thing that actually would make sense about it is he is a better option than Perez. Heck, batting a pitcher there would almost be a better choice than Perez.

I still disagree with starting Raburn everyday at third. Yes, currently he would provide more offense which could produce more runs. Obviously all those hits last night didn’t produce more runs. However, Inge bats 8th or 9th for a reason. He is not hitting good and is only a career .240 hitter after all of these years. You guys act like he has gone from a .300 hitter to not being able to hit his way out of a wet paperbag. (PUDGE!) We need him in the lineup (batting 8th or 9th) so we can keep his glove out there which is going to save as many runs as Raburn could drive in. Defense and pitching are key to winning games.

Agree with db that miller may do something tonight. The thing about Andrew is if you think about it, he never gets hit hard, just beats himself with walks and pitch count. This is a sure sign of inexperience and he can certainly learn to improve. Meanwhile, Bondo and NR are SO hittable. Flat meatballs that grab a lot of plate in hitters counts. Bondo is always picking at corners. Get some stones man and throw strikes before its 2-1 or 3-1. Better to pour a 94 mph heater down the middle on the first pitch than when its 3-1. I think it’s simply going to be a case of do we get the starting pitching the rest of the way JV needs help!

Jim Leyland on Mike Hessman:

“I think he can play in the big leagues,” the manager said. “I really like him. I don’t what he would do if he was sitting around and had to come off the bench, but I would like him, but he is a versatile player. He can hit it over the fence, you can bring him up here to pinch hit. He can hit it out of the ballpark and he can strike out. He has a tendency to do that, but when he hits it, something happens.

“He can play third outstanding, can play first outstanding and he can play left field adequately. I want to bring up for sure. I think that he should be rewarded for the type of year that he has had.”

I get a chill when I read stuff like that. This is the same guy who hit .179 with a homer and 10 strikeouts in 28 ABs earlier this season.

For the second season in a row, we’ve had strong first halfs followed by second half collapses. For the second season in a row, we’ve played the first half with a fairly static lineup, followed by multiple personnel changes in the second half. You know the names, I don’t have to list them.

Granted there have been injuries this season, but my concern is Leyland’s dogged approach to playing favorites. For every player that he takes an extended look at, there’s a Thames or Infante who gets less playing time. Some guys, like Shelton, disappear altogether.

I’d like to think we come together and go on a September run, but I’m afraid we’ll repeat last season’s chorus of blog complaints over who plays where and when.

tg fan. Well I don’t mean play Raburn everyday. But play him when Inge is hapless. Inge is capable of hitting better and Raburn getting the situational start at 3rd on occasion might influence his thinking about what he needs to do in the batters box. It’s not just his average but his power contribution as well–he hit 27 HRs last year and he may be lucky to hit even one more (he has only 12) this year-even though it looks like he is trying to yard one every time up. Duh! He has struck out more times this year than last already and we have 30 games to go. He is hitting.205 in August but his K avg is .397

I like Inge and have been a staunch defender of him last year and this. He has a great glove and the likely the best range of any 3rd sacker in the game. But he needs to contribute offesnively if the club is going to make the post season. Maybe seeing somebody else playing his position will help him decide it’s in his best interests to move runners along, hit the ball up the middle or daresay even to RF. My gosh-maybe even choke up on the bat a bit. I guarantee you that Hessman is not being called up as a whim. Jl will play him if Inge isn’t hitting by that time. Raburn getting the odd start there before that might open his eyes a bit to that reality. As far as saving so many runs a game well I can say he saves a lot of runs but not every game. I don’t even recall him getting a ball hit to him yesterday. He can always be a 6th or 7th inning replacement when the game is supposed to be on the line. I was watching the guys in the dugout when he struck the 2nd time yesterday–they didn’t even flinch. It’s now expected that that is what the outcome is going to be.

There are some other holes in the lineup that could be addressed as well. The one that Pudge represents is a tricky one. You can’t put a rookie catcher in a pennant race without running the risk of blowing a game or two in the process. Pudge knows this and IMO is taking selfish advantage of it. He is almost proud of the fact that he doesn’t need to hit to be a valuable player in the lineup. Says he gets as much satisfaction out of backstopping a well pitched game. Well if this was happening 4 out of 5 starts I’d be satisfied too. And if he doesn’t need to hit to contribute then he doesn’t need to hit 6th in the lineup either. His first pitch swinging and lack of plate discipline has announced itself to pitchers around the league and makes him a pretty easy out.

Now to Casey–he is also a hole that needs to be filled. Casey is a good hitter and could fill that hole on his own. And he is a precious commodity with his LHB. He is not hitting well and is pulling ground balls to first or popping up with regularity. The line drives (which he can hit with consistency) are not happening much right now. He will likely get over it but JL should not live under the misguided notion that he can fill Sheffield’s spot by DHing him and batting him 3rd. At best he should be platooned at first and bat 6th.

I worry about guys like Inge and Pudge affecting the guys around them right now. This is THE time that you have to play as a team and do (even sacrifice) what you can for the team.

One other thing is I believe it is simply imperative to get Thames in as DH and bat him 3rd every game right now.

He will disappoint from time to time and will have some bad at bats but he is a threat every time up and will only get better if JL gives him the opportunity. He has the ability to stoke a fire under his teammates with a 3-run bomb. His presence means the game will always be “obtainable” if the pitching can keep the team close. He is being misused (once again this year) and wasted on the bench. With Sheffield out I am really puzzled that such a clear and present solution has not been recognized by Leyland.

I won’t even start with Bonderman. Well maybe one comment-someone suggested that his 2 pitch arsenal might be suited for bullpen work. Problem with that is then he would be in even more “1st inning” situations then every 5th day!

His next start is probably the most important game of the year for the Tigers.

The reason we won’t make the playoffs comes down to our starting pitching and just that. Looking at these numbers, I realize why our bullpen is so overtaxed, regardless of the injuries.

Nate-24 starts







Last night was the 6th time this season that Nate had given up 5 or more earned runs in a start and the 12th time he lasted less than 6 innings.

Bonderman has done it 8 times, although he’s only gone less than 6, 4 times.

Verlander has done it only 3 times and has gone less than 6, 8 times.

Miller has done it 4 times, with 8 starts less than 6 innings

Durbin has done it 4 times as a starter, 11 times less than 6 innings

Maroth did it 4 times, lasted less than 6, 6 times

Kenny did it 3 times, lasted less than 6, 3 times as well

Last year, opponents scored 675 runs agaisnt us the entire season. As of last night that number has been met and it’s the 6th highest in baseball, with 30 games left to played. The offense is the only that has kept us in there, scoring 738 runs which should easily top the 822 total from last year.

Well it has been a group effort. We may be suffering from poor starting but the offense still needs to outscore the opposition. The problem seems to be when one department gets its act togeter anaother one starts to disintegrate. Lately the bullpen has done very well. The offense has shown signs of explosiveness and the starters, other than Bonderman, have had some good games. Now, if they can just put it all together 3 out of 4 games, we will be playaiang in October.

I was the one that mentioned Bonderman and his two pitches, and was being partly sarcastic about him being a relief pitcher. My point is, a big league starter can’t get by with two pitches. He’s been in the majors his entire career and never had a chance to develop a changeup the way he would have in the minors. This is one of the reasons I dislike rushing pitchers to the majors. Now, he works with the pitch but won’t throw it in a game. Just for fun, I’ll say that if he was a relief pitcher, that first inning problem doesn’t necessarily translate to that role. Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll never find out, since those legendary occurences of starters relieving in postseason games is a thing of the past.

Slumping Pudge ‘needs to relax’
August 28, 2007



Pudge Rodriguez entered Monday night’s series finale against the Yankees with a .230 batting average, one home run and two RBIs in August.

He has averaged more than one strikeout per game since the All-Star break.


And he understands why.

“I feel like I’m trying to do a little too much, instead of relaxing,” Rodriguez said before going 2-for-6 with an RBI in the Tigers’ 16-0 victory over the Yankees on Monday night.

“Sometimes, my aggressiveness goes against me. That’s basically what happens.

“I’ve had 17 great seasons. I’ll never give up. I’ll still play hard. There’s still another month to go. Things can change.

“I’ve just got to go out there and swing the bat.”

Rodriguez believes he will emerge from the slump without sacrificing his aggressiveness.

“I’m a .300 career hitter the way that I am,” he said. “I don’t need to change anything.

“I don’t necessarily have to win games with the bat. I can win games behind the plate — making plays, calling the game, having the pitcher pitch a great game. … Even if I go 0-for-4 with four strikeouts, if I win, 1-0, and call a good game, for me, it’s like going 4-for-4.”

Rodriguez said his status for 2008 has not been a distraction. His contract includes a $13-million club option or $3-million buyout for next season.

“To be honest with you, I would love to stay here,” Rodriguez said. “I would like to stay here and retire here.”

Granted I didn’t see a whole lot of Ivan Rodriguez when he played with Texas, but it’s hard to believe that he’s put up these career hitting numbers with this hitting approach. If, at his age, calling a game is tasking to the point that he’s unable to concentrate on his hitting, that’s fine. A lot of catchers hit ninth.

The paragraph about him winning games behind the plate sounds bad, but it really isn’t. I understand what he’s saying there. He’s talking about winning games, and that you can contribute from a fielding standpoint. Sometimes things don’t come out right in print.

I would almost bet the $13 million that he’ll be back here next year.

It will be interesting to see tonight’s lineup.

We’re obviously going to have a difficult time with Greinke. Nice looking pitcher. Let’s hope he pitches twice against the Tribe.

Man-o-man. When it rains it pours doesn’t it?

No control now victory tonight. This one is almost over with no one out yet.

Rich–you are right–Miller really doesn’t belong up here yet. It’s a game of inches and nothing hit overly hard but Miller is not fooling anybody but the die hard tiger hopefuls I’m afraid.

This is painful to watch.

I said it when Miller was brought up here, and I will say it again. Leyland said that Miller was ” a work in progress” at that time. I said a work in progress is not a starting pitcher on a team that seriously is contending for a championship. Enuff said. Last night I made it a few innings before this point. We aren’t out of the first, but I am out of this game. I can’t take any more of this.

We can’t get an out on defense and can’t even hit the ball on offense. Are the guys sending us a subliminal message about our hopes this year?

Inge —K foregone conclusion.

They look bad tonight. I’m almost ready to look forward to the September call-ups.

Right now I am angry at these guys and feel like I have been deceived into believing they are a good ball team. They just look horrible there’s no two ways about it.

I do hope that if this is the last gasp and we start looking toward next year, that there will be some solid well though out changes made. They will have to be very astute with their trading because there will be in many cases dealing from a standpoint of diminished value and desperate need.

Pretty cynical sounding but this game is an ominous one.

My last Inge criticism of the year: C’mon Brandon–smarten up.

I wanna throw up. 5 hits, no runs.

Well, fellow blogsufferers, I’m back from Amish country.
Remember what I told you all two weeks ago. That’s when I came to the reality that we would not be repeating this year, and I’m at peace still.

Cleveland will win the division by 6 games; I would not be surprised if the Twins pass us up. All of the comments of the last few days are pretty much how it is. You know your’e in trouble if you score 3 runs on 16 hits; where the first half was automatic with risps’s, it just doesn’t happen now. I see us winning 1of 6 on this road trip. I do believe we will contend next year, but the cast for theshow will be much different. I love my Tigers; I hurt for them.

I just dropped in here to say how totally PO’d I am at JL, DD, and anyone else wearing Tiger brass. It’s not only stupid to be using Miller this year, it’s practically criminal what they’re doing to this young man. I’m not kidding, if I was Porcello’s father I’d be on the phone. There’s no way Miller is ready to pitch up here. If people on this freakin’ blog can see it, why can’t the so called professionals?

I’ve begun to think that Leyland’s personnel decisions have caused him to fly this thing right into the ground. How many poor decisions does he have to make?

I guess it’s not impossible but it seems like tonight might be the demarcation point. If they were somehow able to manage to comeback and win this then they will keep us interested and prolong the agony.
I don’t see it happening and from here on out I am afraid it’s pad your stats and wait till next year. There are going to be a lot of fans next year that are going to say “Show me the quality”, before the commit their emaotions to this team again.

May as well bring up Larish, play Maybin and throw Vasquez.

It’s a shame the bullpen has sorted itself out only to discover that everyone else has failed to keep things going. Lots of directions to attribute blame. Dombrowski for not shoring up the bullpen and not bringing in a power LHB, JL for making too many mistakes handling the starters, Bonderman, poor clutch hitting, individuals being stubborn as their ineffectiveness hurt their teammates around them.

Again–they win this game and who knows what can happen.

Pudge and Inge continue to disappoint. I’m personally very disgusted with them both. Raburn walks and loads the bases and again, he looks like aviable batter when he is up there.

Polanco hits his first HR with men on theis year nad we have a 5-4 game!

Sound like a hopeless romantic.

I just had this awful image of Howard Cosell and Don Meredith. Dandy Don is singing: “Turn Out the Lights, The Party’s Over”.

Yes the starte failed again–but I think for this ball club to be respectable we need to improve our offense.

Casey will be gone (Let’s see what Larish has to offer).

Pudge will be playing somewhere else (I hope). Inge will be traded. Can Guillen play 3rd?

Maybin will be in in CF, Granderson will be in LF.

Don’t know what we are going to do about catcher but I salivate over Saltalamachia.

Cleveland, of course, wins tonight as well as the Yankees.

The light at the end of the tunnel really dimmed tonight.

We are getting pummeled by theoretically inferior teams.

I could smell this happening in Seattle.

Glory days
Well they’ll pass you by

Glory days

In the wink of a young girl’s eye

—Bruce Springsteen

While technically still in the race, I guess we know the truth. This team isn’t going anywhere. Sometimes you have a wonderfully fun year and fall short. This isn’t one of those. It’s been difficult the entire season.

I could list a litany of failure but no need, we’ve all seen with our own eyes. And while there’s the temptation to shift gears and start discussing next year, I’m not into that while the season is still in progress. That’s for the empty, gray and cold offseason nights.

The team wasn’t as good as we were led to believe, in fact, I’ve seen a large number of teams this season as good or better. When we played over our heads, Leyland was seen as an old school genius who still wore spikes in the dugout, but when things go bad he’s unable to right the ship and actually contributes to the failure. I hope without hope that we stop sending these young pitchers into the big leagues too early, but I’m resigned to the fact that we’re turning out a staff of Jeremy Bondermans, guys who never got the chance to develop their particular talents.

We’re fortunate in that we have a group of good guys, nothing like the motley crew that inhabited the clubhouses of the early part of this century. They’re fun to watch and root for and I will continue to do that. After all, there’s nothing on TV better than a baseball game, and it’s no longer an embarassment to be a Tigers fan.

In 47 years of following this team, I’ve seen them in three World Series. Never take it for granted, because the next one might be a long long time from now. It goes by quickly.

Good night.


That was a good posting RLP. Compared to where we were, yes we have a lot to be thankful for. Guess we listened to too many pundits saying “Oh, best team in baseball”. The truth is the MLB system is working to produce parity at least in the AL. Think about it. Who in the AL would you consider a “patsy” for the Tigers right now? KC has kicked our butt since that final series last year. All of you who have posted about our rushing young starting arms to the top are dead on, spot on RIGHT! The bit_h of it and what drives us all nuts is we are only, what 3 games out of the playoffs? And yet, I couldn’t be any less hopeful if we were 30 out. Also, here’s a scary reminder, we just signed Bondo and Inge to long term contracts! The rotation is a shambles, we’re done, turn out the lights.

Yes guys it is a shame, just when you think they are coming out of whatever funk they are in, they lose two to KC and I am not holding my breath for Bonderman to win today. It was such a high over the weekend when they beat the Yankees and then this to inferior teams.

But I think that this is the most shocking stat of all in the American league we are

57 wins — 58 losses

The only thing that even has us where they are is interleague play. That is the stat that gets you.

I believe that the Tigers had the ability to be a good team, but they are worn out by injuries and discouraged by them. Just when they think they get Kenny back, he is out again. Jurrjens a possible light at the end of the tunnel, well he gets hurt. Finally got the bullpen looking pretty good and now the starting pitching stinks??

I still don’t understand how you get 16 runs on the Yankees and they are stymied by the likes of Grienke and Bannister?? I don’t understand buy I am very disheartened???

Yeah, I’ve been posting that W-L minus interleague for awhile now. We’re under .500, a very telling statistic.

But here’s something else to mix into this strange brew: this core group of players has now suffered a second half collapse for the third consecutive season. I had forgotten 2005, when they got over .500 by the end of June but finished 71-91. Do they get tired? Bored? Overconfident? Alan Trammell took the hit for 2005. Three years in a row is a definite trend.

While there is still some time before the fat lady sings, there are far too many signs that the team is going to be unable to mount a comeback that grows in in strength. The club always comes back and plays a seemingly “perfect” game, but then quickly regresses to prior bad habits. Even so, we will all be glued to the first inning today.

The collapse last year (yes, we made it to the series) is a proof in point. Before we stumbled into the wild card last year we were all as mystified and exasperated as we are this year.

They found a way through it, inspite of themselves, then played absolutely inspired and exciting baseball against the As and the Yanks only to turn into pumpkins against the Cards. We shok our collective heads and wondered how things could revert so dramatically without maintaining at least some semblance of their playoff performances.

That is what has always frightened us about this team and why we sometimes over-react when we see what we believe to be harbingers of deconstruction. Like not being able to put teams away and giving up runs after we score them. Not being able to get runners home from 3rd as easily as other teams do. Giving up crucial hits on 0-2 pitches etc.

I think in the back of our minds, we have been waiting for these little problems to develop into a full-blown meltdown.

I can see why you may not want to talk about next year Rich, it’s hard to give up the ghost, so to speak. But in another week or so (afterall, miracles do happen in baseball) I think we will be talking more about Maybin, Raburn, Hessman, Vasquez, Larish, Porcello and Hernandez, than Inge, Pudge, Casey, Bonderman etc.

I was just planning a quick trip to Oakland and contemplating catching them in Chicago at the end of september. After the last 2 days I have decided that would be not something I want to put myself through.

Rich that trend you mentioned may be evidencing itself in recent player movement. Ledezma, Maroth, Monroe, Young, Pena, Walker all harken back to the bleak years. Is there another trend here to abolish a lurking losing mentality that might be affecting a winners’ attitude?

Could Inge, Infante, Santiago or even Bonderman be next? They are remnants of the 2003 team and it seems that we may be seeing more than a natural attrition rate at work here.

I don’t think any team would be capable of enduring/weathering the kinds of injuries and setbacks that have decimated this team in 2007. They’re exhausted from the negativity, doubt and pressure it has put on everyone. Still, I believe the players not hampered by injury should be able to find ways to improve and get the job done. There is a mental aspect of this game that they are presently lacking. So put the guys in there who haven’t given up, or who are willing to do what it takes to help the team win, even if it…gasp…requires adopting a new approach!

The problem with this year is last year. Last year their improvement was out of proportion to where their level of play was supposed to be. So our expectations are too high. Translation, we’re spoiled. It’s looking real bad right now but I keep telling myself we’re only one game away from starting a 10 game winning streak. I know…disgustingly optimistic…I apologize in advance.

Still, there are things that could be done to at least help matters. I’m obviously no baseball genius, but would it be possible to bat Rodriguez 9th? Can Inge be used as a defensive replacement for a while? Last 2 at bats Raburn came in an induced 2 walks. He should be rewarded for that. I feel really badly for Miller, I think he should not be starting any more this year. The bull pen came through last night and KC showed it’s true batting colors after that 1st wild inning. I am encouraged that if our pitching can hold them early we can take the final game.I know most of you hate Grilli but why not gradually switch him to a starting role like KC is doing with Greinke. Durbin and maybe Miner to start at least until or if Rogers returns. Thames to DH, not Casey. If Casey is in there it’s equally for his glove as for his bat. Wherever you put him, Raburn should play every day until he proves to be deficit, which I doubt would happen.

It’s day to day now and I still haven’t given up but it sounds like a lot of you have. I guess I’m having a hard time reading the writing on the wall. Or maybe it’s time to just enjoy their good games and appreciate the last month(or2) of baseball. Either way, Go Tigers

I have been saying for the last week that why all of a sudden do you take Raburn out of the lineup he is one of the hitters that has actually been pulling his weight. Put him in left put him in at 3rd or DH him but keep a guy in who is batting well. Why put Timo Perez in?? I don’t get that at all.

What to me is going to kill us is that while we should clearly have been able to win 2 or 3 from KC – Cleveland swept their series against the Twins. You were thinking and hoping Minnesota would would of least gotten one of those games if not 2. Now we are going to Oakland and I believe that Cleveland is playing Chicago this weekend?? Could seriously lose more ground if the Tigers don’t get their collective heads out of their #####!!!

We have no rotation, you can’t count of Miller, Bonderman and Nate is an every other game type of a guy it seems, and even then he still gets not run support. So what the heck do they have??? I am seriously discouraged and I just was starting to see a light over the weekend and now it seems that they are back to their losing ways. They dumb down to the competition. They have for the last 2 months. There are a lot of explainations but they are still underachieveing by a whole lot and it starts with pitching, but by no means ends there.

When we were rolling up the score on the Yankees Monday night, how many of you had a little voice in your head whispering “we’re going to need these runs later.” I know it doesn’t really work like that, but… always seems to work like that.

Marty, I realize it’s just a definition of terms, but I wouldn’t say I’ve “given up.” Giving up, at least to me, means not watching anymore, finding something else to do with your time. What I’m doing is more along the lines of adjusting my expectations. I’m still watching and following along because I’m going to start missing Tiger baseball along about October 2nd. Also, it can be fun to be the underdog again. I’m in the office today but the DVR is all set to catch those first couple of innings I would have missed.

If the Tigers still have a prayer by the time they go to Cleveland, I’ll still go up there to see what we can do about it. There are practical considerations, though. I found out that these tickets could sell on StubHub for twice what I paid. I could haul in a neat little $300 profit.

Dan, the only reason I tend not to talk next year during the season is because then there’d be less to discuss during the offseason. This blog makes a handy hot stove league during the winter months.

Okay, let’s go Bondo!

Give me a break with todays line up, I don’t get it

Timo Perez





All in the lineup along with Carlos Polanco and Ordonez. (not in that order)

But give me a break, what about Raburn?? What about Thames? What is wrong with Leyland?? 4 subs in the same game along with Inge the strikeout king?? I am at a loss for words for the first time ever??

Jl is thumbing his nose at us guys! Inge has been promoted. Perez is batting 3rd once again and is the DH!! Thames is riding the pine.
Casey is too against the RHP! I guess he can see the writing on the wall.

I really think it downright insulting to bat Perez 3rd in this lineup and to take the bat out of Thames’s hands.

I find it almost unbelievable that JL has the temerity to play Perez once again and ahead of guys who should get the nod. Raburn sits and Myabin plays! I know Maybin is going to be exciting to watch–maybe even in this game but where’s the justice in that?

A lot of us have said this and I think it is entirely appropriate and sensible to let Raburn start at 3rd.

Multiple choice question:

Has Jim Leyland

a) given up?

b) exercised his inalienable right to be a stubborn old coot?

c) lost his mind?

d) all of the above

Bonderman is going to have a tough time getting run support from this lineup.

That being said maybe Perez will do just fine, but there is no “clear and present danger” in this lineup without Marcus.

Fingers are firmly crossed as I sit waiting for a miracle.

Timo ripped two doubles down the rightfield line last night so he’s today’s golden boy since Thames only got a lousy single. Besides, he’s the new guy and JL has to give him that good long extended look. Like he did for Neifi and Hessman.

We don’t want any longball threats, we want to look at the new guys, right?

Granderson gets kudos for getting theat run in with a good AB and a sacfly.

But—4 men LOB in first 2 innings and 5 hits have generated only 1 run.

Kudos also to Bonderman for the 1st inning. Now if he can get a couple of Ks maybe he will be OK

I guess I would be sticking my neck out if I expressed any sort of critisism of Magglio, but he sure reminded me of that old game of “Pong” on our TVs of decades ago. Seriously though, he does not help his pitchers out much in RF.

Honest folks–I can spell better than that–it’s my fingers not my brain that’s responsible

Well-that was a good inning. Nice to see Curtis find the fence again. He has done a good job today at the plate against a kid who was throwing quite well. It goes without saying that one of the keys for Curtis is to get him in a zone for more than one game at a time.

Miller has been sent down. Vasquez called up.

PTBNL have been announced.

I’m very much in favor of Santiago at short and Guillen at first, and today you saw why. I’m in a minority of people (actually I’m the only one) who thinks Santiago can do enough offensively to justify starting.

Looks like they got a fair trade for Monroe. The Maroth deal has turned out to be a zero gain for both teams, it appears.

Are we going to forget Durbin as a starter again? That would be a mistake. I understand Vasquez as the one time fill-in tomorrow, but if Rogers doesn’t return by Wednesday, they need to go with Durbin.

Any way you cut it, the Tigers are going to gain a game on somebody tonight, either Cleveland or Seattle.

This leads into ways the Tigers can miraculously get themselves out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves. One way is to sweep Oakland, since it would make this road trip a success after all. I know asking for a sweep is asking a lot, but other teams have been doing it. New York swept Cleveland and Boston. Cleveland swept Minnesota. Can we sweep an injury riddled Oakland team? The other way to still make this work is to get all these guys back, have them contribute, and suffer no more injuries. I’m talking Sheffield and Rogers here. Zoom and Rodney seem to have already done this. Also, there is a four game series between Cleveland and Seattle late in September. If the DamYankees will get out of the way, that could work to our advantage.

Maybe I should dub the above paragraph the first in a series of “Miracle Scenarios.”

Oh, and I’ve been told by my wife that we’re going to Cleveland.

Two box seats for three games: $300

Two nights in a hotel: $200

Having a good wife: Priceless

7 innings of 1 run ball, and on a minimum number of pitches. Great game Bondo. Great offense and great defense team. Hope you can keep it up.

Wish I could join you pal. Your wife is priceless and I hope she gets to enjoy Big Red in a Tiger uni before all is said and done.

Nice to see Bonderman pitch OK today. he has taken the first step and I thing we will know whre this is gonna go next start. a couple of more strikeouts will help to convince me to be a “Bo”liever again.

I hope (and not that he did a bad job by any means) that JL has got the Welcome Timo act over and remembers to plug in Marcus. I think the very act of putting him in will be a positive.

Rabelo had a tough time tonight. I was sorry to see that. Kinda hopin’ that the kid might come into his own a bit quicker. Pudge sitting out a game will be also positive I think.

Guillen had been and for sure today is struggling at the plate but he is a treat to watch at first ain’t he?

The following “news article” is meant to be taken in fun and I hope that will be the case. –Rich

Detroit (AP) A surprised group of Detroit Tigers awoke this morning to find themselves in first place in the American League’s Central Division. At the conclusion of last night’s play, the defending AL champions had trailed first place Cleveland by four and one half games, but in a stunning development, MLB has ordered that the Indians forfeit five games for using illegal players. The unnamed players have been ruled ineligible for not meeting MLB’s policy on maintaining a 2.0 grade average, effective immediately. A source close to the club has mentioned designated hitter Travis Hafner in regard to a failed grade in the Weightlifting 101 course, although this cannot be confirmed.

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement “We in Major League Baseball take academics very seriously. We are not afraid to do what’s right regardless of the effect it may have on the integrity of the game.”

A stunned Jim Leyland, reached in his clubhouse office, said “I’ll be perfectly honest with you, it just proves that if you play hard, good things will happen. I know there are a lot of people out there who didn’t believe in us, but the guys in this clubhouse never stopped believing in themselves.”

In a related development, the fan club known as “Grady’s Ladies” has filed suit against Tribe centerfielder Grady Sizemore. In the suit, the club alleges that “Grady is, in fact, himself a lady.” Sizemore has been suspended indefinitely pending a court appearance.

Wow!….You just never know.

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