Shoulder inflammation for Jurrjens

He was placed on the 15-day DL, but results showed no sign of a tear or anything like that. Zach Miner was recalled from Triple-A Toledo to come back to the bullpen. As for who starts Friday, the Tigers don’t have a name yet. The choices would appear to be either pull Chad Durbin in from the bullpen or recall Virgil Vasquez, who started today for Toledo. Since Jurrjens’ spot comes up Aug. 31 instead of Sept. 1, they’d have to make a roster move for Vasquez rather than just expand the roster.


Can’t see them wasting an option when they can throw Durbin (he’s earned it) or even Miner. Though I see the liklihood of that as very slim unless JL wants to placate his bruised feelings!

That’s a tough break for JJ (and for the team with the way he was pitching).

At least he doesn’t have a serious tear or a shoulder thrown out.

Anybody remember Ryan Raburn?

He’s my choice for 3B right now with Inge as a defensive replacement after 3 AB.

I agree Dan.

This has been a really tough second half to the year and it looks like this might be one of our best chance to make up some ground on Cleveland. We’ve got Justin going tonight against Mussina in a very favorable matchup. With all the work the bullpen’s had to put in, this is a HUGE game for JV. Here’s hoping he can put together a gem. If– and it is a huge IF– the Tigers can win this one tonight, they have Kansas City and Oakland in their next two series. If we’re going to be a playoff team, we have to win both series and hopefully sweep at least one of them. With the Indians starting with the Twins tonight and then facing Seattle, this is a great opportunity to make up the 2.5 games.

Dan- I agree that Raburn should be playing 3rd with Brandon coming in for defense. I love Brandon but he’s not getting it done with the stick.

GK– Sorry about Friday night. I was driving Friday night and XM kept saying delayed. I finally gave up at 10:55. Geez. On the other hand, with your luck, if you’d stuck around, the Tigers might not have pulled the game out.🙂 j/k

Big game tonight– lets go Tigers!

It’s not my intent to take the easy way out of the Inge/Raburn discussion, but I can neither agree or disagree. Without Inge, you lose an awful lot of defense, one of our advantages, in fact. Nobody is any better at getting to foul balls that no one else could reach either. Raburn has not been playing thirdbase the past several seasons.

Inge’s stubborn approach is a real stopper to any hopes that he may turn around offensively. He’s trying to hit homers, which was a big part of our success last season, but his “keyhole” for that one good pitch must be tiny, seeing as how many fastballs right down the middle he takes. Raburn takes that good “see the ball hit the ball” approach which has been working for him.

I don’t know, it’s a toss up to me. I lean towards Inge for tonight’s game. “Just a hunch.”

Just on my way home from work and they announced on the radio that Sheffield is on the DL. “” Another one bites the dust”” Not suprising but still pretty disheartening, to have another loss on the season of a player we were counting on.

If Inge just tried to be a first ball fastball hitter, he would do better. It seems that is the only pitch he gets to hit, because he takes the strike down the middle and seems to always work 0-1. If he started swinging at those for a couple weeks, he might start to get ahead in the count when pitchers would start to see if they can get ahead without throwing that strike.

You’re right. His stubborn approach is what is hurting him. Hit that first strike. Pitchers know they can get away with piping one down the middle for 0-1 more times than not.

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