It's time for baseball

First pitch is slated for around 11 p.m. I’m not kidding. Enjoy.


Can we glue the bat on Pudge’s shoulder??? He swung at ball 4 about 3 times in that at bat.

I still don’t believe we’re playing ball at 11 at night. At this point however, I won’t be surprised if I’m up for the whole game, despite the cold I’ve been nursing.

Oh, I’ll be up for the whole game. Thankfully I don’t have to work tomorrow.

Wow, can you believe Maybin is able to do something already that Pudge can’t? Pudge leads off the 2nd inning by swing at ball 4!!! AGAIN!!! TAKE A FREAKIN WALK!!! We go 1-2-3 that inning.

Maybin leads off the 3rd and takes a walk. Then he steals a base! Nice to have the added dimension of speed. Granderson used a good 2 strike approach and fouled a bunch of pitches off. Finally, he hits one to the left center field gap and they are off and running. Granderson hits his 20th triple. Wow. I was thinking when Maybin was on 1B that I wanted to see Granderson hit one in the gap and it go for a triple to see the speed of those two players. I got about as close to my wish as I could. The steal was fun to watch.

Now we need Miller to shut them down.

Miller walked one and later gives up a single with 2 outs. However, he strikes out the side and keeps us ahead. That is what we needed. (Especially since Grilli was warming up in case the Yankees started to do something.)

Miracles do happen!!! Pudge walked on a 3-2 count! He didn’t chase one low and outside. No wonder it has been storming today.

Maybe Pudge learned something from Maybin. He walked and then stole a base. I think it is cooling off. Is he** starting to freeze over? Then Inge walks too. We started to develop some patience? Hopefully we can turn these into some runs.

OH YES!!! I can’t believe I got my wish. Granderson tripling down the right field line with Maybin on 1st and Inge on 3rd. That was just pure excitement.

Miller out of the game with only one out in the 5th. He reached 100 pitches already. This could be another high scoring disappointing game with our bullpen now controlling our fate. Hopefully Byrdak can get us out of this inning without anymore damage and the offense can go to work again.

Miller actually pitched well. That K of Damon indicates to me he is going to br special.
Byrdak in and I don’t have any confidence in him.

Well, Byrdak did not disappoint allowing the tying run to score.

Man O Man. It just seems that even when the miising ingredients are supplied (Granderson igniting the offense tonight, Nate providing a fantastic start the other) the Tigers as a team can’t respond with the following act.

Byrdak gave up the tying run and I am afraid that they don’t have any “jam” left and they will forget how to score runs. Pudge 1st pitch pop-up. I think his measure of success has been redefined to when he doesn’t K.

Raburn has had a rough night so far.

Let’s go guys you are in a pennant race for cryin’ out loud. They don’t look very good out there tonight on defense and those Yankee bats are waiting to explode. More-0-2 and 1-2 hits given up tonight too. Frustrating.

Boy was Grilli ever excited after striking out Matsui. Maybe it’s the late night and he wants to go ahead and win so he can get some sleep.

Gut check time. Joba sure looked good. He’s in the wrong uni!
Startin’ to get that bad gnawng feeling.

8th Inn-Seay in. Not sure why we were all so wound up in Zumaya and Rodney being late innin setup guys then you don’t use him but resort to using guys who have been part of a dreadful bullpen all year long.
I don’t get it.

The play Inge made is exactly why he MUST be in the lineup. Raburn has looked suspect in RF tonight and I wouldn’t have confidence in him at 3B everyday. Inge can play some good defense and continues (usually) to make smarter plays. Seay really buckled down that inning and looked real good. Now lets score some runs and get him his first win since 2001.

We’re witnessing a near miracle here. The 2 guys were stoked and both did a good job. Now it is up to the other departments to follow things up. That has been a big problem.
They need to get to Farnsworth.

Yes, it is official, the offense fell asleep a couple of hours ago. They must have started turning into pumpkins at midnight. No win for Seay tonight. With the late night, will it not be fitting to also go extra innings? Let’s hope Rodney shuts them down and Maybin becomes a hero in the bottom of the 9th. What a story that would be. Rodney has some work to do now with a runner on.

Nice pitching by Rodney tonight. Actually (so far) the bullpen has done good from the 6th inning on.

Darn impressive. They have to win this game. If they let it slip away it will let the air out of the whole effort to turn things around

The performances of Grilli and Rodney were certainly encouraging.

where are our bats? They ssem to gosrangely silent during great pitching performances.

Happy 3:00 a.m. eastern time Tiger fans. Only 2:00 a.m. in my part of Tennessee. It;s still early here.

Please no stranded runner on 3rd with <2
Why did they not walk Carlos? Take advantage.

C’mon Inge discipline!

Stranding runners is a major reason why this the Tigers are eight games under .500 since the All-Star break. It strikes again in the 10th.

It doesn’t even seem possible to keep doing this,
How many times this year?

JL is just aout of his mind–Durbin. How many times can you send these guys who have failed in pressure situations out there and expect to get away with it. I’m mystified.

I thought for sure with Maggs on 2nd and no outs but I should know by now, nothing is sure for these guys this season…

Grandy, Polanco, Casey?

What are we paying Gary Sheffield for again?

Unreal–willit take the “cycle” to win this? Cmom Curtis.
I’m talkin’ to myself to keep myself awake

Any bets on whether or not Clemens is still awake?😛

You’re freaking kidding me

In other news: Craig Monroe had a single tonight err yesterday in his first at-bat as a cub.

Davidson is starting to irk me. This entire thing is on the umps.

and if Polanco had still been on, the game would be over

will anything go right? c’mon Carlos…


3:30 am

what a night

this’ll be worth getting sick over…let’s just hope we can carry this momentum

g’nite to anyone still out there

Carlos picked up everybody! Now don’t let this be like 6 of the last 10 series. The last 10 series we have lost a in 6 of them we won the 1st gane!

Make this be the battle cry game and turn things around. See y’all tonight.

Great victory

wow, what a game! It was worth the wait but man am I tired. Great pitching by the bullpen. Hopefully that is one trend we can keep up. We had a few players hitting (Granderson, Ordonez, Guillen) but otherwise no offense. Their pitchers did it when it counted as well but the rest of the lineup needed to contribute more. Although it was good to see our offense draw a few walks (6 unintentional walks.) That’s enough for me. Off to bed.

Maybe this will start to turn things around. I thought the win over Cleveland in the first game of that home series would get things started.

Well finally about 2:00 in the morning I had to try to go to sleep, I had to work today at 8:30. So I missed it, of course a Friday night game that I don’t go to that I happen to have tickets for they win.?? Go figure.

I am glad they won obviously, but I still think that is is ridiculous that they even played this game last night. People like me who had to work or people with kids there and or babysitters at home?? Not to mention you had people drinking there for 7 hours. I am made that MLB didn’t reschedule this game for a DH sometime this weekend. As far as I am concerned they stole money from me and a lot of other people. I know that it wasn’t the decision of Comerica Park, but can you imagine how much money they made last night in concessions and merchandise???

I am glad all of get to sleep in and enjoy your Saturday, however I have to go work for 8 hours.


I have a dead grandfather who could hit henn. what an accomplishment!!!! Mags needs a haircut-looks like he has pubes sticking out of the cap-much like a playmate in a 1960’s playboy.

I thought Leyland actually handled the bullpen pretty well. He brought in the right guys at the right time. It’s not his fault when they stink, because they’re supposed to be major league pitchers. You can’t make a trade in the middle of a game, and this time the guys came through. You notice that Durbin came on in the eleventh, and was set to go as many innings as it took. I didn’t want Zumaya or Jones at that point.

Since it was the Yankees after all, I won’t say much about Miller, other than I’m still not convinced this experiment is a good idea. I think Durbin is a far better starter at this point. Well, let’s see how Andrew does against some “lesser” teams

The NY announcer seemed to think that the game wasn’t postponed because the doubleheader would have created a clash with the Fox Game of the Week today and ESPN Sunday Night Baseball tomorrow, with Monday being getaway day. If that was the reason, it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. The world will still turn if the Yankees aren’t on TV for one game. You could also play a conventional doubleheader on Sunday. I tend to think, however, that it’s that announcer that is the stupid one. At any rate, the umpires got what they deserved for their decision. 4.5 hours of baseball dealing with a bunch of cranky ballplayers. I didn’t blame Posada for being run.

So here we are 1.5 games out of first again, because Cleveland only got one run off KC. As the two teams “race” to the wire.

I definitely agree with using Durbin at that point. Zumaya was not going to pitch no matter what. Might as well save Jones. Durbin is set to go more than one inning and it was all on him. The good thing is a couple of pitchers, while they did pitch an inning, kept their pitch counts down so will be available tonight. I am sure Rodney will not be available after pitching 2 innings but most of the others should be.

The game may have started extremely late and been many reasons not to play but they did and the Tigers won. That is what we needed. Now we just need to string a few wins together and get this thing rolling.

Has anyone gone over to read the Yankees’ blog? They sound just like us! 🙂 If you changed the names, you wouldn’t know the difference.

GK, I’m really sorry how that turned out for you last night. The whole thing was a fustercluck from the start.

It was a strange evening for me. I had the NY feed and when the game didn’t start at seven, they went to some comedy show with Byron Allen. They showed six consecutive episodes while I busied myself with other things. At ten o’clock, the NY local news came on and I switched over to the Cleveland game. A message runner at the bottom of the screen said NY-Det ppd. Okay, no game tonight so I hit the DVR guide and found the movie “Memphis Belle” starting at 10:15, a film I’d never seen all the way through. So I watched and greatly enjoyed that and when it ended at midnight I turned off the TV. When I went to turn off my computer, I checked the Tigers site for news of the makeup game. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was the third inning and Maggs and A-Rod had already homered. So, I turn the TV back on, make some popcorn and settle in for the rest of the night. Fortunately, I don’t work Saturdays.

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